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  1. Thanks fordulike but I am very careful and keep our cars clean inside and out. I was very surprised at the cost to replace the tailgate, £500 is a lot of money for something that seems not a lot. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi to all, not been on the forums for a while as I treated myself on retirement to a nice shiny Mercedes (wife was not amused) Anyhow posting on behalf of my wife who has a 2011 Aygo Go. the rear demist is only working partially on the bottom half of the rear demister. I cannot see any obvious breaks in the wiring, looking at the car from the rear there is a push on connector either side of the rear screen the right hand side when unclipped and a multi metre applied reads zero but I'm not sure if there should be power here or if this is just a return. The dealership has quoted £500 to replace the rear hatch. i have done a search and there are a few posts on this. is there supposed to be power coming out of the right side? Is there a possibility of a break in the elements without it being visual? Any advice would be most helpful but my electrical knowledge is small to dangerous.
  3. So no wheel off is fine when I watched the tyre fitter with car fully jacked up wriggling the wheel made me wonder how I would manage with the car supplied kit. I used to get the door hinges lubricated but that is no longer done. Mostly my point is there seems to be very little between intermediate and major other than £200 of course. But thanks for your view which is very useful but still makes me sad, I used to be a mechanic many moons ago but for sure things change.
  4. I have just had my 2010 Avensis serviced and MOT. I had a couple of issues and as the car has sold I did agonise over to pay for the major service or have an intermediate. So a few things shocked me and I will share and hopefully get some useful comments. The work was carried out on a Saturday, the following day whilst cleaning the car I decided to remove all items ready for sale, imagine my surprise when checking the spare to see stale water sitting in the well so no check on spare then. On the MOT advisory was a screw in tyre so I decided to have a replacement tyre fitted. The tyre fitter had trouble removing the wheel as it was stuck on, when off there was a fair amount of rust between alloy wheel and hub which he cleaned off for me, he was happy to say the wheel had not been off. When I tackled the dealership they told me it was not required that the wheel be removed for this service. My car is now 4 years old purchased new so it is possible and indeed likely that in 4 years of main dealer servicing the wheels had never been removed. Does anyone else find this surprising and frightening? So is it really worthwhile paying for a major service especially when several of the tick boxes were marked N/A. Just makes me wonder what was checked.
  5. 2010 model T4 Tourer purchased new June 2010. Mid 40's this time of year with virtually all driving on B roads very rarely any urban driving. On my trips to France in summer around 50 to 55 mpg. Never have managed any where near the quoted mileage but then never expected to.
  6. The DRL only fitted to T-Spirit model I believe the rest of range use normal bulbs which look like side lights being on. I have the 2010 T4 purchased from new and due to change in June so have been looking at new model and there are a huge amount of changes to engine, suspension and steering. The satnav I have found to be superb although the interface software is a bit clunky. The new t4 spec to my mind is not so good though as the earlier models.
  7. 2010 T4 Avensis purchased new in June 2010. I had this problem about a month after purchase. I had a complete seat along with motorised base under warranty.
  8. I promise you this is correct re pedal, I purchased mine new and took it back with same issue and was advised this was the case, on way home I tried it out and with speed limiter on push pedal down no speed increase above the setting but push accelerator beyond the resistance and it removes limiter setting.
  9. With regards to accelerator pedal sticking 3/4 way down I believe you may be talking about a feature on some cars. On mine if I set the speed limiter for instance to stop the car exceeding 30mph when accelerator is pushed beyond this point it removes the limiter setting.
  10. I have a 2010 2.0 D4D which has been superb, having said that I have driven a new 1.8 auto which was surprisingly quick especially away from standing start and according to the read out it was doing quite good MPG.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I have been very pleased with my car and am tempted to buy another Avensis. I will try for an extended trial. It's a funny thing but you wou would think that when spending around £23,000 plus you would be able to get more than a quick blast down the road.
  12. Soon be time to change my T4 to the latest spec Avensis, has anyone changed to new model and if so are the upgrades noticeable in the real world? The new model has more insulation, turbo changed, steering and suspension changes along with a raft of tweaks. Have these changes made the car much better. I have a 2.0 D4D and am considering the 1.8 VVTI as my mileage is low although the car virtually never does any urban use. I will try the new model soon but a short test drive is no substitute for long term use. Any information much appreciated.
  13. I have a 2010 T4 with auto dipping mirror and cannot advise re wiring but it is not an option I would miss tbh, it very rarely has to do anything.
  14. I have a 2010 T4 which has done 12000 miles and average 43 to 45 mpg with virtually no urban driving. When I go to France in the summer and drive on their auto routes it goes above 50 mpg
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