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  1. Hi All Went out to my Yaris 45 mins ago and it unlocks, but the door seals are frozen against the body so neither doors or the boot will open. I'm meant to start work in 30 mins but not left home yet. Trains are delayed and buses not out here yet. Anyone else suffered from this little "quirk"? on their Yaris? I'm gonna leave it a little while and hope that it loosens a bit so I can get in and try to drive. Tina
  2. You arent a paid member so this will be taken off I imagine. No for sale threads are allowed unless you have paid for membership or to become a temporary authorised seller.
  3. Took this today at about 2.55 this afternoon:
  4. I drove to work today as it wasnt snowing when I left here, started 5 mins away though. Got to work and worked from 8.30-2.30 and our company only let our department go then because it was a blizzard. Others went home at 10.30 this morning, the thing is if I hadnt have gone I would've got the third degree about why and all the modes of transport that there are and unfortunately it's not that easy for me sadly. Well I got pelted in Havering near Crow Lane this afternoon and then there were a load more kids who had thrown massive blocks of snow in the road just down from the cardrome near the turning to go to Elm Park. I can't repeat what I said here but it was rather colourful shall we say! :rolleyes: Drove very very gently, stayed in the highest gear possible and left a much much bigger braking distance than normal. Even in the blizzard it only took me 5 minutes longer to get home in the end as the traffic volume was low.
  5. Happy New Year. How does Corolla life compare to the Yaris T-Sport life?
  6. I was taxi service to my Parents & took them out to the New Years get together they went to. Me & Yves stayed in, had a yummy dinner and watched Jools Hollands Hootenanny! Went outside to hear the boats on the Thames sound their horns and went to bed at 2am :D
  7. Well done to the both of you. Because it's NOT mandatory! Us that pay choose to of our own accord, not because we feel obliged to or that it proves our membership.
  8. Caribbean would touch on the summer theme we had at the Xmas party - some of the shirts worn were rather "caribbean" style
  9. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year :D :D
  10. Yeah Morgans = JAE memories always to me. Gotta love a Morgans & coke
  11. I was just glad it wasn't X-Factor once again laying it's hands on the no.1 Xmas spot - don't quite get why that RATM song was chosen but the principle of it being no.1 is good. Shame they are both under Sony though.
  12. Hope everyone had a good Christmas! :D
  13. Snow hasn't gone around here, well hardly anymore fell today but it's not disappearing. It was fun in the Yaris in a side road earlier, we were rocking to & fro quite a bit but I got there as it was awfully slippy :)
  14. Hi All Thank you very much for the birthday wishes :) Had a pretty quiet day - visit to the docs, birthday cake, meal & some drinks....of tea & J20! It's been rather cool to have a snow-birthday though, I think it's rather funky.
  15. I think we should all avoid Asda car parks after reading this thread, I took my MR2 to our local one for the first time earlier this year, came back and it had got a small scrape on the rear driver side. Looked like a trolley had done it as it's so small and thin. It still shows on the wing now.
  16. Ah 31.5 degrees...not that we've had many days as warm as that!
  17. Yeah, if they hadn't chosen to break-in then this whole episode wouldn't have happened.
  18. Happy Birthday! We're birthday buddies actually as mine is tomorrow!
  19. When my Parents said it was snowing yesterda I thought I was hearing things I would like it to be a white christmas, but at the moment I'm glad that it is Winter and we have snow in December which is the right time of year for it after all!
  20. It was my 1st and thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome, sorry for leaving pretty early yesterday but breakfast was good :D For some reason I keep thinking of: Spider Monkey, "Living on Bread" and Steve's "old, tanned, eccentric country western singer" look :lol:
  21. Well I don't drink much so I'll have one alcholic drink at a push and will be heading off straight after breakfast on Saturday to go to my Sisters for the day.
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