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  1. Hi, Not an update I have done, but if you Search this forum section you will find its been covered several times, though you may consider fitting a new head unit instead , again covered many times in the forum. Also look in the look in the Audio section of the forum - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/19-audiovideoelectronics/
  2. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi, Thats a difficult one as can see their point of view as much as yours. There has been some similar adverse comments generally about the recall work , so I did take a video of the instrument panel and dashboard etc just before taking mine in, though would have never thought of checking the alarm if I had one. Suppose it could be a difficult one for you to troubleshoot, checking the wires around the alarm box itself should not be that much of a job, but thereafter where do they all connect and how does the software interact with it ? Think they could have at least checked that it had not been turned off by asking the mechanic or plugging in their pc etc, surely they know if its a standard thing they do when they are doing so many airbag recalls. Never seen any info about the alarm at all, wonder if there is any on the Toyota EU pay for site, though never able to view things properly on it myself. Might just be simpler and cheaper to buy an aftermarket alarm if you hit a brick wall ...? Seems lots of after market alarms and even trackers at reasonable prices these days , perhaps dropping a hint of a xmas pressy might bring one
  3. oldcodger


    Hi, If money is tight I think that will be the worse route to go, just renewing parts without any knowledge if its faulty or not is not a good approach and may well introduce more problems than you cure. Have to say, based on what you have posted, I find it hard to understand how 4 different garages supposedly say they have tested the car and find no evidence of the knocking and light steering feel ? Normally if there is any play in the steering or suspension a good tester will find it, If it was an alignment problem you would feel it in the steering and/or tyre wear etc Think you would be better taking it to another garage and ask the mechanic to go on a drive with you and demonstrate the fault to them as you say it can be readily reproduced.
  4. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi, Tried out my security and its the immobiliser and just the double locking system, with the red security led flashing once the doors are locked. No sign or sound of an alarm bleep when set and certainly no radar. I wonder if your alarm has been affected by the battery and airbag disconnection and needs reprogramming rather than a loose wire etc ?? Either way you should take it back to the dealer and ask them to remedy foc if you are sure its stopped as a result of the recall.
  5. oldcodger

    Squeaky Clutch

    Hi, Yes , it been covered my times before in the forum and the most likely cause is where the clutch pedals plunger goes into the master cylinder and or the metal fittings of the actual clutch pedal. Usually some wd40 etc on the metal work will cure it, but for the plunger best to use some rubber safe lub like red grease etc, get it right down inside and give it a day or so the work in and cure the squeak. If its not that, then as you have already done the slaves output pin to the release folk, if its still there and in the engine bay its possibly the clutch itself or the folks pivots which means gearbox out/ new clutch.
  6. oldcodger

    Driveshaft advice?

    Good to know as that will save others a lot of money if theirs break or probably cheaper /simpler if needing to renew the rubber boot or actual cv joints.
  7. oldcodger

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Hi, Not sure about your model but on the later ones the compressor is controlled by the M/G CLT relay so you may be able to see if power is getting to the compressor clutch. Remember seeing a few web pages on the compressor clutch mechanism, believe they can fail , sounds a commonish problem and some say the clutch can be a diy repair, worth a web search. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFC5jMhUm4s ( of course, unlike that video you cannot take it out of the car, otherwise you will loose all the refrigerant which can come out very forcefully and dangerously, needing a proper machine de-gassing first )
  8. oldcodger

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Hi, Expect your engine is similar to mine, if you look at the offside of the engine where the aux/ fan belt is, usually under the alternator you will see the compressor, a similar size to the alternator. With the air con off, you will see the aux belt running the over the compressors pulley, but its not actually turning the compressor, when you switch the air con on, a clutch mechanism in that pulley engages and then it drives the compressor, the engine revs , if at tickover, jump up by about 500 rpm to compensate. When the clutch engages it does so with a very obvious clunky click.
  9. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi Frosty, Thanks for that, my Corolla is also a Colour Collection, built May/June ish 2006. I bought it a few years old, but feel sure I have set an alarm off on it before today, but knowing me, it could have been the even older Avensis Will see if I can annoy the neighbours tomorrow !
  10. oldcodger

    Engine motor Oil

    Hi, I wish that was true, its quiet the reverse, Toyotas own parts are virtually always the most expensive by a very wide margin, thats why there is such a strong aftermarket for parts. What country are you in ? Hi, If you want to use Toyota Oil then fine, always your choice and while the cars is under Toyotas warranty probably a wise thing to do. However I like many others have run Avensis and Corolla to 100K ++ miles on other oils without problems. There are many well known brands out there like Castrol, Shell, Coma but to name but a few, and all should serve you well, as they have me, just make sure you get the right grade for your engine, nearly all the oil companies have a car /oil type checker on their web sites. You may find even the big supermarkets have special offers on some of these big name oil from time to time. If changing brands, just make sure you do not mix the two oils together.
  11. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi, Did try that test , though nothing happened, But to be honest have never noticed any Radar sensors, so not 100% sure if my model has any fitted ..? Assume your TS with all the bells and whistles will have them, but can you see physically the typical radar sensors in yours ? Got the Toyota owners manual and there are about 8 pages of the door locking and alarm functions, probably why I and I suspect a lot of other folk do not fully understand it; no pictures indicating the location of the radar sensors. The manual does give testing routines for both the alarm and the radar so will try them out tomorrow and let you know, though for the radar it does say " put your hand though the open window right down to the drivers seat, then withdraw and it should then alarm"
  12. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi, Well the security red lid flashes away, though not sure how to actually test it ? so long since I even set it off by mistake...
  13. oldcodger

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Hi, Yes the air con is a complex system, but there are some simple tests you can do first. When you switch the air con on, can you hear the engine revs rise and a distinct click from the compressor as its clutch engages it ? If you get someone to move the control for you can actually watch the compressors clutch activating. If that ok, the most likely cause will be loss of gas, which naturally happens anyway. You need to go to a larger garage, most of which now have automatic recharge and test machines and charge around £50-60+ Some guys also offer a mobile service , just the same as the static garages, have used them myself, often better as you are there chatting with them. They will check things out, remove and old gas and oil and refill with new. However at the age of the car , a common failure is a leaking condenser (the air con radiator) that sits in front of the main engine radiator. Agree with Frosty, air con can be very handy in a wet winter at clearing steamed up windows.
  14. oldcodger

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi D, Well spoke to the service guy at the local dealer and he said the part thats arrived for my Rolla has a different part number to previous ones, though he was not aware of the differences. Seems Toyota HQ are keeping mum about the details of the problem. Have to say was very pleased with the service, they collected and returned the car within 5 hours, looking at the dash not a sign of anything out of place or marked and when driving no extra rattles etc. The real bonus and surprise came with the notorious health check, received a phone video of the mechanics inspection all ok apart from one tyre being a little low in tread, which I knew about. When the car was delivered it came with a hard copy showing the tyres in graphic detail, but also there was a 4 wheel alignment graphic report for toe and camber, all ok !
  15. oldcodger


    Hi Bea204. The current edition of the Car Mechanics magazine ( in larger Supermarkets & WHS) has a 10 page article on all types of Power Steering and common faults etc. It might just offer some insight as to your problem .....?