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  1. Hmmmmm... you have just scratched my itch, so here goes: I have a set of Work Emotion CR Kai wheels that would fit your Celica. Here is a pic of a 5th gen: Actual photos: Here is what the same wheels looked like on my car, only those were 18 inch: That was the reason I bought the white 17s as well. I just love these wheels so much. They are my JDM drug. Now, here comes the tricky part. I sold my car 6 months ago, so these are of no use to me. I am from Slovenia. So shipping a set of wheels your way would be in the area from £70 to £100 and I would have to pack them properly in advance. The reason I am replying to your thread at all is that I am actually looking for 5x114.3 rims for my (wife's) Auris. So in theory we could swap, if I happen to like your perfect rims. Would cost us +/- £100 each, though.
  2. They can be fitted, but they do not fit 100%. There is a gap below the new lights, because the old bumper has a slightly different shape. Check this link. I personally think it might not be as noticeable on a darker car, but the choice is yours. But Vince's white Auris is damn beautiful, too.
  3. Huh... I would probably go all green with that dash... although all blue with an aftermarket radio headunit, would work also. So, is it just my imagination, or does the HSD have a stock strut bar in the front? Wonder if it would fit a petrol car and how much $$$ it costs as a spare part. :ffs:
  4. Really? 50 views and 0 replies? I guess the fitment must be perfect then...
  5. That's just Toyota. My celica has orange/amber speedo,rev and fuel gauge, kind of blue-ish green clock, light green display on the climate control and stock radio, then some of the buttons and dials have white, some green, some red LEDs inside... My petrol Auris on the other hand is basically all amber. I think your scheme is right for the hybrid, as far as I remember.
  6. Hello everyone. I just got the whole set of lower spoilers, lips, for the pre-face Auris. It's genuine Toyota accessories, by TF1/Toyota Motorsport/TTE, whatever you want to call them. I've had issues with fitment of genuine TTE sideskirts for my Celica, so I am wondering, if I can have these Auris items painted straight out of the box, or should I test fit them first. Those of you who put the kit on, if you can share your experience, it would be of great help to me.
  7. So, it looks like the Auris might become my "other car" and the Celica will start looking for a new owner. (Moving into a crowded apartment area with lack of parking spots, second child on the way, have a company car for private use, etc., I'll get over it. :censor: ) So, I have been looking at some quick mods and styling enhancements for the Auris lately. One thing that kind of bothers me about the front of the car is the bubble headlight shape. Since that has been modified with the facelift, looks like I'm not alone on this. But as far as I know, there are only some really weird headlight covers and "eyelids available. :ffs: Thinking about a custom fabrication, I started toying with the idea that this might look cool: You have to squint your eyes a little, to appreciate the visual effect on the shape of the headlight. But looking at the car straight on from the front, the light kind of follows the line of the fender and a really small piece that lines up with that, might look good as well. What do you guys think: I am sure that the dark D-CAT 180 headlights would finish it off perfectly.
  8. My guess would be, that you will replace the fogs with some kind of round LED-DRLs. Did I get it?
  9. These things actually exist because you do not know what to expect in an emergency. Nobody does. A real emergency means that you will have a split part of a second or less to react to what's going on. Trust me...if you start thinking about is my vsc on, how does the EBA feel, does my car oversteer or understeer, should I punch the brake fast or hard, should I turn left or right... you will wake up in the hospital, if you are lucky. :crutchy: There is absolutely no sensible reason to go around trying to engage safety devices. They have been tested plenty by the only guys who are fit to do so - the crash test dummies.
  10. @ChrisB666: Should have just bought a car with cruise control. Why is this thread not pinned?
  11. If Speed_Chaser ever gets around to posting those guides, this shoud be pinned on top of the Auris Club section. And the cruise control thread, too.
  12. How about, if you really like the car, but hate the golden brown amber lights?
  13. Why would you want to do this? Maybe you can find a way to see or rather experience, test and really feel the effect of airbag deployment next?
  14. jdmare

    K&n Filter

    K&N filters will not harm your engine. That whole oil and failing MAFSs story is a myth. (Read here (click!)or here (click!), if you are worried about that.) If you soak it in oil it's just your own damn fault. As it does let through more air than the stock filter, the noise will increase slightly. Then it is up to your ears, sound system, other noise, to determine if you hear a difference or not. Unless you really rolling-road dyno it before and after, just replacing a panel filter will most likely not be felt on your butt-dyno on the Auris, either. If you combine it with other mods, however, it might be more noticeable. On my 140 VVT-i Celica, I could hear the difference immediately after fitting it, but the sound isolation is much worse. When I removed the butterfly valve and reset the ECU, then I could also feel a difference in the ride. Smoother and more responsive to pushing the pedal. Of course my Celica is also conventional cable-throttle and the Auris is "drive by wire" (the throttle is controlled by electronics, not directly, physically by the pressure you put on the pedal), so the feeling might also be reduced by that. ;) All in all, I want to say that, if this is the only thing you plan to do, there is nothing wrong, but you are unlikely to feel or notice the difference. If you're happy with the fact, that your engine can breathe easier and has a high quality product made by the worlds leading expert company fitted, than I suggest you go for the K&N panel replacement. If you are after looks&sounds than an open cone filter or induction system is what you need. Performance wise... no big difference and no significant improvement over stock. :ffs:
  15. This is how it looks without going behind the little displays. You just change the leds around the speedo and rev meter... Blue and amber are not the best combo, but I was thinking red&amber might work well. Attach the guides Speed Chaser! ;)