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  1. What is your fuel consumtpion like on your 7afe avensis? Mine is really bad at the moment, 28ish mpg on average and seems low on power. lambda, coils and plugs have been changed with known good ones so not sure what it is. I always though they were good on fuel like 35mpg local and 40-42 motorway.
  2. My 1.0 yaris' timing chain snapped on idle, the car was having problems starting for a few days and the chain was extremely noisey. What I want to know is that is the yaris engine a non-interferenece or an interference engine? Because if it is a non interence engine then I might be able to get away with replacing the chain kit? If not then a rebuild will be the next best option as a used engine will never come with warranty but a rebuil comes with a guarantee. jabran.
  3. Looking for a celica chargecooler the stock one. let me know please.
  4. hey dude i thought i was the only one in uk called Jabran nice to meet u. :D Nice to meet you bro, I have come across with others but never knew them personally lol, tis quite a unique name :) .
  5. I've got a 2000 corolla 1.4 vvti which is making a weird rattling sound when your accelarating hard or when i'm on the motorway at around 3-3.5k revs. Sounds like its the timing chain making, is there anyway i can check etc. Also i get like 60-65 for a tenner mixed driving, is this normal fuel ecomony for them? thanks
  6. still wanted, I did pm'd jaxx but no repsonse. theres no rush at all so don't mind it being posted but would prefer it with the stock piping as I donated mines to a mate for his project and now need to finsih my rebuild lol (I know it was dumb lol but planned on fitting a greddy smic but money has become tight now ) thanks
  7. need a stock intercooler from the mr2 turbo with any stock pipework if possbile. let me know please thanks.
  8. Can anyone get the part numbers for the toyota starlet and paseo sunroof glass? or if they can cross reference the starlet sunroof glass with any other toyota one like a corolla or something. thanks
  9. damn, so no caldina shape 4wd 3sgte model?
  10. i remeber in japan they used to have a caldina gt-t that was basically a an estate avensis with a 3sgte engine and 4wd but was never released in the u.k. they have a new caldina gt four have look, not an avensis but looks good. http://www.jcars.ca/photos/caldina_gt-four_headon.jpg
  11. hi gues wondering if any of you guys installed an fse boost valve on the 1.6 4afe avensis? thanks guys, any help will be much appreciated
  12. o.k the injector bit is cleared up, thanks mate. going ot the alperton scrapyard sometime the comming week. Is there anything in particular i should look for when i'm there.
  13. allright cool, is there any stuff i can read up on for this as i need to know what i need to do.
  14. thanks for that mate. i got a few odd questions. some ITB's have injectors on them and was wondering what you do with cars like the avensis 4afe which has it in the head? and what else needs wiring up to get it all running? wiring/ mechnaical things changed/moved around? thanks.
  15. o.k thats good to know, i want to do a project for fun and was wondering if it would be possible for someone like me to do it? i have welding skills from college and do some mehcanical bits and bobs on the engines, or are there some special skills needed?
  16. that won't fit a 4e-fe then? and if it isn't would it be possible for me to do my own project? need something to d0 when i'm free now.
  17. hi guys if anyone is selling the ep70/71 starlet doesn't matter of year (manufactured between 1986-1989) would be best if it was a 1.3. let me know via p.m or here.
  18. what so no one has any idea at all?
  19. hey guys, i have a v reg avensis and the engine in it is taking it's last breaths and i know also have a levin 20v blacktop 4age (writeoff) which is lying around. what will be needed to drop it in? i've been told the 4age and 4afe are relatively similar so i am expecting mountings to be the same? will the levin driveshafts go with the avensis or will they be shorter/longer? i thinks those are the main mechnaical bits, the ecu would need to be spliced in. i am hoping to have a real sleeper by the end of it.
  20. anyone got specs of the 2e engine? would a 4efe/4efte engine drop in without major mods? a guys has done it in the shape above(the red one)
  21. hi guys just wanted to know the model code of the engine in the late 1990 corolla 1.3 and was a carb? would be best if i got a model code. thanks guys.
  22. i think the starlet will be fine for him, he hates the way the uk spec looks so probably under a go a facelift with the glanza lights to make it look masculine. thanks a lot guys.
  23. actually he was qouted £286 fully comp on the mk1 mr2 so thats the only reason its up there.
  24. hi, my borther is gonn be in looking for his first car, he needs a cheap car with cheap insurance. so far these are good in the insurance range order of price and insurance mk1 mr2 starlet paseo i dont think a mk1 mr2 will be good for him as i dont think it has abs which cant be good for a new driver. the starlet is a good all rounder but he doesnt like its look all too much, the paseo is allright but is a little beyond his reach. what other decent lookings cars with cheap insurance should he consider? needs to be reliable good mpg and have decent power. on the mr2 he got a quote of 286 quid full comp under dads name with 5yr nc. thanks
  25. if you run it around 7-9 psi then it should be fine as long as you go with fuellling mods and use 98/99ron fuel. after that look into forhed pistons which are available for 5efe. and you can also consider the 5efhe. turbo the 5efe will fell a whole lot different to a 4efte.
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