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  1. If it is the stalk switch , its replacement is detailed in the Haynes manual, there is a securing clip that needs to be released, perhaps hard to locate if you are not aware of it. If both bulbs are ok, then probably the switch or a wiring connector around the dash, a simple multimeter test should help identify the problem.
  2. If you log on and then click or double click on the image it should expand to full readable size.... If it does not work for you PM me an email address and I will send it direct
  3. Hi, The Haynes manual also shows 2 x 15A fuses, so yours sounds correct. When switching On , or Flashing the Full Beam, does the Blue dashboard indicator come on which indicates the switch is working ok. That indicator is supplied by the 15A DOME fuse, so worth checking that as well if it does not light. ( also in the engine bay fuse box) If checking the actual bulbs a torch and small mirror etc are needed if you do not know exactly how the bulbs and wire clips are fitted. Removing the wiring connector from the bulbs pins can be very difficult , if they have not been touched for years.
  4. Hi, Not idea of the exact specs for the TS, but on the standard Corolla the EFI fuse is 15A. Does the lid of your fuse box specify its value ? wonder if 20A was fitted to overcome the early problem. According to the 1.6 handbook , the EFI fuse controls the whole Mulitpoint injection system, cruise control and the clock, so seems many other things could be shorting out within a few seconds of being powered. Not sure what the " S/C " part is, a TS function only ?? but whatever it is, cannot you power it directly and check the current draw to confirm it actually is that part faulty?
  5. Hi, Could be that switch has gone faulty or that whole heating control unit has a problem ? seems it has its own involved circuitry. You could try running its basic diagnostic, below, that may or not work, but also it might serve as a Reset to clear thing if its electronically stuck on that switch. You could also try disconnecting the battery for a few mins to see if that clears things. Never had that module out , so not much more I could add ..
  6. Hi, Could be several causes, but suggest you look under the dash, driver side, where the servo motor operate the air control flap, seems the plastic linkages/gears can break. If you look under while pressing the temperature button across its full range, you should see the motor operate. Have heard tales were the flap actually slips on it shaft, but thats a major a/c out job.
  7. Looking back on some old Parkers spec sheets for the 1.4 petrol, its quoted as 40mpg, Other sites quote what seems to be Toyotas figures, which are usually a conservative figure under ideal conditions ..? 32.8/49.6/42.2 UK MPG urban/extra-urban/combined Fuel Consumption - Economy - Combined: 6.7 L/100km 42 mpg UK / 35 mpg US Fuel Consumption - Economy - Extra Urban: 5.7 L/100km 50 mpg UK / 41 mpg US Fuel Consumption - Economy - City: 8.4 L/100km 34 mpg UK / 28 mpg US
  8. Hi, Agree with Catlover, fill up to the brim its the only way to get a better idea of consumption, plus you really need to gauge it over a couple of full tanks to give a true picture. eg 300 -400 miles per full tank , ( down to the Low Level light) Do not rely on the fuel usage readings from the radio display, they can be wildly out. My 1.6 delivers 40 -42 mpg of steady mixed driving, if you are doing a lot of slow town driving you might go down to 36 mpg quiet easily. What kind of MPG were you expecting ??
  9. Hi, That sounds like an awful lot of work and expense plus how do you know a second hand VVTI engine and gearbox is any good ? After all they will be at least 13 years old and some of the earlier VVTI engines did have the oil burning problem. Unless you are doing this just for the sake of a project to do, think looking for a 2006* VVTI complete car would be a much better solution and as your G6 bodywork is sound would think you can find a ready market for it to offset the cost of the VVTI. * 2006 model better as thats well after the end date of the oil problem
  10. Hi, Well a "Zing" from a Corolla is a new sound on me Think the best thing is to try and capture the sound on your moby and upload the video so we can get an idea of whats it really sounds like. Also wonder if the sound changes with an increase in revs or road speed ? Has the works you mentioned been done by you or a garage ? Timing belts are not a beginners diy job. If its a garage, wonder why they have not identified the source of the noise if its that obvious and constant ; replacing expensive parts on a whim is not good practice.
  11. Hi, The Haynes Corolla Manual details its removal , but it only covers the standard rollas, not the TSport engine /specs, but otherwise very good. https://haynes.com/en-gb/toyota/corolla/2002-2007 Lots of posts/info on the TSport if you Search the forum. The pages below should give you some guidance, though from a US manual it might be a bit different.
  12. As no one has answered your question, Mick has a 1998 1.3 and has taken just about everything off his, so you could give him a PM. His current post below, but you might find that sensor mentioned in his earlier similar ' Paddy' posts. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/174991-paddy-the-corolla-1998-13-e11-3-door/#comments
  13. oldcodger


    Hi, Nearly missed your post in the sea of new corolla post ! Not a function I have used, generally just use the Travel Report button From the manual - when tuned in to a RDS station ( about all FM ones as I understand things) you press the PTY program and it should then display NEWS, then SPORTS,TALK, POP, CLASSICS for each subsequent press of PTY. If nothing found it displays NO PTY If you do the above and have say SPORTS displayed, pressing the SEEK UP or DOWN button, it will " Search a Station that carries the PTY code" So it would seem it then searches the full fm band for any station with a matching PTY. If it does not, it will display NOTHING and then return you to your original program hth
  14. Hi, Have used a few ebay cheapy cams and they do work but very poor build quality. Got a Nexbase 212 last year and its been very good and impotantly has GPS so it records your speed and location etc. The build quality is good and controls are logical , with it working out of the box, its cable free magnet mount is really good as you can take it off with one hand and hide it when parked etc. Nextbase have there own wiring installation kits if you cannot manage with the normal usb / cig lead, which I just wire direct to the rear of . If you go up in their range you can add wifi etc to transfer the data to a pc , if you do not want to connect it via a usb cable or sd card reader.
  15. Hi, You nearly got lost in the sea of New Corolla posts .... why they do not have a new sub section,,,, ?? Basically the 2002-2006 Corollas seems very reliable though have no experience of the diesels and heard little about any trouble with wheel bearings ?? Perhaps do a search on this forum to see if you can find any other posts on such bearing troubles as if its 'eating' then there must be some serious underlying problem. You do not say if its the front or back ones, but have you had a full alignment check done ?