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  1. I was just browsing around, and noticed that there hasn't been a meet in the south for about a year now, so I would just like to see how many people would be interested in getting a meet at Poole Quay, if I can organise it. The meet would be in a few months, around July/August - when we can cause most spectacle! The more numbers the more likely I can persuade the council to let me do it! Just drop a reply if your interested.
  2. As long as I'm not in canada, I will be able to go... I will post again when I know for sure.
  3. Thanks gummy :) And notify of what sorry ihpj?
  4. OK so I haven't really been active since I joined, BUT I PASSED MY TEST IN DECEMBER :P So yeah I'm now out on the roads, and last week someone decided to key my car. :( £500 to get a proper job done. :( However, it's not all bad, I got my new sound system today!! Headunit: Sony MEX-BT3800U Bluetooth Audio System Speakers: 2 x FLI FI6 6" (16cm) 3 Way Coaxial Speakers Subwoofer: 10" 750 watt EDGE Active subwoofer. The sub JUST squeezes in the back, but the speakers are tight in my door and I cant get the door panel to click back in fully (the clip directly above the speaker) I tired pushing thorught the foam and everything, I may have to cut the inner of the door away.... anyways, update over :) Exams here I come...... Peace out Ryan xx
  5. The new Aygo black is definetely a boys car ;)
  6. Hey I'd love to come, however is it possible to wait until nearer the time to confirm?
  7. Yeah I might wire it into the pillar (will be on the right because im in UK). Might add a switch aswell, so that I can turn it on if I don't open the doors. Cheers guys I'll keep you posted :)
  8. It sounds like it might not be disengaging properly, or rubbing slightly, this could be anything, so if it isn't oil levels etc... take it to a mechanic or dealer asap. If your car is under warranty? this should be fixed for you for free. Never heard of this problem in an aygo before however.
  9. Sorry I lol'ed at that :D No I find that my aygo slows down quite considerably when engine braking, but it needs to be really quite high in the rev range. (not sure exactly i dont have the gauge thing )
  10. Welcome to the club as well barrydeek :)
  11. RyanPP

    Toyota Gb

    I will say that I was very pleased with toyoyta when I received my Aygo. I ordered it around the 18th June, they received it and fitted the air con on the 24th June, and I picked it up on the 16th July, everything in good order and all my servicing and warranty stuff in the club toyota pack :) I wasn't aware it came with free recovery but was very pleased that it did! I dealt with westover toyota, and i'm sure that it would be the seperate dealers fault rather than toyota itself! Sorry to hear you had this problem!
  12. Hi guys! Yesterday I bought two 12V ultra bright LEDs from halfords for £10, and I've placed them in my footwell. I originally wired them up to come on with my interior light, but I cant see an easy way to get wires down to the footwells without ripping out too many panels, so I've got them on a push button switch on a mini 12v (might wire parallel to cigarette lighter instead), has anyone nstalled footwell LEDs before, and if so how do you go about it? Pictures of the LEDs on my face book: search ryan.pannell@ntlworld.com Thanks.
  13. I heard it was sticky pedal?
  14. I'd love to, but can't - not passed yet :( maybe next year
  15. I seriously il-reccomend even asking toyota for an insurance quote, they quoted my £5000 on a new toyota aygo, which is group 1!! Ah well, spoke to Another company, they going fully comp for £1200 so happy days :)