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  1. Have the same problem on my Auris 1.4d4d 2010. When car hits between 1800 + 2000 rpm bad/loud vibration can be felt & heard in the cabin. Anyone get this resolved? Cheers
  2. Cheers for diagram, i can get one of the fixings to match up. The right side bolt( second pic), but strut brace has holes for two fixings on each side, so was looking to see t sport with this fitted. I should add that it's going on a 1.4 d4d corolla 3dr, in which i have fitted a compressor strut brace with some adjustments.Will post some pics when i get a decent camera.
  3. Hi, I purchased a rear strut brace recently but can only see one mounting point (shock mount nut). Anyone got some pics of strut in place showing fixtures? cheers
  4. Looking to get a set of Genuine TTE Springs AM28104. Will these fit an E12 or anyone know what there off? Seems to be a few different part no:'s floating about for these. Different numbers for front and back etc.
  5. Hi, Any T-Sports owners running a T-Sport facelift Rear strut brace? Google wasn't my friend...Any pics would be good and opinions of handling after adding brace. cheers
  6. Hi, Have same car in Colour Collection spec. Currently running Oz 16" lightweights. With 205 50 16 tyres. Don't have any problems but i've yet to drop it. Looking at going with 30mm Eibachs. I'm sure other people are running 17" might get there opinion on it.
  7. Don't know about DMF but as far as i know DPF wasn't fitted till late '09/10 on the Auris, as i had a '08 1.4d4d auris with no DPF. So can't see corolla of this ere having them fitted, could've been an option though.
  8. I've just purchased a '06 1.4 d4d 86k corolla colour collection and am very happy with it. This is one of the most reliable diesels made by any manufacturer full stop. One thing i'd look for is regular service history to check for regular oil & filters changes as letting oil go to long is a bad idea for these engines. The timing chain is inspected but not replaced and EGR valve can soot up. I use a fuel additive with helps with this and mpg, good hunting.
  9. Sounds good, was hoping to pick up some leather ones or the the red face lift ones. Yeah will have to keep an eye on my six pack actually more like a keg.. Good tips on the air bags, hopefully can pick up a set. cheers
  10. Looking to install an Alpine USB headunit but would like to retain mpg/temp display. Has anyone done this, or know cable loom i.d. Was thinking maybe could have a separate display or get alpine to display this would be cool.
  11. Ok cheers, was thinking of getting a set if they had better support but not worth it otherwise.
  12. Anyone know if T-sport seats are more supportive than the Colour collection ones, as they look very similar.
  13. Hi, Doesn't have to be a double din as you can get a fascia adapter to make it look factory on a single din unit. That has multimedia/usb functions. These are much more common. Check out local halfords as they have them on display. What do you want to use it for? If video then yes go for a double din otherwise it's personal taste. I use either pioneer or alpine. cheers
  14. Can't believe the amount of sh_t you have to remove to do this. I thought egr valve was at the front of engine and you could just disconnect some bolts without draining rads and pulling belts off! Seems overly complex for something that needs regular cleaning.
  15. Thanks Konrad C for your help. Didn't use any steering wheel adapter. Removed SOT-062 and just used PC2-17-4 between Parrot loom and headunit. My Alpine is older and normally requires additional bluetooth adapter module. I wasn't forking out 100 quid for a bluetooth adapter and thankfully it worked without this. When call comes in it mutes radio and allows me to answer via Parrot button with Mic so good enough for me. I used FP-11-12 Fascia adapter but catch's trim pieces so they don't clip down fully. Will look at this again. See pics, otherwise happy as i like alpine user interface for browsing usb files and no cd's.
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