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  1. cheers for the help guys
  2. Alright guys just to introduce myself as i'm new, I'm Ben Coe, recently got a 2001 celica 190 sports pack and i'm from worthing near brighton, hoping to get to know new people, anything anyone wants to know just ask :)
  3. also what hid kit should i go for as there is so many and i dont want anything poor, i dont mind spending a bit extra
  4. Hi guys i just bought a 2001 gen 7 celica 190 sports pack, thought i'd introduce myself as i'm new, also want some advice.... To start with i want to either change headlights or just fit a hid kit, anyone got any advice what i should go for? Also i am considering lowering it but i dont want to lose any ride comfort is there a kit that doesnt affect the comfort too much? Next is alloy wheels, my current wheels need refurbing or changing but i dont know what to go for, again i dont want to lose ride comfort ive seen some on or it may have to be from a better specced celica! any input would be apreciated, cheers guys
  5. i agree it needs to be hidden in ur grill then would look amazing! just curious ur headlights look soo good where did u get them from and how much were they?