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  1. But why ?? is it a known problem ? never heard of it in the forum or elsewhere ??
  2. Hi, Interesting question, but not seen any info on servicing or checking the tensioners function, is it spring loaded ? As for the whole timing chain assembly, again not seen any clear info on checking it, short of a full strip down, see the Haynes Service manual. As to replacing the tensioner by itself, unless proven faulty, I would say a waste of time as generally the wear will be within the chain and the chains slipper and damper guides etc, looks like it comes as part of a timing chain kit that several suppliers make. Your oil use seems a little high, perhaps down to the oil leaks ? I'm getting 10k miles per .75ltr , currently on 110k miles.
  3. oldcodger

    Bumper Repairs

    Hi, Sounds like you are lucky and have a colour that can be easily matched, I have a silver 1C0 and its a total nightmare to colour match using spray cans, even Toyotas own spray cans. Halfords actually a slightly better match, but despite shaking and warming they continue to 'spit' and mess up the base coat, having to rub down and try again, probably been sat on the shelf for years.
  4. oldcodger

    Corolla sr d4d trip computer?

    Hi, All is not lost , you still have the 2 trips on the speedo/mileometer just press the little black button coming out just below the speedo and you gain access to the two trips, just press and release to cycle though and press and hold to clear the trip value. It also serves to dim to backlight.
  5. oldcodger

    Corolla VVTI T3

    Hi, The Clutch thrust bearing noise is usually quiet obvious, at tickover in neutral, you can hear the whirring type of sound that will increase with a few revs, but push down on the clutch pedal and the noise will stop. Better if you mention what engine you have diesel or petrol and cc. Assume you have changed the engine oil and filters etc ? Don't forget the pollen filter behind the glovebox and the gearbox oil which could also make such noises.
  6. oldcodger

    Corolla VVTI T3

    Hi, From your description it sounds like a noisy clutch release bearing which means a new clutch as its false economy to not replace all three clutch parts at the same time eg clutch plate, cover and thrust bearing. Typical cost from £300 + depending on who you use, Toyota dealers seem to do 2 versions, standard and a lower priced OptiFit. That said the noise could be due to many other causes, so do get a couple of garages to give it a test to ensure you get the right diagnosis.
  7. oldcodger

    Corolla 1.6vvti 54plate engine whine ??

    Hi, Could be so many things, if it sounds more on the passenger side it could be clutch /gearbox related or on the driver side could be alternator, water pump or their idler bearings. Don't forget more obvious things like a wearing aux belt or a leaking air filter box etc. Let us know what it was when you find it, always good to know.
  8. oldcodger

    Corolla 1.6vvti 54plate engine whine ??

    Hi, A whine could be so many things , its impossible to say from your briefest of descriptions plus you do not mention if its revs related, speed related or selected gear related ? However as you seem to describe it as a definite new noise so its not something you should ignore. I'm always intrigued by these "someone" that folk mention, a dealer, a garage , an off duty mechanic, a diy friend ? If you are having an engine service then also change the gearbox oil with the correct good quality oil as thats a possible source of a whine. Anyone doing such work should at least be able to give some better idea where the whine is coming from and whats needed to correct it. Would avoid any long journeys as if the fault is something like the water pump or alternator it could let go and leave you stranded.
  9. Hi, If the vendor knew of the fault why did they not fix it before the test drive ..??? Are we talking dealer or private seller ? Plenty more Corollas out there......
  10. Hi, Been thinking of a replacement for the old Corolla and this weeks Auto Express magazines Top 100 Used car Review details the Auris up near the top at number 10, which is quiet a bit different to the usual reviews where its often classed as a bit dull and just 3* out of 5. Do forum members think 10th place is well deserved ? See the Lexus IS came in at number 1, nice but still expensive.
  11. oldcodger

    New Discs and Pads

    A month since your last post and still not bedded in ! ? how many miles have you done ? If after a few normal trips or a 100+ miles they should be properly bedded in, if using new discs and pads its a lot quicker than when just new pads are used on old discs. What brand disc and pads did you use ? assume you cleaned the typical protective coating/film off the discs amd did not get any grease on the discs or pads when fitting ? I would be concerned something is badly wrong if you feel you cannot brake hard on them by now ???
  12. oldcodger

    AC Sunlight Sensor

    No, didn't have time to test with AC , will try that soon.
  13. oldcodger

    Weird noise when accelerating

    Hi, Yes can hear the noise, though not one I know. Usually if its from the alternator or aux belt bearings you can hear the noise from under the bonnet. Does not sound like a clutch release bearing, well not noisy ones I have heard. It could be from the gearbox, but has it had the gear oil level been checked or even changed ? normally at 40,000 miles or 4 years, whichever first. Takes 1.9 ltrs of 75W90 gear oil , I use Comma ok, that could make all the difference, also check the drain plug when its taken out, and see if the plug has lots any metal pieces stuck to it, its usually magnetic.
  14. oldcodger

    AC Sunlight Sensor

    Hi, Well 6pm and the suns only just come out today, beaming low and straight on to the dashboard, and it gave error 00 , all ok. Keep in that mode and rolled the car out of direct sunlight and it changed to error 21, went back into sunlight and it change to 00. So wondering if the sensor is really faulty, or is that just its normal action /error reporting ?
  15. oldcodger

    Strange connector under rear bumper

    No, its a complete kit with audio and visual, similar to this, usually choice of sensor colours