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  1. Well, it worked. Looks like the system will only read 500 tracks (standalone), or 500 tracks per folder, when using a plug in memory stick/card/reader. Splitting my song tracks into seven different folders has cracked it. I now have access to all my songs. Thanks to the guys that suggested splitting things up. But why the Sony would play all straight off the bat, is still unsolved. AndrueC, I have no answer for your iPOD issue. A friend of mine had an iPOD Shuffle years ago, and even that little thing had a mind of it's own. Admittedly, he never had it connected to his car, but if he was shutting it down after using it, he would have to remember where he left off, because when he switched it on again he could be anywhere in the song menu. Personally, I never did like Apple stuff. From their smallest player to their top of the hill phone, they are too expensive, and have too many glitches and 'pin me downs' involved in using them.
  2. This weekend has not been easy. Picked up some bug, and it's really had a go at knocking me for six. I'm still not over it, but through the haze I think I have a result of sorts. I probably went overboard on the preparation, but I picked out 505 tracks (just a couple more than the 500 that was being read), converted them all to MP3 and changed their bitrates to 128kbps. This was to make sure that all tracks were of identical properties - so to speak. I reformatted the card I was using, then loaded the 505 tracks onto it. Out to the car, but still it only read 500. I remembered in these posts that folders were mentioned. OK, it was worth a shot. So I split the 505 tracks into two folders. One containing 236 tracks, the other holding 269. This seems to have worked. When opening the source to USB, I can now choose between folders (duh, yeah - you're supposed to). The first folder is showing 236 tracks, the second is showing 269. A quick scan/search shows that I can access any of the 505. Now to try putting some more tracks in folders, and loading them up to see what happens.
  3. I'm going to have to look at this over the weekend. I thought it would be easier to have each track as a standalone, rather than in files. I'll have try and find out what tracks aren't being read, and then check if they are different in any way to those that are being read. But that will even throw up an anomaly. Mainly, why are all the tracks available on the Sony player, but not on the Creative or the memory card. I'm probably overthinking things, and the solution is simple. I just can't figure it out. It would help if I was more computer literate but ……………………………. lol. Thanks for the help so far guys. Any more tips, send them on.
  4. I don't have a problem with either of my 'devices' starting automatically. The music files I have were ripped from CDs years ago. I ditched the tracks I didn't like, and also the duplicates that invariably show up, and saved the rest. When I got the Creative Zen, I just imported the saved files from my PC to the Zen and it played away when needed. Later, I was gifted the Sony Walkman, and did the same to it, just imported the files and it played, no problems. I did the same with the memory card, just imported the tracks, put it into the reader and plugged it into the car. Why I only get 500 files read off of the memory card and the Zen, but ALL of the files off of the Sony is the mystery.
  5. No folders. Each track is individual.
  6. A little hi-jack, if I may …... I collected my new Corolla Hybrid Saloon last Wednesday. Over the weekend, I familiarised myself with it's settings, etc. Once I'd dealt with the settings, I decided to look into the infotainment. My other half now has my 2011 T-Spirit Prius, with all my music downloaded onto it's HDD drive. Alas, the saloon does not have a HDD, but a couple of usb ports instead. Reading the manual, it appears that the usb in the centre console is for charging items, while the usb beside the glovebox is for connecting a device that holds ones music. I found a 32gig small memory card in the house, formatted it, and loaded about 2,000 tracks onto it. Pushed the card into a usb card reader, and plugged it into the port by the glovebox. WAY-HAY … yes, it works ……. but the system only pulls out/reads 500 tracks. Back inside, I changed all the tracks to MP3 and then to WMA? to see if it made any difference. Nope, still only 500 tracks, no matter which format I use. I also have two old mp3 players with around 2,000 tracks each installed. The first one, a Creative Zen player, when plugged into the car, turns on and starts playing, but again only 500 tracks are recalled. When shutting the car off, the Zen carries on playing and probably will do until the battery is exhausted, before shutting down. The second one, a Sony Walkman player, when plugged into the car, turns on and starts playing, BUT this time ALL tracks are recalled by the system. When shutting the car off, the Sony will shut down also after about 20 seconds. OK, job sorted via the Sony, but that means leaving it in the glovebox out of sight, with a cable coming out of the corner of the 'box and into the usb port. I was hoping to use the mini usb card reader, as it's virtually invisble (being so small). Would anyone have any idea why the card and the Creative only manage to get 500 tracks read, while the Sony has all tracks available?
