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  1. nice, but they know they flucked it up on the design,not a big deal if you didn't have to take engine out,after five years you will be screwed,i'll never buy another toyota after owning a t27 avensis,they are really low rent crap
  2. i'm starting to think i'll leave it to a pro!
  3. Do NOT do anything to the electronics with your auto box,don't even think about...no..no...no
  4. nice one,i can now see the little push in clip i didn't know was there,thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me how to remove the headrests on the T27 Avensis,i'm stripping some leather seats down to put on my none electric seat frames,cheers,Paul
  6. when I swapped my t25 for a t27 I bored everyone to death going on about how the older car was better built,and I was right!
  7. have you tried talc, if you shake it around it clumps together when it gets wet, you can see where it's coming from?
  8. don't you love it when a forum works...nice one
  9. mine did that after I cleaned my egr vave I forgot to plug the cable back in and I got all those warnings come on,i plugged it back in but a garage had to reset the light so they are connected somehow
  10. reading between the lines you have a t27 not a t25 as the 25 has folding mirrors on the TR the 27 doesn't, bad news is the is no manual that I've seen but most auto electricians could wire it for you but you'll need new mirrors switches and relays, can't see why not though
  11. what's the mileage, my bearings need doing at about 90k,which was a bit disappointing one went about 10k before the other but the drone just got louder as time went by
  12. the cost of fixing them could be very dear, I'd try from a breakers, there is probably plenty around now, it's worth getting quote but fixing the old one may be to much,you will sell the discs no problem on ebay or here,i sold my car with it not working,my friend replaced his with a different aftermarket unit,pioneer I think,he said it was much better,good luck
  13. they do go wrong after while,my friend and I both have\had 2008 tr t25 models and the both failed after about five years
  14. my old crappy rover 75 diesel had a bmw 2.0 engine fitted,rest of car was garbage but engine didn't burn a drop of oil even at 200k
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