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  1. oldcodger


    Hi again, You should be able to download the Owners manual here which covers basic service checks , bulbs, fuses and fluids etc. https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual
  2. oldcodger


    Hi, Making me sound infamous Agree with Notoyboy, think for the basic service items most of the standard manual will be ok. Most of them do not need torque settings or its difficult to get a torque wrench in to them. You can use sites like Commas for details of fluids and volumes or ask here. https://www.commaoil.com/products
  3. Hi, Well think you can feel reasonably reassured if it passes the mot, I believe they deliberately use the brakes fiercely to try and show up any fault. Similary if you have had a Toyota mechanic check the brakes it should be good ...? Have used the same Gunson bleeder for 25 years on 4 cars and never had a problem with it. Things I would be checking on, front disc thickness, rear drum internal diameter, are they below spec; brake flexible pipes might be bellowing slightly giving you that spongy feeling; I changed mine after 10 year as a matter of course , though they were looking rather rusty around the ferrules. Assume if you have new pads you have done a few hundred miles on them as they can take time to bed in and can feel odd until they have bedded in and am sure that you are using fresh dot 4 fluid of a good make. Getting complicated, you could have a slight problem with the brake master cylinder or servo, but again would have thought the Toyota mech would have noticed that ..?
  4. Hi, Wonder why conventional brake bleeding is not working for you ? If you want one man bleeding there are plenty of devices to achieve good results - have used the Gunson one for many years. Feel sure the forum would have heard about using the abs pump to bleed the brakes before now if it was practicable.. though not saying it isn't possible ..? Who's suggesting it is ?
  5. oldcodger

    Volume of Brake Fluid? 1Litre?

    Hi, You say you have got some fluid left over from your other car, but don't forget if it was opened as its Hygroscopic it will be able to absorb moisture from the air which can render it next to useless. Always buy fresh and check the manufactured date printed on the bottle before buying in case its old stock in the shop, eg I would not buy any with a date more than a year old. If not Toyotas own then I can recommend Comma.
  6. oldcodger

    Suspension lubrication ?

    Thanks guys, The wishbones I have ordered come with new rubbers bushes and new ball joints already fitted.
  7. oldcodger

    Suspension lubrication ?

    Hi, Will be renewing the wishbones complete with rubbers and wondered if the rubbers should be lubricated with anything or just left dry so they don't attract and dirt ? Also the bush bolts, best to give then a careful grease or again left dry ? Was going to give the metal work a coat of Hammerite unless there's anything better ?
  8. oldcodger

    Hazard warning lights problem

    Hi, Strangely the Haynes manual does not show the indicators in its wiring diagrams ? Below are some from a US 2004 corolla, so expect its similar to the UK model. Clearly the switch works , so to me the fact that it has 2 power sources seems to hint its likely a broken wire /connector on those 2 lines or a fault within the flasher unit ? It looks like the Hazard fuse is a direct line to the battery so on all the time, the Gauge only gets power once the ignition is on. Assume all the bulbs work ok, on older cars a blown bulb could affect the relay. hth
  9. oldcodger

    Corolla dead?

    Hi, What you need to establish if the engine is an Interference type or not. If its Non - Interference then the pistons cannot hit the valves if the belt or chain break/slips. Yours is a 2002 which is around the model change at that time so not sure if its the same 3A-FE chain engine as mine. There are lots of web sites showing Toyota engines and if they are interference or not, but cannot just see this model, perhaps your local Toyota dealer can advise ?
  10. oldcodger

    Bottom rust ammount Corolla 2008 recommended actions

    Hi, Right, seems the auto boxes are a specialist job, though most have manual boxes in the uk. Think those pipes are breather/vent and possibly return from the engine ?? You might find replacements on ebay who show a lot for earlier models.
  11. oldcodger

    Cannot Read Diagnostic codes

    Hi, According to the Haynes manual, petrol and diesel 2002 -2006 models have OBD2 connectors. I have one of these old style readers and it works fine on mine, are all the ones you used the modern bluetooth or usb types ? You could ask a local garage or places like halfords , to try their scanners , usually for a small fee, cheaper than buying another scanner. If they don't work then looks like you have a wiring or ecu fault. Have you inspected the obd2 socket, both the connecting pins and the wires on the rear ?
  12. oldcodger

    Bottom rust ammount Corolla 2008 recommended actions

    Hi, Wonder if different countries ( yours ?) get different levels of underbody seal as yours looks like its got little protection. The rear parts I would look carefully at its the metal brake pipe as pointed to in the pic below. The last few inches are exposed and can corrode easily, same with the flexible brake hoses, those metal ferrules can rust badly. Same with the metal pipes from the fuel tank to filler cap, they will need treating or replacing, a known problem area. Changing the gearbox oil is quiet easy, wonder why you needed to get Mr.T to do it ? Have you changed the engine oil and filter ? air filter and plugs ? - always worth while if the recent service history is unknown. Don't forget the pollen filter behind the glove box, can lead to poor air circulation /smells etc
  13. oldcodger

    Is this car any good

  14. oldcodger

    Is this car any good

    Hi, Yes, the 1.6 has a timing Chain, and 2005 probably is post the oil burning problem. Nothing special from any other older car, though some of the earlier ones do have problems with the heater matrix blocking, so check the heater and air con both work ok Looks good and clean tarted up for sale, but no pics of inside the boot or engine ? Unusually low mileage for 4 owners, so check the online . gov mot mileage history / advisories and HPI of course. You really need to see if first hand and test drive it. Plenty of power in the 1.6 and I get 40mpg mixed.
  15. oldcodger

    Facelift Rear Strut Brace Pics

    Any help - non uk model 2004 diagrams