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  1. Usually just go around with a damp cloth and some Flash type liquid to get rid of the dirt and finish off with some car polish and tyre shine on the plastic parts. To do it "properly" you want to search Ytube on "Car Detailing" it can almost be a cult thing !
  2. Hi @Len, A bit unusual there as most folk want a spare wheel rather than the cans of tyre sealer which often are of no use depending on the puncture? What happens when you get a flat in the middle of nowhere ??
  3. Extra and Effective Soundproofing is a big and expensive job, probably a lot easier and cheaper to buy some quieter tyres. Sure other members will have done enough miles in thier new Corollas to advise which tyres are quieter.
  4. Hi, Have the same problem, its been mentioned in the forum before as it costs about £140 from Toyota but they said there was another supplier you could import from for about half the cost but looking on that site they no longer do it. Had been thinking of using some of the diy heat /exhaust pipe covers and shield material you can get from the diy market but not sure how they would be accepted by the MOT inspectors ??
  5. Any s/h car we purchase gets a Full service straight away as you do not have a clue what really has or has not been done or parts used. Do not forget the brake fluid change, (now a mot check point) and gearbox oil ( if due) as well as the usual filters,sparks plugs and oil etc. On the brakes also check the Slider pins as if not regularly cleaned/lubricated they can seize.
  6. @wildtapholer "the salesman came back and told us if we are not happy with the car it is within our rights to reject it and get a refund" If thats what they told you then do not sit around, take it straight back, preferably with someone with you to witness it and to take photos of the car as you deliver it back to their forecourt to prove its in the original condition and show the problems you found. It means you will need to get someone to give you a lift back or use the bus, train or taxi, small price to pay to ensure you get your money back !! A usefull link regard
  7. oldcodger


    Its not just the price of the units, its how to program them in and what Toyota charge ? Also wonder if third party units were fitted if Toyota would program them in with them not being genuine Toyota parts ? Expect someone else will have found a way of programming them in ....? Either way is something we cannot avoid as it a Mot failure if all 4 do not work correctly ! Wonder what else need programming in after replacing, beginning to sound like a friends BMW were everything is programmed in, Battery, Wiper Motor etc etc
  8. Sound proofing is limited to some degree by the selling price point, so expect there would be some improvement from bonnet insulation. You can remove the front wheel arch liners and attach sound deadening pads etc to the inside of the wing and door pillar to help reduce type noise, if its such a concern, same with the rear wheels where you can often get access to the relevant panels from inside the boot. We used the Dynamat type pads to good effect.
  9. oldcodger


    That looks terrible for a one year old car, how did they become so corroded ?? Even if the dust cap was missing would not expect it all to look so rusted ... wonder if you have cause for a warranty claim if the other 3 valves are equally corroded ? Edit - ah, delete the above, sorry missed that you are showing your Auris valves, not your new Corolla
  10. oldcodger


    Interesting, who paid for the repairs , you or the Tyre fitters ? if the latter was it a battle to get them to pay ? How much was the new TPMS valve and how much do Toyota charge for the re-programming ?
  11. Can't help on those sizes, other than to say the 17x8 may foul the wheel arches etc ? hence Toyota saying a max of 7.5 ? However they could give you major problems if you had an accident as the insurer may invalidate any claim if you do not notifiy them when changing from the standard wheels, plus if they are above what Toyota recommends they may not insure you at all ? so do check with your insurer before buying any new wheels, but be aware just enquiring about such a mod may put some kind of note on their system, crafty folk !
  12. There are places that specialise in aftermarket sound insulation fitting and kits, but the doubt they will have anything for the new Corolla. However there are lots of materials you can fit yourself to give a good finish all over the bonnet, not just odd stick on silver pads. A simple search shows up loads of suppliers and materials along with ytubes on fitting them; be a lot cheaper than anything from Toyota which even if classed as a spare will probably not be on their shelves in a hurry. Even our old Corolla has bonnet insulation and a large engine cover which also aids engi
  13. Understand what you are saying. You could still take it to your local Toyota dealer or use the AA. ( though to be honest I do wonder if that could be a scam letter?) Also as Toyotas previous letters explained, if the airbag goes off unexpected and with the metal fragments they mention, think you would be looking at Toyota in a different light if they had not done the recall work.
  14. Yes, there have been Recalls on the Air Bag Recall, so better to have it done as should it misfire it could be very dangerous. What I find so surprising is Toyota subcontacting work to the AA ??? ( think of the liability aspect ?) Apart from that, thought the hub of the problem was the airbag mechanism which meant the dash had to be released, a time consuming job that when we had ours done they said it was not really a quick job we could wait there for. Either way, think we would still prefer for Toyota , even a junior tech, to do the work than some third party.
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