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  1. After spending many hours researching and the wasted sums on two Haynes manual I discovered that there was no in tank fuel pump fitted to my mark2 RAV4. Please take note club members.
  2. Happy Birthday Ramdeom!

  3. I had a starting issue not unlike yours last July/August. It turned out to be the fuel primer pump located above the fuel filter. I was told by Toyota Technician/Engineer that the fuel may be draining back into tank. Try operating primer pump by hand before attempting to start engine next time. I changed my primer pump last September and all is fine so far. RRamdeom
  4. Have fault code read by Toyota.( Toyota club AA help useless---my personal experience --I own a d4d 2002 model) Could be SCV valves on fuel pump. Check with the expert. Ramdeom
  5. Happy your problem solved. A few months ago I have had my scValves in fuel pump replaced. Problem was difficult start only in the mornings. I had fault codes read and now I am £200 poorer. Car starts OK now. I have also replaced original YUASA battery(7+ years old),fuel filter and 4 Glow plugs in anticipation of a harsh winter. Ramdeom.
  6. Had the same problem. At the two year service they changed the battery in the key fob. Suddenly a crack appeared at the base of the fob. I mentioned it to the dealer and they replaced it under the warranty.
  7. My Rav is a d4d Jan 2003. I posted a few horror stories ages ago. Yes Mart is right The steering pump was out of alignment and four washers were added to silence the canary. It was only done after I told the experts of the toyota publication. Problem solved after30 months. (I wonder if there should be more training for the toyota technicians) Ramdeom
  8. Very soon you chaps are going to say that the RAV4 d4d makes diesel instead of burning it.
  9. Posted about 2years ago----Rav4 D4D flywheel(woes of my D4D). Put the car in 1st gear on flat ground and let it go with foot off the accelerator, you should hear a screeching noise. Note if you speeded up noise will be drowned by diesel clatter and all seems fine. This screeching noise was very pronounced especially when parking in the garage and I am slipping the clutch slightly. Note during normal driving the layman could not tell whether any thing was wrong with the car. The above symptoms I experienced, which I reckoned was not too severe. My wheel was done when car was about a year old. P
  10. Own a Rav4 D4D since Jan 2002. A bit noisy, but it is a diesel so expect a bit of clatter. It took toyota dealer over 3 years to fix noise from accessory belt. (check that the mod is fitted to the power steering pump mounting-4 washers-). Warranty expired in Jan 2006, but bought extention for two years more. There is still an unresolved problem after all this time--- Gear lever rattle in 5th gear. Dealer said that mod was done in the gear box, gear stick and gate assembly replaced but the problem is still there---CONSIDERING my next move!!!!!!!! In other words buy a suzuki.[/i]
  11. Ramdeom


    Car:- RAV4 D4D MY 2002.(Jan 2003) Bought new with Toyo Tranpath 215x70x16 99H A14 M+S fitted. Milage to date 41,000 miles. Thread remaining 3-4 mm. all round. Speed vary from 0-110mph.(in France, Spain and Portugal). Acceleration gentle to brisk. Braking gentle and adequate for the occasion,seldom harsh. Performance in wet was excellent, noise acceptable, no off roading except on grass No snow experience but the M+S stands for mud and snow. Tyres showing signs of age now but good for another 5k I would say. In for service next monday and will consider replacing with similar if I can get exa
  12. My RAV4 was only 6mts old and the parking brake was stuck. That was due to dust accumulating in the drum. Had it checked by dealer but it happened soon afterwards again. So try and keep to the 6 clicks or else there may not be enough clearance very soon afterwards. Yes I had the drums apart and there are these adjusters in there. Beware do not over do it. The other adjustment --- an easier option ---is by the hand brake handle under the centre console. I would recommend that you spend the time and have the drums apart ---you can then clean the dust accumulated and lubricate the moving parts.
  13. [i looked at the Toyota fitted parking sensors and noticed that they only fit two sensors to the rav4. You are likely to find that there is a blind spot in the middle rear to small and slim objects (Lamp post). I have fitted three sensors of a four sensors unit and found that it works fine. I can now park safely as close as a foot to an obstacle (i.e. from the spare wheel cover.) My unit has a display but it now sit next to the o/s rear light assembly neatly hidden away----I have settled for the audible warning only. Unit costs £120.00 but the 3 sensors pack would have suited my configuration
  14. My Rav is same modelyear. The direction cable seems to be broken. Had similar problem a few months back. You can adjust the direction by giving it a helping hand. Reach under the dash by your left foot and find the lever for the relevant cable ---it is very easy to move and adjust the direction. Very easy to replace cables and assembly.
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