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  1. RH calliper Left Hand Anti Clock wise LH Calliper Right Hand Clock Wise , Hope this helps and they can be tight to move and turn Big Auris
  2. Big Auris


    On the front of the gearbox. looking down between the Battery, Air filter Convoluted Hose, and Radiator Hose you will see a small rod with a ball type end, that is connected to the main selector shaft going into the front of the gearbox. There is a cast unit with a approximately 10mm wide slot, if you can get someone to move the gear lever between 3rd and 4th gear you will see part of the linkage sliding in this slot, there will also be the possibility of signs of rust residue, that's the part that requires lubrication, you can also see the same movement when moving the gear lever between 1st and 2nd gear position. Due to the awkward position of this it is about impossible to take a picture of this part, hope this description helps, Big Auris
  3. Does it emit smoke after idling for any length of time , possibly valve stem seals . If these seals go hard it allows oil to leak down the valve stems over night or if left for any length of time ?
  4. Suggest that you have tread separation on the tyre casing, this can cause the tyre to warp or create a gumboil effect on the periphery of tyre generally caused by cheap tyres but not always the case. By jacking the car up and spinning the wheel these faults can be very obviously seen. Is the wheel Bolts tight ????? all these faults will show up at a lower speed. Big Auris
  5. Dust the bottom marker section of the Dip Stick with talc, and this will show you the exact level, we used this method on Rolls Royces for the very same issue of not being able to get a correct reading
  6. Hi this Vent is removed to the outside of the vehicle (see this thread 30th August) you do not have to remove the bumper) to get the Vent out, as stated be very gentle with the four plastic retaining lugs on the Vent as they are very easily broken.
  7. would agree with this diagnosis
  8. This is a common fault, water ingress generaly comes from the rear vents under the wheel arches., or the seals on the tail light clusters. both are very easy to repair, if you require more detail let me know.
  9. I take it is just the whip bit that you are trying to screw off, and not the base part, the aerial base is attached by a bolt up from its underside from the interior of the vehicle. The whip part can be seized on if not unscewed regularly but try vice grips and gently try and work it back and forward till it comes off
  10. The simplest thing is as i suggested remove the belt and allow the engine to idle, if it is internal the noise will still be there if not the fault is in some of the parts driven by the belt. If its still apparent after the belt is removed it may be some thing like the timing chain but i wouldnt think will be the chain
  11. Hi sophie21 i would suspect the Alternator causing your whine, remove the Alternator drive belt, start the engine and let idle if the noise has gone it is the Alternator. Some cars have whine from the Alternator that does not cause any trouble, it can be the Alternator charging if there has been a big load put on the battery hope this may help.
  12. It's more likely to be the Clutch assembly that is causing the Pedal to feel heavy, the Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders are operated by hydraulic fluid and unlikely to seize. It's like a human age related problem just showing it's age.
  13. More than likely it will be the Clutch assembly, the Clutch is cable operated, but unless there is excessive free play on the clutch Pedal adjustment you would not get the problem that you describe. Clutch faults appear to be quite common on early Aygo's and there is now a updated Clutch available.
  14. Has anybody found a whine in 5Th gear say at around 40mph, if you change down to 4Th gear and keep the same speed the whine has gone. Gear box oil checked and found to be correct. other than a 5Th gear fault has anyone got any clues ?
  15. Hi Kev Be gentle with the four retaing lugs their very flimsy and actually designed to break at least thats what i think !!