  7. Chippy01

    Dash cam

    Try cleaning the glass with isopropanol, same with the suction cup before reapplying. Isoprop will take any polish/cleaner that may have been on the glass and has subsequently transferred to the suction cup. I have had suction cups fail before. When the locking lever is depressed, it appears that it's holding but a short while later it drops off. Close inspection of the inner workings might show a crack or break that is preventing a decent seal. If this is the case, it's either a case of a new suction cup, or trying to stick it to the screen (after removing the suctioning bit from the mount) with 3M pads or something similar.
  8. Ha ha, …… but I can't be a traitor with still one Prius on the driveway ….. or can I? The hatchback is tiny compared to the saloon, and I'm not enamoured by estate cars …. though herself thinks the estate is the dogs gonads. It'll be another couple of weeks before I get my hands on it, so the waiting game is being played. On a side note, we dropped into another dealer and had a look at the new Camry. The €40 grand price is way out of my humble reach, but that Cobalt Blue (Galactic Blue in the UK) is much, much nicer in the flesh than the pictures show. Although the interior is nice, there is a copper/black stripey section on the centre console that (I think) cheapens the look of it.
  9. I've been driving different versions of the Prius since 2010. My other half liked them as well, and eventually joined my in getting one herself a couple of years back. So at the moment, sitting on our drive, are two 2011 Gen III T-Spirits. All that is changing in a few weeks though. I have been seduced by another vehicle. So much so, that one of our Prii is being taken as a trade in. I won't be moving too far from Mr T though. I will still be hybridised. I have been tempted, and have succumbed to one of the new 1.8 Hybrid Corolla Saloons. I'm going to think of it as a Prius in a saloon suit. Same familiar running gear, just a different top coat. (To be honest, I prefer a saloon to a hatchback anyway) Those who are interested, you'll have to go to and chose the Luna Sport grade to see what I am moving to. But, I will still have one Prius on the drive ……..
  10. If the problems started immediately after the recall update, then I would go straight back to the garage to get it sorted. However, if the problems started a few days later, I would first start checking wheel balance weights, tyre pressures and condition, and steering linkages.
  11. Take a look at the Irish version on I've a hankering for the Corolla Saloon Luna Sport version. The two-tone interior really brightens things up.
  12. Since having the oil changed, the slight hesitation and 'struggling' that was felt has disappeared. MPG is still lower than I would like, but running against the high winds and rain we have been having these past days might contribute towards that.
  13. Herself took the car into Mr T this morning. According to the paperwork, they changed the oil out for 0w20, and did a full diagnostics on the rest of the drive. The next few days for running in and out to work will see if it makes any difference. Watch this space.
  14. I went to MrT this morning, as I said I would. No mechanics on duty, but the service manager confirmed that 5w30 was used at my service. Looking back over her records, she could see that 5w30 has been used for every service my car has had there. I was also told that 0w20 is only used on models from 2016 onwards. Well, says I, my handbook recommends 0w20, and to use 5w30 if 0w20 is unavailable, but to change it out as soon as possible. I also said that the car does not feel right. That it appears to be struggling. I've had the car for 30,000 miles and I know well how it performs, and it's not performing as usual. And that I left it for 3 weeks before coming in, just in case I was imagining things. Perhaps it is the tyres? Are new tyres harder on fuel than worn ones? Hard enough to knock 10mpg off of my usual consumption rate? I wouldn't have thought so. Anyway, I was asked to bring the car in on Monday morning and they would check it out.