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  1. hi there has any one had any problems with there horn not working intermittently as ive tried to vent my angry at time to time at roundabouts but it dont work as its mot is due and a dont feel like getting shafted of the dealer. cleaned the fuse and relay any thoughts
  2. i was jist thinking the same thing problem on ma 56plate compressor jist look at the front window the wrong way and it starts to steam up and the seats have covers and the floors dry too
  3. nice bumper where did you get that
  4. there is a sticker with stage 2 with a long number with 146 at the end thats the build number on the stage 2 sticker so your number 146 no it aint.... mine ends in 408. there was over 500 made 250 in uk the rest in mainland europe so YES IT IS..... next then any one seen a place that makes a 100mmx 70mm metal plates with a a build number on it then
  5. there is a sticker with stage 2 with a long number with 146 at the end
  6. i love corners there my friends a 2yr old can drive in a straight lineeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  7. hi there does any one know how you find out whit number of corolla tte compressor they have got as there is 250 made in the uk so that i can get a plate made with my right number.http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif
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