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  1. If the problems started immediately after the recall update, then I would go straight back to the garage to get it sorted. However, if the problems started a few days later, I would first start checking wheel balance weights, tyre pressures and condition, and steering linkages.
  2. Take a look at the Irish version on I've a hankering for the Corolla Saloon Luna Sport version. The two-tone interior really brightens things up.
  3. Since having the oil changed, the slight hesitation and 'struggling' that was felt has disappeared. MPG is still lower than I would like, but running against the high winds and rain we have been having these past days might contribute towards that.
  4. Herself took the car into Mr T this morning. According to the paperwork, they changed the oil out for 0w20, and did a full diagnostics on the rest of the drive. The next few days for running in and out to work will see if it makes any difference. Watch this space.
  5. I went to MrT this morning, as I said I would. No mechanics on duty, but the service manager confirmed that 5w30 was used at my service. Looking back over her records, she could see that 5w30 has been used for every service my car has had there. I was also told that 0w20 is only used on models from 2016 onwards. Well, says I, my handbook recommends 0w20, and to use 5w30 if 0w20 is unavailable, but to change it out as soon as possible. I also said that the car does not feel right. That it appears to be struggling. I've had the car for 30,000 miles and I know well how it performs, and it's not performing as usual. And that I left it for 3 weeks before coming in, just in case I was imagining things. Perhaps it is the tyres? Are new tyres harder on fuel than worn ones? Hard enough to knock 10mpg off of my usual consumption rate? I wouldn't have thought so. Anyway, I was asked to bring the car in on Monday morning and they would check it out.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. If EU labels on tyres are not worth the sticker they're printed on, why have them? Surely they are there as a guide for us poor Joe Soaps to decide which tyre might be the best for a particular installation?. When checking out my old tyres, I discovered many types of Michelin Premacys, all of which had a r/r rating of B. EXCEPT the Premacys HP, which my car was wearing at the time. So when you say you had good Premacys, I would have to ask "Which version?" I shall up my tyre pressure over the weekend to 40psi, and see what that does to my consumption. I shall also be having a little chat with MrT this morning, to see if they will admit to which oil was used. I did check the level, and it is bang on the top pip, no overfilling.
  7. Bit of a long post, but please bear with me here ….. My 2011 Gen 3 T-Spirit went in for it's 60,000 mile service on the 14th November to my local Toyota service centre. While it was in there, I was phoned to say that the I need 3 new tyres as the ones on the car were showing sidewall damage and rubber rot. Now I am normally 'on the ball' with regards to tyres. I knew my tyres will need replacing before my next NCT (MOT) which is due in January, but I hadn't checked them recently. I informed the service manager that I will do my own check on the tyres when I get the car back. Apart from that issue, the service went as expected. New oil and filters all round, Hybrid Health Check passed, and everything else tested checked out perfect. When I got the car back, that following weekend I took the wheels off the car to check the tyres. The three tyres highlighted in the service receipt did indeed have some sidewall damage, and rot could easily be seen. The fourth tyre was OK, albeit about 3/4 worn. Weighing up my options, I decided to change all 4 (but keep the 'good' tyre as an emergency fitment, if needed) First off, I went online to check out the old tyres (they were on the car when I got it 30,000 miles ago) re rolling resistance and wet grip. Three of the tyres were Michelin Premacy HP, with a r/r rating of E and a w/g rating of A. The fourth was a Dunlop SP Sport 3000, with a r/r rating of F and a w/g rating of B, according to the info I could find online. On the 22nd I had my new rubber sorted and fitted. Got a deal on some Cooper Zeon CS8's, with a r/r rating of C and a W/G rating of A. Has to be better than what was on it, anyway. Oh, and I run my tyres at 36psi. Since the service and new tyres were fitted, I have really struggled to get my MPG over 54mpg. I am travelling the same roads, at the same speed, at the same time. I know winter temps and weather conditions impact on fuel consumption, but not this degree. Normal summertime mpg figures is around mid to high 60's (per tankful), with winter normally running high 50's to low 60's. But the 3 weeks since the service and the tyre change hasn't been particularly cold, in fact it's been quite mild for the time of year, albeit a bit wet at times. I read a previous thread on here about having the wrong oil in a Gen3 could impact the mpg also. Checking back on the service receipt, under oil used it read 'FUEL ECON E/G 5W So, with the above info, what is hitting my mpg? Possible wrongly labelled tyres? Wrong oil in the engine? Something else? I want to go back into Mr T tomorrow morning and have a chat with the service manger, and any 'ammo' I can take with me would help. T.I.A.
  8. I was down in my local Toyota garage today (unrelated visit), and while I was there I asked if they knew what yesterday's recall was about. The service manager just laughed and told us of the phone ringing off the hook all day yesterday with worried owners wondering if their cars are going to suddenly become a fireball whilst driving ….. lol. She said that Toyota Ireland had informed them of an impending recall 3 weeks ago, and that they had been waiting on further info before contacting customers. She reckons it will probably be just a software update that's needed; but they were still waiting on 'official' notification on exactly what needs to be done from Toyotas Head Office. In the meantime however, we will continue to drive our 'potential time bombs', and with luck other drivers will give us a wide berth while out on the road …… lol.
