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  1. Hi Just acquired a new 1.4 D-4D Yaris - a big step forward from my 9-year old JTD Fiat Punto. The latter had central locking - but this didn't operate remotely. I've a couple of queries relating to locking on my new Yaris: 1 On page 16 of the handbook it states: 'Since the doors and back door can be locked without a key, you should always carry a spare key in case you accidentaly lock your keys inside your vehicle.' Try as I might, I can't envisage the circumstances under which this this would happen. I've locked all the doors from the inside, using the power door lock switch, but when I open the drivers door and get out, and close the driver's door, the driver's door is still unlocked, although all the other doors are locked. 2 What's the point of using double locking? In other words, in what way is a double locked car more secure than a single locked car? All advice much appreciated Roger D