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  1. The digital control for the heating in my 2009 avensis is giving trouble. When I turn the dial to turn up the heat the levels displayed only rise by 4 or 5 and start to reduce, also the controller switches between blowing air on windscreen and blowing direct air in to my face without anyone touching controller. Could this be fixed by diagnostic or do I need a new controller.
  2. I was also told to check the top mount bearing as well. When I'm driving straight no sound and the second I turn left it starts knocking. when I braked yesterday it sounded very rough. I pulled up, took of the wheel to check and found nothing, put the wheel back on and rough sound was gone, gradually the knocking sound came back but the rough sound didn't.
  3. I have an 09 avensis, last few months I have this knocking sound from the left wheel when I turn left.Mechanic has looked at it twice and ruled out CV joint, wheel bearing and track arm. He cant put his finger on what it could be.Buddy of mine who's a big petrol head thinks the brake disk (which have a nice step on them) and the calipers could be the problem. Also while looking at it tonight noticed the two screws at the front of the hub that lock disk in place are missing.Any ideas ?
  4. Installed sterio tonight. Steering wheel controls only half works. I can adjust the function but not volume. I read the set up is important do I'll try again tomorrow. Also the radio only tuned in one channel.
  5. sorry i should have mentioned that these are new cables i got with the radio, Alpin.s own cable and the Alpin/Toyota cable.
  6. I have two set of wires in the images, set on the left power and speakers. set on the right steerimg wheel control, im assuming. The set on the left has a pink/black wire, a blue/white wire and a solid red wire. are these used? The set on the right has atwo orange and a double black cable are these used. thanks
  7. Is the parrot using any cables that I will need.
  8. Got all my part for install, just realised I have to uninstall a parrot Bluetooth ck3100. Can I use the same mic that's connected to the parrot.
  9. Did you get special tools to remove trim or did you improvise with something. I'm worried about marking the dash.
  10. Wondering if this is the right instructions ? ​
  11. I'm about to upgrade my stereo to a alpine model, I'm just waiting on the t27 fascia to arrive. I Have found some great info here on how to install but I'm not sure how to remove the old radio. I assuming I remove the area above the stereo where the air intakes are, do I need to remove anything underneath the stereo?
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to install a new radio in my 00 corrolla. The plastic console thats around the radio has all the controls on it. i have seen a console on a web site that allows you install your own radio but dont know where to get It's from a 98 or 99 corolla. has anyone an idea. the link below shows the console i want. the reason i want to put it on the top and not in the cassette area is because it will look tidier. Before anyone asks my radio is f**ked that why i want a new one. console link: