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  1. oldcodger

    Pad carrier glide pins

    Hi, To be sure of an exact fit, your local Toyota dealer sells guide pin kits. Alternatively there are some offered on ebay or online places like this - https://brakeparts.co.uk/
  2. oldcodger

    HandBrake Woes ...

    Yep, follow your thoughts will give it a try .
  3. oldcodger

    HandBrake Woes ...

    Hi, Oh yes, done all that and the offside did respond and start to grip ok, then the nearside would just would not. Going to have a weekend off from it to let the bp and frustration go down !! Will then try swapping things around and see if I can prove where the problem lies, though as said you think it such a simple mechanism would be simple enough. As D mentions, have inspected the brake cables and they are visually in very good condition and could see the shoes being opened up as the handbrake was pulled, though do need to test them more to ensure nothing is snagging.
  4. oldcodger

    HandBrake Woes ...

    Hi, The cable operated shoes have the usual star adjusters which are accessable though a hole in the front of the drum , the wheel spokes block it completely so its a wheel off job every time ! Have adjusted them on fully on, then backed off about 2-4 notches until it spins almost free, but the nearside just does not seem to bite when the hand brake is pulled on, yet the offside is locked solid, its as if the cable is just not pulling tight enough On , but as you say, the Equaliser yoke should take care of any imbalance ?? Have removed the heatshield to reveal the equaliser and cables and all looks fine, almost like new considering its 12 years old. Unlike hydraulically operated rear drums only, where you can press the brake pedal to help centralise the shoes, on the Rolla cable only handbrake there seems no way to similalry centralise them..? though have tried manually moving the shoes up and down a fraction to try and get the best feel/least drag The new Disc/Drums were Bremtec and the shoes Apec brands but after finding those shoes giving the problem purchased some new Mintex shoes in case there was a problem with the linings or the lever / metalwork, but just the same, and yes I did clean off all the protection coating from the Discs/Drums etc. Also used a new shoe fitting kit. Unless there's something I have missed ( quiet possible these days... ) think the only thing I can do is to put all the original parts back on and see if the problem is still there ??
  5. oldcodger

    HandBrake Woes ...

    Thanks, but the standard 2002-2006 Rolla has a separate set of shoes within the disc/drum assembly, so the disc piston etc is not involved.
  6. oldcodger

    HandBrake Woes ...

    Hi, Have adjusted many handbrakes, but this one has let me defeated. ☹️ Noticed a similar post from some time ago, but no resolution to it left. Had to replace the rear discs and pads for the upcoming mot, so also got some new handbrake shoes as they were looking rather worn and glazed. Initial results were bad, little or no purchase from either wheel, so drove to car , applying the handbrake while moving to help the shoes and drums to bed in. The offside one seems to do that ok, but the nearside just does not grip, despite re-cleaning and re-adjusting etc etc etc ! Even swapped the drums over with no real effect; with the drums removed you can see the shoes operate as the handbrake lever is pulled, so it looks like the cables are pulling evenly ? The cables look clean with no signs of rust or fraying, even looked at the other end by the equaliser and they also look good. Though there is some thread left on the handbrake lever adjuster, wondered if the nearside cable is slightly stretched and its no allowing full and even pressure to be applied ? though thought that was the function of the cable / yoke /equaliser ? Any thoughts welcome .....
  7. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Hi, Once you loosen those bolts, you will find you can move the axle in and out by quiet a large margin, though easy to not realise it moves when replacing the strut; sometimes the heavy rust in that area helps guide you back into a correct position. The Haynes manual, for the 1.6, shows a front Camber of -31m - + 45m and a rear of -1deg 28m - + 30m, so you are still within spec and surely that machine would have flagged Red if it was out of spec. Out of interest what was the name of that alignment machine and what did they charge, would like get mine checked properly but too many places still using manual gauges etc.
  8. oldcodger

    T22 rear caliper carrier Bolts

    Hi,. Had the same problem with my rear carrier bolts, one rounded off, even after using penny fluid, bought a bolt remover set and it managed to get it out. Have you tried several good soaking with a good penetrating fluid and leaving overnight ? If you drill the bolt you can get reverse thread extractor tools, but think you need to buy a good strong set, might be easier to cut offthe bolt head and drill/remove the remaining stud on the bench rather than struggle under the car and risk damaging things like the ABs or pipes.. The bolts will probably be a Toyota only part as if like mine they have a washer like shoulder on the bolt head and the thread is not a standard metric and are high torque; think they were £1.71 each from Mr.T, got the impression they were a regular item.
  9. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Hi, The squeak could be any part of the suspension, not just the struts ? Think mine also gives such a noise over speed bumps etc; still might be my old joints 😀 Who shocks did you use., does the ride feel much firmer / harsher ? You say you had the tracking done, but did that include the camber which is set by the two bottom bolts on the strut ? once you loosen/remove those bolts you more or less have lost the original position.
  10. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Anti Squeal Shim
  11. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Looks good 🙂 but what does it ride like with the new shocks, likely very different from the old ones ? Front pads and discs, piece of cake, just use some penny overnight on the brake pad mounting bracket bolts as they can be really tight if never removed before. I rounded one on my rears and had to use bolt remover to get it out, Mr T for new ones, odd thread.
  12. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Hi, Thats the problem with "pattern" parts or supposed OEM ones, though strange so many claim to be OEM. Still as I found the other day, when Mr T wants over 4 times to price for their original part, eg £76 for a handbrake cable, yet £16 elsewhere, can you blame folk for buying the cheaper parts. Those top mounts above from a place called Car Parts in Motion, have bought from them a couple of times ok, but like anywhere you have to keep an eye on prices as they can vary wildly from month to month.
  13. oldcodger

    Help corolla runs rough then dash lights flicker

    Hi, Are you changing the parts for second hand ones, have you had any electrical tests done on the battery and alternator ?
  14. oldcodger

    Strut mount bearing

    Hi, Don't think is worth while trying to repair a 14 year old bearing ! Usually around this age they often fail totally, paric when you add the pressure of a new shock. Seems you can buy the compete top mount for around £50 a piece. The foamy thing , do you mean the Spring Seat Upper as in the diagram below - think thats a Toyota only part. The Bump stop and Insulator can sometimes be bought online. Diagram from US model
  15. Hi, +1 ForduLike, plus You just need to drive it and see if it feels ok and no signs of poor starting or smoke from the exhaust; ride, steering and brakes feel ok, tyres look ok. My 56 plate 2006 colour collection has the digital control panel for the heating and air con, but that one does not seem to have it ? perhaps a late registered 2005 model which seem to have the rotary controls, personally would prefer the rotary dials as they are quicker to change, though the digital controls do have climate control. Would want to know who I was dealing with a private individual where you have no warranty or come back, eg buyer beware, or a sole trader / registered business where you have legal recourse, eg you can return the car as faulty etc . Anyone can call themselves xyz cars on a web site, means nothing. Keep copies of the ad and of the other cars he is selling to show he is selling like a trader. Though Toyotas are generally very reliable, you are looking at a 12 year old one.