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  1. Looks like one of the 'nuts' that hold the kick panel trim in place, close to the bulkhead at floor level. If you look in that area, you might see the threaded part poking through the kick panel.
  2. Yep, mine too. Surprised me the first time it happened, but I'm used to it now.
  3. Eco mode will also 'mute' the climate control a bit too. It will still work as it should, but at a less energy using way. That, along with the slowed down throttle response, is supposed to help increase your mpg. As Mr Tesco says - 'Every little helps'
  4. My other half picked up her nice new shiney Yaris Cross this afternoon, in Cobalt Blue with a black top. Traded in her 2018 Auris Hybrid against it, and is delighted with it. She reckons there is more room in the Cross than in the Auris, so that has to be a plus to start with.
  5. Back in 2010, when the recession was really starting to bite, I downsized from a GS300 to a Prius. Since then it was Prius (albeit different versions) all the way, until I got myself one of the new Corolla Saloons in 2019. I have looked at getting back into a Lexus, and although Lexus is the 'luxury' end of Toyota, the build quality of the lowly Toyota has come a long way and is now comparable to a Lexus. (imo) Test drive a few, that's the only way you'll know if it's for you or not.
  6. Only had mine changed in September, so I'd say it's too short of a time to tell if these new ones will fade. Maybe when the summer sun arrives again it will be different, but I shall be keeping an eye on them in the meantime.
  7. There should have also been an orange ice warning (snowflake symbol) pop up on the display between the clocks when the beep occurred. After the initial beep and visual warning, the ice symbol should be still visible next to the outside temp readout (though not in orange any more) If you scroll through the options on the multi display, it will be there in the messages/warnings section iirc, in orange. It will stay there until the outside temp increases to over 3 degrees, when it will 'reset and disappear' The above happens on my saloon version.
  8. I have the same issue on the rear doors of my Corolla Saloon. I reported it to my dealer, he took pictures and reported it to head office of Toyota Ireland. Last week I got a phone call from my dealer saying that they will be replaced under warranty. Hoping to get them fitted next thurday.
  9. I have 40,000 miles tracked on my fuelly account since I got my 1.8 hybrid Corolla new in May 2019. Worst tank was 51.45mpg, best tank was 67.56mpg. Fuelly is showing my tank average over 93 tank fills as 60.0mpg. Not too shabby, really.
  10. Around Christmas time, my Corolla was called into Toyota for a map upgrade, and the installation of Android Auto. Since then, I have rarely used Android Auto (mainly 'cos I can't be bothered with the cable connection - why couldn't they make it wireless??) But I have noticed that when my home screen starts, whatever nav map setting I was using on my previous trip, it is there on the home screen - for example :- 3D, direction of travel, 100metres last used, it's there on start up, exactly the same. Similarly :- 2D, direction of travel, 200metres last used, it's there on start up. I tried various settings, and they all transfer the last setting on start up.
  11. Same when mine was updated. Previous radio and sat-nav settings were all gone. Possibly the new records you have are tests by the garage to make sure the routes load correctly?
  12. Don't think that's possible. Same as the cruise control, it won't save the last set speed after turning the car off.
  13. Here's my story when Toyota did mine a while back .... Car with Toyota - software not loading - Corolla Club - Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum
  14. Yep, the original system will still work. AA will only kick in when you connect your phone with the AA ap loaded, with a USB lead.
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