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  1. Well we may not be in it, but for those of you who are still following it, nice little site to keep up-to-date with the latest news and info: http://www.expertfootball.co.uk/
  2. Chuck04

    My Yaris

    Provisionally Sold
  3. they goin ok?? still sellin the car? Yeah lights are great, yup cars still for sale
  4. Envy made some for me when i put bucket seats in mine, if i remember correctly think it cost me around £200 for the frames
  5. Chuck04

    My Yaris

    Still for sale... Nope, that is the standard bonnet with the vent added. Car will be sold with 6 months tax Cheers, Charlie
  6. Well, after nearly 5 years of ownership and this being my 3rd yaris i feel the time has come to move onto something bigger and better. Its been a fantastic little car to own and i will miss it, thanks goes to all those who have offered help and support over the years. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71205 Charlie
  7. Chuck04

    My Yaris

    Please note that this sale is for the car as is, i WILL NOT be stripping any parts off the vehicle. Well the time has come to sell the yaris, its been a fantastic little car to own and one which i will miss indeed. However after 5 years of ownership with this being my third yaris i feel the time has come to move onto bigger and better things. As many of you know the car has had a fair amount spent on it, with no expenses spared. Its a 2002 52 plate with 66k on the clock, although the car has just had a new engine fitted due to the old one taking on flood damage on the way to jae this year. The new engine is again a 2002 with a mere 42k on the new engine, but clock still reads 66k. The car has also had a brand new power steering belt fitted by toyota less than 100 miles ago. The car was subjected to a standardised safety check and passed with no hassle, with plenty of tread on all 4 tyres. The modifications are as follows: Engine: -Dastek Unichip + Remap - Perrin Lightened Pulley - Relocated Apexi Power Intake Exhaust: - Envy High Flow Sports Cat & Stainless Steel Centre Section - Fujitsubo Power Getter - Megan Racing - Stainless Steel Sports Header Suspension: - Envy Performance Coilovers - OMP rear strut brace - Trd Front Upper Strut Brace Brakes: - 3G 10 grooved Front Brake discs - 3G 10 grooved Rear Brake discs - EBC Front brake pads - EBC Rear brake pads - Goodridge Braided rear hoselines - Motul 5.1 brake fluid - Calipers painted red Wheels: - 16" ultralight Erasers in gunmetal Styling / Exterior: - Genuine Angel eye headlights - Booster rear splitter with left hole smoothed over - C-One front eyebrows - C-one lower front spoiler - Clear rear fog lamp - Dark Smoke Side Repeaters - Debadged Boot / Flushed Boot - F50 Replica Bonnet - Light smoke Tints on rear 3 windows Interior: - 2x Corbeau Carerra Recliner Bucket Seats - Autoleads double din converter - Toyota fascia adapter - Pioneer 6x9 speakers fitted in rear parcel shelf ( please note there will be no cd/ radio player in the car as i no longer have it) Security: - Toad alarm - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bad points: As far as I'm aware there are not many issues, but I like to be as truthful as i can when selling a car as its never nice to be disappointed from a result of the previous owner withholding information. - The rear splitter has a slight crack developing where the left exhaust hole was smoothed over. This occurred due to my oil filter coming off the car when the previous engine blow due to flooding. - Bonnet has developed a very small crack on the left hand side, in the inside corner point to the curves, there is also a paint split line that starts to follow up the V shape. - 2 line scratch on passenger side of front bumper - Rear seats are missing 1 front bolt, so held in place by 3 rather than 4, this was the case when i bought the car, never noticed a problem and thus never got round to resolving it. - Idle point needs adjusting, idles at 1400rpm roughly when cold and 1600-2k once warm. Viewing is very much welcomed, although only during the later part of the evenings or weekends. Further pictures can be obtained on request, i hope i have not missed anything, please feel free to ask any further questions. Charlie
  8. not bad i guess ":P no fuji tho is it ;) haha, seriously though n ice one fella
  9. Couple of mine i had floating about on photobucket Charlie
  10. I have a dastek unichip fitted to mine, cost me around £500, if you give dastek a ring they will be able to tell you who your closest approved garage is to get one fitted at.
  11. Looks awesome, fine choice of mods
  12. Hey guys, no i got mine through from taiwan, they were sent out on a wed/thurs and i received them on a Monday, so not too long, but postage was £30! t Wiring is not too bad to be fair, 3 plugs just plug straight in, then there is an additional 6 wires, 3 red, 3 black, which power the rings and the little led you can see in the pics with no brows. These were then wired into the sides, red to green and black to black / white. Theres a full write up with pictures on another yaris forum, not got the link to hand as i saved it to a different computer, will get it later for those who wish to see it. Mi_j, brows came on the car, they are the c -one brows, you might be able get them through envy performance, i know they have them on their site.
  13. a few have said they look like the clio
  14. Most rate teins very highly and they seem to be the most popular, i have the envy performance ones on mine
  15. You know what you need next, some deep dish jap rims :D
  16. Thats a real shame about the build quality, cant wait to see it finished though, should look awesome. I didn't realise quite how wide those arches really are, :D
  17. Agreed, finish the lights off nicely :D
  18. Fair few of you have already seen these, but for those of you who havnt, got some new lights the other day... Sorry some of the pictures are not great, these do look the nuts in the flesh though, very impressed with them. Brows were not fitted in this pic, just laid over to get the effect
  19. As already said mate, llooks spot on :D
  20. No way is the car 140bhp, i said it first time round and ill say it again!! The majority of us with the same of simular set up are 15-20bhp less. Mines 124.3bhp and i have more engine mods!!
  21. Both earpl and Kimi have the Helix organic
  22. I know the chap who owns this car, used to be thunder grey until he sprayed it himself the other week. Wheels look awesome up close, so does the colour, i like it!
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