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  1. Think I would use a multimeter and some basic testing before buying something like that Power Probe, which does make me wonder if it would trigger any airbags ?? You say that with the fuse removed, you place your meter, in continuity mode, with one lead on the non 12v side of the fuse holder and the other to the chassis metal work, 0v, you register a dead short, yes ? If so , then try disconnecting the injector and coil cables one at a time and see if the short has gone on the meter. You could try the removing the sub fuses for the other devices like fuel pump, if fitted, thou
  2. Just found reference to a IG2 15A fuse in the Toyota UK Owners Manual, It does seem to match your fuse box layout as fuse number 20. It states :- Gauges and Meters, SRS Airbags, Fuel Injection System, Starter System, Changing system, Fuel Heater(if fitted?) At least a dead short should be easier to find than an intermittant one ....
  3. Hi, Cannot find a reference to an IG2 fuse, but if you look on the inside for the plastic cover to that fuse box it should have the fuses detailed inside, a label or moulded into the actual plastic. The only reference to IG2 we can see is the terminal on the Ingltion switch, and it seems that is the start of the circuity for the fuel pump, ign coils and injectors , so maybe one of them is shorting out, though first better to identfy that fuse for sure.
  4. Hi, A couple of ways, if your local Toyota dealer will not give you the part number if you ask for its price. Also some methods as detailed by @Flash22 in another post.
  5. Could be an air leak on the inlet manifold etc ? After spending all that time and money, might be worth asking a decent garage to take a look / run a diagnostic on it ?
  6. Strange, as at most tyre shops they have posters telling you to put your new tyres (pairs) on the rear as a safety issue, wonder why your Toyota dealer did not advise to do that and ignore your request ? Some consolation , the extra rubber on the new tyre might have absorbed enough of the bang to prevent any more expensive damage to the rest of the suspension. Thankfully we never use Sat Navs...
  7. Hi, What price does Mr. T want ? You could try this EU place, which does show some Verso bushes, but not sure what HP yours is; do not forget the import costs/ charges now we are Brexit. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/axle-bushes-10686/toyota/corolla/corolla-verso-zde12-cde12/16385-2-0-d-4d No idea if there are any polybushes, not a bush that is replaced that often.
  8. If you just want to play music from the mobile or usb stick then one of these little units worth a look, also does phone calls. Saved us ££s doing a head uint swap. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/197550-old-corolla-and-similar-phone-to-radio-connection/?tab=comments#comment-1558931
  9. Hi Sam, If any of those parts you mention need replacing your MOT tester will soon let you know if they are worn, plus when driving you will probably hear them knocking if they are in any way worn or damaged, so feel sure they are currently in good order. All you need do is keep on top of the standard service items, not forgetting brake fuild change ( now a mot checkpoint) and gearbox oil etc. Your Aygo is nearly as old as our Rolla, so what are you thinking of getting next ? would probably go for a late model Auris, just do not like the external look of the new Rolla, too m
  10. Have purchased from PIM a couple of times, good service so far. If your TS is running well , is it worth selling ? plus you will need something while converting a van, don't forget to notify dvla and insurers about such changes. Would like something newer myself, but in these times doing so few miles, just not worth it.
  11. Assumed from that opening photo you already had a replacement subframe. Not aware of the two types ? and not sure of your exact model /county as to what the differences could be ? The problem with that part will be getting one thats sound enough as any second hand one is likely to be 20 years old as well and on the chance Toyota may have one new, will probably cost more than the cars worth ?
  12. Hi, Mick did two long and detailed posts about his E11 resto, so you should find some good info there - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/174991-paddy-the-corolla-1998-13-e11-3-door/?tab=comments#comment-14269
  13. Really needs a volt meter in the relay socket coil pins to see what is going through and then perhaps some resistance / short checks. The Horn Button switches the coils 0v connection, could be + is getting on to that lead when the ignition is on ? Hard to really say exactly without being there ....
  14. Think I would suspect the spiral cable inside the steering wheel /column, or some other wiring down there, but you need to have all other points checked properly before having that replaced. You can see what iI mean in this video , skip throgh to about 7mins on . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VblczY9PzMc
  15. Hi, Have a listen, or check with a multimeter, if you can hear the relay clicking when the ignition is on and your press the horn button. If nothing then suspect the fault is around the steering wheel. However you need to take extreme care and follow a battery / airbag disconnection routine before doing any work around that area as you could set the airbag off, even causing serious injury. Probably a job for a garage/auto electrician. Diagram below is from a later model but expect its very similar to yours.
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