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  1. Are rattles to be expected from the aygos due to the cheap plastics and build? My main rattle is from the drivers door. It seems to be the door rattling agaist the door seals at the top. Its been back to the dealer a few times and it does away for a few weeks then returns, doing my head in. If i sit in the car when its stationary and press on the door/window I an replicate the noise.
  2. I am shocked that people put fuels like bp ultimate etc in an Aygo. Those fuels are for engines that are mapped to use 98 Ron etc. The Aygo has a bog standard engine. People who put performance fuels in an Aygo are complete idiots who don't have a clue about cars.
  3. Are you !Removed!? You call your car Cindy? No issues if you are.
  4. I am sorry but I cant believe that you get 450 miles from a tank! Even at 360 miles with 2 bars left the most I will get is around 400!
  5. The most I have got from a tank is around 360 with 2 bars left. I do a 80 mile motorway round trip a day and average 54mpg. I see on here that some people manage 450 miles a tank. I find this hard to believe!
  6. Any ideas, its doing my head in. Please help
  7. I have a really annoying rattle coming from the drivers front door lock. Its the part where the door clips into the metal ring. Its been back twice to the dealer to fix it and they do but it comes back. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. After its rained and I open the passenger or drivers door I get a few drops of water drop into the car. Its a very small amount. Is this normal. Is it just because water sits on the seal and when you open the door the seal is broken? Thanks
  9. Since winter is just around the corner and it seems to be getting worse each year I was wondering what the Aygo is like in the snow?
  10. I thought that Toyotas came with a 12 year paint warranty???
  11. Should be ok but it just seems pointless since the aygo is mostly about fuel economy. I like the old blast from 20 to 65 in 2nd, its seems to pull well for 1.0. I wouldn't do it all the time though.
  12. I no how you feel. I started a similar thread last week. Seems that last weeks heavy rain has really made a mess of some aygos. I cant fault my dealership who bent over backwards to sort it out. I to had water coming through the speakers, they replaced the door seals and sorted the speakers out. Hopefully its sorted the problem!
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