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  1. It is printed on the front of the unit in the bottom righthand corner. You can't quite make it out in the picture I posted. Thanks!
  2. Idris, thanks for the answer. How did you find which exact model number you have in your car?
  3. Did I ask in the wrong sub-forum, or nobody really tried doing this?
  4. Hi all. I own a Toyota Corola Verso Family 1.8, 2008 model. It came with a head unit connected to a CD changer, supporting mp3 playback. I want to enable this head unit to connect to my iphone/ipod, or other aux input (Aux, USB). I've seen offers from manufactures, such as http://www.dension.com/, but don't know which model to choose. My questions are 1. How do I find out which exact model of a headunit my Toyota is equipped with and (more important) which connectors it has? 2. Do you have a recommendation of a headunit, preferably one that I can order online and connect myself. Thanks. Roko
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