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  1. Seems some new are around though you need to check which make of calipers you have, the name is usually stamped on the caliper body eg Lucas /TRW or Aisin, but you need to look hard. When fitting best to use new bolts, only a £ or so for the correct hi tensile type from Toyota.
  2. Hi, Not a conversion I have done, but if you search this and the Audio section you should find details of what others have done ok. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/19-audiovideoelectronics/ You will loose the mpg /ave part of the Toyota radio, but thats no great loss. Have a look at the Car Audio online places like here, where they sell the Double din bezels, wiring adapters and steering column adapter. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/adapters?cat=1864 Check out rthe posts for DAB aerials as some have fitted a fin instead of the whip one and gained good reception. Also consider replacing your front speakers, easy enough, and they give a really good sound improvement, I used some Pioneers with separate tweeters up on the door/dash, though you may ready have them on your model ? Extra sound dampening around and behind the new speakers also improves the bass.
  3. Hey Sammy, What about some rubber types from ebay /amazon/direct as below, possibly fitted to your bumper so it makes soft contact before the pipe etc ?
  4. Hi again, Got a quick reply from Autel about that 619 reader working with SRS etc as the ads imply. For your request, we suggest you the following MK808 http://www.autelstore.co.uk/wholesale/autel-maxicom-mk808-diagnostic-tool.html it is with one year free update online, and with multi-language. Which is £359 !! As in my last post, you should be able to jumper the OBD2 socket and Flash out the not only the SRS codes but also the ABS codes by the same method. hth
  5. Hi, Just looking at that PDF I sent you and assume like me you have yet to see the Diagnostics SRS chapter .. ? It shows how you can use the old fashioned way to get the SRS light to flash out the errors codes, its a time proven method, used it on my old cars before, simple but effective. It also details how to clear all the codes. Using the code/s retrieved, you then match it to the code explanation list and further down how to trouble shoot, plus it seems to have the detailed pin out of that big connector you were originally after on page 05.434 If the worst came to the worse there are ways around any indicator light so would not write you car off yet, but am sure the above, getting the code read , one way or another, will lead to overcoming the problem.
  6. Hi, Just for my own interest as well as yours, have mailed Autel UK to ask them to confirm their AL619 OBD2 can read and clear our 2002-2006 ABS and SRS errors. The info on the ebay adverts as above do not make it clear, so would want assurances it will before buying one. Seems they do the 619 and a 619EU slightly dearer model which includes a few more EU / French models not sold so much world wide. Also seems their products are cloned, but you can buy direct to avoid such problems, see the link which also shows the user manual etc. http://www.autelstore.co.uk/wholesale/autel-autolink-al61--srs-abs-obd2-can-diagnostic-tool.html Will let you know what they say ...
  7. Hi, The whole indicator system revolves around the Flasher relay , which is powered by 2 fuses, the Hazard one you have checked and the 10A Gauge fuse is found in the cabins main fuse box. Its located behind the glove box, simply remove the x head screw that holds the little damper onto the glove box , open the box fully and just firmly, pull it off its two mountings. You will be the fuse box, and the inside of the lid shows their location. While in there, if not already done, check the pollen filter is not blocked, an often missed service item. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMwQQo6e0k
  8. Hi, Its hard to say what the fault is, even fitting the resistor only excludes the airbag unit, not the wiring /connectors from the seat to the control unit, which sounds as if they are a weak point on all cars , otherwise they would not have made up those ebay /amazon tester modules. As you originally said, testing at that main connector would be better, but a mistake in getting the right pins could be costly, think I would follow the wires from the seat as far down the loom as possible and test out there, though you would need to strip the sleeving back etc, To me, getting the error codes read out seems to be the right place to look .... yes ? Before I got a basic reader like yours I had trouble with my old Avensis and found a guy at Halfords who read the code out for me without charge as its would have taken him more time doing the invoice, so even if they, or another garage charge £5 ,10 or £20 to get the codes read it would be time and money well spent ? If the error codes show its the dashboard airbag then how can your local Toyota dealer dispute that ? You could also try another Toyota dealer, though seems in your area its all the same group, apart from the one In B st Ed. ?
  9. Hi, A frustrated sounding post there .... However, a couple of points you need to consider. First, the resistance check is just whats called a Static test at that moment in time, and its just a first basic check. From a diy point of view, you really need to use a Resistor or one of those ebay modules to bypass the seat airbag and prove the rest of the circuity is working ok when Powered by the car in a running mode. It sounds like the error, if temporarily gone, will turn off the SRS check light, but perhaps after so many times or a hard fault it will stay on regardless until its cleared by the OBD2 socket ?? That leads onto the next point, did the garage show you clear evidence of the SRS error code, indicating that seat airbag ? Before going at Toyota HQ etc, would it not be wise to read out the SRS error codes for yourself. You need a good OBD2 scanner that guarantees it does ABS and SRS for Toyota cars or ask an independant garage who sevices Toyotas to read it for you. Only then will you be sure what the error is saying. This meter , below, looks like the lowest price meter I can see from a quick search , though cannot vouch for it as have only used the basic type of OBD2 readers that do not do ABS /SRS . Until you have done some of the above to show that its Not the seat airbag, then doing the above would seem futile as your first point of call should be the customer services manager or MD of the dealer who gave the diagnosis and let them explain before involving other parties, who will probably also suggest you should first contact the dealer before proceeding further. hth
  10. Agree with Furtula.. Code P300 is just a general code saying a misfire was detected, P304 gives the actual cylinder Seems there are other possible causes other than ignition, but you need to rule them out first. You say you changed 2 and 4 coils around and still got the same error, but did you Clear the old P304 error codes first with your OBD2 tool? As your "new" but second hand coil is in no 2 , then it would be better to use no 3 coil in no 4 as seems that is ok, whereas your no2 coils are unknown state. Again worth taking out all the plugs to check their condition and that they have the right gap and are the correct type ? My 1/2" plug socket fits fine with a 1/2" extension bar. This ytube may help .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Srh1DCz4y8
  11. Don't have a 1.8 VVLI, but interested by the regular comments about renewing the lift bolts. Found this informative SV / Toyota Servicing video about the Lift system, but strangely no mention at all about the lift bolts and their role in the Lift function ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vV_wcAybpc
  12. Hi, Seems most 1/4" torque wrenches will do from 5-25 NM. even Toolstation etc stock them. Looking in the whole forum and web , it does seems those values are correct. The link has some very clear details of replacing the bolts on a Celia. http://www.billswebspace.com/2ZZLiftBoltReplacement.htm
  13. Hi, Yes, Blueprint very good quality for most motoring parts, though some folk, like Taxi drivers say Luk or Sachs are even better, but they may be more expensive and harder to find depending on where you are.
  14. Hi. Not one for working on the airbag system, but as you probably know, I believe you have to disconnect the battery and then wait at least 10 mins for the SRS capacitors to drain down, otherwise you can set the bags off. Would have thought connecting the resistor to the yellow connector under the seat was the way to start, that larger connector looks very difficult to connect to. Have a look at the diagrams on this link, will up for a few hours, but as said its a US version so there will be small differences https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h61621895vjxz2m/AAD9M5EsZoYdkfs7zK6orixLa?dl=0
  15. Hi Again, If unsure of the resistor value, you could try what this guy suggests, by measuring the other good seat airbag; do you have a multimeter ? You can delete the seat airbag without the light coming on. Measure the resistance of the Corolla air bag and get a resistor of the same ohm reading and put it in the SRS air bag connector. If your lucky the resistance of both air bags is the same and you can just take the wires out of one connector and put them in the other.