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  1. changed the oil tonight as when it started tapping slightly 10w40 was put in, i have now changed it to 5w30 the noise has got slightly quieter. it must be the hydrolic lifters / tappets
  2. after further investigations vavle timming all checked taken up all slack in the chain, no valve noise looking on the lines of hydrolic lifters as the oil was also quite low.
  3. hi all first post on this toyota forum i have a toyota celica 2002 1.8vvti just noticed a slight tapping noise then after a run there was an extremly loud tapping noise from around the top area of the engine, after slight investigation there is no wear on the cam lobes but the timming chain is abit slack inbetween the cams, i can rock each cam with a spanner is this normal as im not to sure on chains and varible valve timming many thanks dan