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  1. Same when mine was updated. Previous radio and sat-nav settings were all gone. Possibly the new records you have are tests by the garage to make sure the routes load correctly?
  2. Don't think that's possible. Same as the cruise control, it won't save the last set speed after turning the car off.
  3. Here's my story when Toyota did mine a while back .... Car with Toyota - software not loading - Corolla Club - Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum
  4. Yep, the original system will still work. AA will only kick in when you connect your phone with the AA ap loaded, with a USB lead.
  5. Got the car back today, with nav update and Android Auto loaded as well. When I asked how they worked around the non-loading issue, they were advised from Toyota Ireland to do what you would do with a computer that refuses to play ball - unplug it, and plug it back in again. And that did the trick.
  6. I took my 2019 hybrid Corolla saloon into my local Mr T for it's 3rd service yesterday evening. I was informed by the service manager that while the car was being serviced, I will also be getting Android Auto loaded into the infotainment system. To do this, the nav system will also be needed to be updated as well. No problem, says I. You do whatever needs to be done. After all, said updates are FOC. Went in this evening to collect my car. Service has been done. Nav has been updated. Android Auto needs 3 memory sticks worth of info to install, so I was informed. But the f
  7. That little light in the front interior lamp set is there to illuminate the shift lever at night. That same little lamp is in the Prius as well. When you go out driving at night again, reach up and cover the light with your thumb, you'll be amazed as to how much light it actually puts down onto the shift area.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/07-Toyota-Corolla-Verso-Wing-Mirror-Lower-Cover-Trim-Driver-Side-Right-Blue/402419999225?hash=item5db219e1f9:g:n-wAAOSwMQBfV2Yj Looks like you are looking for a left hand side lower trim piece. Found a link to a rhs piece, but you might try contacting the seller to see if they have a lhs piece
  9. I have an Aukey front and rear cam in my '19 Corolla Hybrid Saloon. No issues with either the cam or the tech within the car.
  10. 2019 Corolla saloon Luna Sport trim (Irish spec) On the nav screen, tap the three dots, and go to Info, the screen goes to a compass with some information. The info is on 4 lines. The first line is the name of the road I'm on The second line is the map reference (is that what it's called?) The fourth line is I am assuming the height above sea level? The third is a mystery to me. Can anyone shed light on this?
  11. Thanks Ian.S. On my way to work this morning I tried what you posted, and it did as you said. Turning the DRCC(RSA) switch on or off has no effect to how the cruise works. Turning it on just links the already activated RSA to the DRCC, for 'ease' of setting the cruise speed to the posted speed limit. Seems a bit of a pointless addition really, especially if the RSA reads the speed limit signs wrongly (as it has sometimes done with other posters, and once or twice on my usual route)
  12. I think you are asking about the standard setting cruise (long press on the CC switch for constant speed cruise control) No. There is no difference with the standard cruise setting while in use, or any change in the icons on the dashboard. Short press to activate the adaptive cruise, and it works as it should - whether the DRCC(RSA) setting is either on or off. When the DRCC(RSA) setting is turned on, I get a green box outline around the speed limit sign on the dash, and the speed setting indicator changes to a white box with black numbering when tapping down the speed. The white b
  13. I've seen those tutorials before. The thing is, it appears to make no difference to the adaptive cruise operation, whether it is switched on or not. I've even tried turning it on and off while actually using the cruise, but it appears to make no difference to the cruise operation, except for the two items shown on the dash as I explained in my opening post. Try it yourself in your own car and see if you notice any difference, because I can't notice any difference with mine.
  14. What exactly does the DRCC(RSA) setting do? I used both the adaptive cruise setting and the standard cruise setting regularly in my commute to work. Recently, I went through the settings menu, and saw that the setting for DRCC(RSA) was in the off position. I tapped OK and turned it on. Apart from putting a green box outline around the speed limit sign on the dash, and turning the speed setting into a white box with black numbering when tapping down the speed setting, it doesn't seem to do anything else, that I can see or sense in any shape or form. So, am I missing something? Wha
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