  9. If it was me, I would take it to Mr T and see if any fault codes could be read. That might pinpoint the problem.
  10. If it starts to get mucky, a quick wipe with a rag in the area just where the camera is will sort it. It will have to get really dirty before it will effect the camera shot, as the cam focuses beyond the glass. That lower pane is darkly tinted, but the footage looks like it's shot through plain glass.
  11. My partner went and got me an Aukey DR02 D, along with the gps modue and a 128gb memory card about a fortnight ago, so last weekend I set about installing it. The most time consuming part for me, was getting the correct left/right alignment for the front camera. I used a non too sticky double sided tape I had lying around on a spare mount bracket they give in the box to temporarily hold the unit in place. Temporarily wired it to the plug socket under the centre bridge of my Gen 3, turned it on, grabbed some footage, powered off, removed the memory card and checked the results on my laptop. This took quite a few goes until I was happy with positioning then I substituted the non too sticky mount for the real deal. Next came the rear cam. Same thing, temporarily linked it in to the front cam, and did the same re grabbing footage and checking. I first put the rear cam at the top of the tailgate, but that bar splitting the rear screen just blocked out too much, so I moved it to the top of the lower section. Perfect. I ran the linking cable between the two cameras thus:- From the front camera, up and into the driver side headlining, down the drivers door pillar, under the covers that run along the door sills, up under the cover at the side of the rear seat, and out between the hard side panel and the headlining at the top of the tailgate opening. I then had to strip out the panelling of the tailgate, starting at the bottom and working up as they are all linked at the joins (easy really, they are just held on with poppers - but caution was needed because as with all plastics, they can break very easily), then ran the cable from the exit corner at the headlining to the centre-ish of the tailgate, across the top of the tailgate down the passenger side of it and across to where I had the rear camera positioned at the top of the lower glass pane. Yes, the cable is that long!! The reason for running from driver to passenger side at the tailgate, is to create enough 'running slack' when opening the boot. If I had the expertise of foresight, I could have bought and installed one of those cranked rubber cable covers (open your tailgate, you'll see what I mean) for the rear cam cable. Popped the covers back on, and all was hidden. The main power cable runs from the front cam, across the passenger headlining, down the passenger door pillar, under the glovebox, and into the 12 volt socket under the centre bridge. The gps module, I initially positioned up high beside the rear view mirror, but those damn black dots block the satellite signals, so I had to move it to the passenger side just where the black dots finish. All in all, it took about 4 hours - but I was taking my time in positioning, stripping out the necessary panels, and hiding the cables. I pulled to memory card a couple of days ago to check what the cams record. I must say, the footage is impressive. One thing to note though, when you turn on the car to READY, it takes around 15 seconds before the cams start recording. A tad annoying, but I can live with it. And it takes about a minute before the gps module picks up satellites, but that might be normal with gps units anyway.
  12. While not really ready to upgrade from my Gen3 to the Gen4, I still like to look at the ads from time to time and just annoy myself. While looking the other day, I spotted one with a full black interior (all the white bits covered). While the majority have the centre tray blacked out, this is the first time I have seen one with the gear selector and steering wheel blacked out also. And I kinda like it. Would this be a Toyota kit or an aftermarket kit? I can't find any reference online anywhere.
  13. I have a dashcam in my Gen 3, and my partner has one in her Gen 2 Prius. Yes, the headlining is made of a hardish material, but the cable can still be inserted. If needs be, just insert something like a butter knife in at the edge and prise gently. It will give enough to feed the cable in. The rest just feed in like you did in your Auris towards the ciggy socket, or into the fusebox if you intend to hardwire like Harters is going to do.
  14. Thanks for all the informative replies. It is nice to know that I do have a large 'buffer' when running low on juice. Not that I'll ever try and run that low again. As a side note, is the tank/fuel gauge on the Gen 2 calibrated the same way? My OH has a Gen 2, and she told me after our trip that she always refuels with 3 pips showing. I was just wondering what 'buffer' the Gen 2 has in regards to fuel?
  15. Yesterday, I took a trip to visit the brother in law, who is just out of hospital. After checking various maps and planners, they said the distance was 73 miles from his house to mine. So, there and back 'should' be 146 miles. On checking my onboard computer, it said I have 164 miles to empty. With those figures, I knew I was going to refuel at my usual filling station which is 5 miles before my house. Normal driving, about 95% of the trip is motorway/dual carriageway, I set the cruise at 105kmh (65mph). Watching the miles count down as we went home, really puts one on edge. I usually fill up with 2 pips left on the gauge, and have never gone this far with so little fuel - or so I thought. When we pulled into the station, my trip meter for this tank read 486 miles travelled and the last pip had been flashing for 10 miles. The readout showed 12 miles until empty. Filling her up, I could only squeeze in just 38 litres!! I know these onboard readouts err on the side of caution, but come on!!!! 486 miles divided by 38 litres = 12.78 miles per litre. Tank is supposed to be 45 litres, so 12.78 miles x the 7 litres left = 89.5 more miles in the tank - and the readout was showing just 12!!! Surely in this day and age, even Mr T could be just a little more accurate.