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  1. Hi, After changing the rad /antifreeze you will generally find you need to top up every few days as all the air is fully expelled from the system. A level difference of 2mm could simply be down to outside air temperature variations with these sunny days and frosty nights. I'm just wondering if when you filled up , some water was splashed around and hung under the filler cap area etc , then when you started the car the vibrations shook those drops off onto the hose, making you think it was a leak ?
  2. Hi, Worth looking at this long thead which covers your model. ( 1 of 2 big threads) https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/174991-paddy-the-corolla-1998-13-e11-3-door/?tab=comments#comment-1426935 As I seem to remember he fitted complete new driveshafts as there are now much cheaper aftermarket ones, probably easier than fitting new rubbers alone. Which "Manual" are you refering to ? my later models Owners Handbook also state GL4 or GL5, believe its due to the types of metals use in the gearboxes, but if Toyoota state both surely either should be ok, though most oil manufacturers web sites state GL4. Mine needs just 1.9l to refill, not sure if your 2.1L is fill from new or refill . Cotter Pins, loads on places like Ebay , mixed packs for £4.99 if you cannot buy a pack locally, though worth mailng the seller first to see if they are still working. Do you have a suitable socket for the hub nut ?
  3. Don't worry yourself about it, the post will still likely stand so others can see that such a DIY radio interface board is available and how to contact Niksta on that Greek forum if they need such assistance, Its not so much that its all done at cost price of the pcb etc, but the principle of 'trading' off the Toyota forum ,which as the Moderator, Frosty has a duty to uphold. If the post is turned into heated debate by members it will probably be deleted, so as we say , Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.
  4. Hi, Your Andriod head unit looks a very good even fit into the dashboard, assume there are no obvious gaps when viewed more from the side and no need for a fitting bezel. ? Could you please let me know which make/model/seller you got yours from, even if 18 months ago, expect they will have a simiar newer version. If Niksta is watching , wonder if the post faceleft models 2004-2006 needs / will work with one of your adapter with an Ardroid unit ? Just wonder if you have internally cleaned your two digital displays, mine have a misty effect all the time as if its steaming up. As Frostly mentions, such direct selling , even for such obselete models, is probably not allowed but we can always pass on " Niksta @ Greek Corollaclub forum (corollaclub.com) " to anyone else looking for such a unit.
  5. Hi, Afraid I find that method a bit confusing as seems he is separating parts of the hub ? to get the driveshaft moved - are the Versos driveshafts so different ? Have only worked on the stardard Corolla, and to remove the driveshaft is quiet easy, the main points being - Remove the hub nut Undo the 3 bolts securing the bottom wishbone ball joint. and swing the strut and hub away so the driveshat end comes out - supporting the driveshaft.as you withdraw it. They say to remove the inner end use a pry bar, found that difficult, but feel its more sudden impact rather brute force is better in doing this. For the opposite side, I place a wooden drift on the inner joint housing and gave the drift a strong blow with lump hammer which seems to jump the snap ring out easier that prying agaist the gearbox casing. Don't forget to both drain the gearbox oil and refill with new before starting the engine as that can ruin the whole lot !! To remove the hub nut you need a 1/2 " drive wrench, not a ratchet type which may break and a length of scafold tube or similar slid over the wrench for leverage.
  6. This thread may help - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/169147-corolla-verso-d4d-22-177-2007-alternator-remplacement/
  7. Just needs a simple call to your local Toyota dealer to see if its available from them as a part. Quiet a few of the popular big aftermarket part suppliers seem to list such studs, eg Micks Garage. This vid shows how the studs are threaded then splined where they pass into the backplate, seems brute force can do it or if the hub fully removed inserted by a press.etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=472sHzB8if8
  8. Before runninmg off with the worst senarios like head gastket, cracked head or block, better to spend some time to properly check the situaltion, starting off with the simplest free test of examining the oil filler cap for creamy sludge. Is the enigne running sweet indicating its firing well on all 4 pots, though you can pressure test each cylinder, as in the link below. It could just be an actual leak from the seam of the new radiator, nothing more than that . Have a look at this and other similar testing videos which should help establish where the problem is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zpNjYmmiYY
  9. Hey Sammy, Thought they would have been snapped up by now by the modders , but seems not a bite ? Suppose Gumtree or Ebay if you cannot get rid of them here. With you saying they are genuine Toyota they were very expensive, but assume it must be a job lot you aquired by some other means ? Though perhap if you mentioned a price you might get some more interest ? Think I could use one for doing the odd wheely around the local supermarket car park, but thats about a far as we get these days, even less with the virus? Had been looking for a C50 gearbox as mine is starting to whine a bit these days, but seem hard on the ground and those that are, look in very dubious condition. Just got some goods in to renew the rear brake pipes as a little too much corrosion for my liking where they join the flexible hoses. Your little Aygo still running ok ? Trust you and the family are all well .
  10. Hi, Have you seen this recent post, the next to last entry where the guy has made some pcbs. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/190971-corolla-e12-prefacelift-steering-wheel-control-problem-with-aftermarket-android-radio/ Not sure if its the same as your model or what the differences are with the post facelift ? Would you be interested in sharing your circuit, either privately via a pm or in the open forum, sure it would help others update their old head units. Contrary to the earlier (2010) comments, its now so cheap to get a few small pcbs made, far cheaper than the return air postage.
  11. Hi, You could look in the Forums For Sale / Wanted sections
  12. Hi, Have the C50 gearbox in my 1.6 3ZZe petrol 2006 and been trying to establish if the 1.4 4ZZe petrol uses the same gearbox and is 100% compatible ? Believe the C50 may have been used on the Avensis but not sure if they are identical for fitting into a Corolla. Have seen comment about the C50 code being Stamped on the gearbox, which would help ensure a s/hand one was the same model, but no idea where the markings are ? Any info appreciated
  13. Hi, No, its not a common fault on the original head units . (they do not use any security codes either) If its not the 15A CIG fuse then check the 15A DOME fuse in the engine bay fuse box, as both supply power to it,
  14. Interesting one ? on the hatchback, if you unlock it by the remote it should still need to be manually opened by pressing the latch , is the saloon boot lid any different in operation or do you have some direct cable release like the petrol cap cover? Someone nearby with a different car that could be operating yours or someone playing a joke on you ? Wonder why the alarm has not gone off , was the drivers door unlocked as well or did you have to operate the remote to open it ?
  15. Hi, Could be so many things, any of those joints you mention. Possibly suspects, the anti roll bar bushes are a known wear item for such knocks. It could be the early stages of brake pad rattle, try holding the brakes on slightly as you go over a bump, if the sound has gone it could be that. Wonder if the rubber bellows / cover of the shock absorbers are catching on something ?