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  1. Hi, Changed the clutch on my old Corolla by myself but only because I used on of these engine beams to support the weight of the engine and to aid lowering and raising the gearbox. They were about £80 from the big named shops but half that on the ebay and seem strong enough. Be careful where you buy your clutch kit from, low quality forgeries of the big brand names are common place on the usual sites , so if your B&B price seems too good, check with their site as some of the big names tell you how to check if you have bought a clone. other good brands, Luk, Blueprint etc. clutch details(1).pdf
  2. You need to check out this site about a 1 million mile guarantee on retrofit flywheels. https://www.valeoservice.co.uk/en-uk/newsroom/valeo-campaign-shatter-dmf-myths
  3. Think that dual charging depends on the rating of the alternator and batteries used. My Bosch alternator is rated at 90AH so if it was trying to charge the main car battery and a drained 85AH leisure battery it would soon give up ..?? Assume you can fit some restriction device so the leisure battery is only given an even low amperage charge ? Seems like a good explanation here - https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/split-charging.html
  4. Hi Roks, Afraid you and Mike169 have misunderstood me - I was meaning to use a Leisure battery in the Boot for just powering your cameras as they should last the several days drain you need. Leisure batteries are Not designed for use as the cars main battery and should never be used as such.
  5. Roks - your old battery will probably not last that long as its not designed for full drain then charge, you need a Leisure battery that is designed to be constantly drained and then re-charged. unlike a motors battery. If you have a soldering iron then you can use one of these little modern regulators which use a lot less power than some of the cheap adapters.
  6. Assume your model has the three rotary control knobs for the heating , rather than the Digital control panel used on some later models ? Agree with whats been said, finding and / or fitting a led version seems an unlikely outcome and possibly a lot more expensive time and money wise against the £20 Toyota wants for the exact parts. Not sure about all your bulbs, but if they are in the rotary control type, seems some bulbs like those illuminating the instrument panel are supplied as a bulb in a plastic holder, though no clear information if any of the ones you need use them ?
  7. That sounds a lot of current usage from your dash cam, assuming the screen is in Off mode ? What make / model is it and have you got any spec sheet saying how much current it uses in parking mode , or can you measure the current with a meter. If its got a cheap 12v to 5v converter that can often use more current than the actual camera, so using a better converter would help. Also wondering whats best, assume you have the camera on all night for vandalism ? but is having a camera in view likely to cause a break in to steal it ? Plus would insurance or police be bothered with any video footage if the worst happened ? - they would likely never go after anyone even with pictures of them. Not aware of any difference in the battery housing/tray/lead between any models 2002-2006 so a bigger and more powerful 037 type should work ok, as mentioned above You could put the old one in the boot and wire just the camera up to it so it does not drain the main battery too much and charge it up every few days ...
  8. Everyone has there own choice of battery Brand, I have chosen Bosch/Varta on price the 3 year warranty. . I purchased the Varta online and it arrived well packed and ok, though was a bit nervous about doing so, usually buying locally, but the online price was too good. The AH And CCA are usually similar across all makes, the more CCA, the more power it can give at start up, find the 540 a great improvement. What you need to look out for is the battery "Type" which dictates the physical size, so ensuring it fits into your tray and the leads fit on ok; the Type 027 fits our cars fine. No need for a Radio code, you will have to retune the preset stations and reset the ltrs / miles, if needed, by pressing the menu on the right hand knob.
  9. My original battery was a small one like yours, which failed after 5 years, I then replaced it with the 60ah Bosch one which lasted about 7 years and replaced with the above Varta 60ah brand last year Never had any alternator or electrical problems and starting even in the coldest weather is easy, so that dismisses your above possible charging problems, which would only happen if you increased the battery capacity by an excessive amount. The Bosch or Denso alternators used on the 2006 Corollas have an output rating way above the 60ah of these larger batteries. Don't forget on our older cars, the alternator is not that Smart, its adding load to the engine all the time If you talk to any experienced car electrical guys they always say go for the next size up (ah ) on older cars. You can talk to Toyota but doubt they will recommend anything thats not within their original specification. ie 45ah.
  10. Exactly what I fitted last year, and the previous one was a Bosch, but they say Varta make the batteries for Bosch and this time the Varta were cheaper.
  11. Sounds more like a fuse or common connection point has failed, would be unusual for all those lamps to go on their own , all at once ?
  12. Hi, Well everyone has their own choice of part suppliers, but think as long as its one of the big brand names you cannot go far wrong, its more when you buy unbranded cheapies from the usual online sites. From previous posts many folk buy their oil filter from Toyota as it used to be well under a tenner, Have you seen Toyotas online shop ? - http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/ToyotaOfficialStore?_fsub=4563093012&_nkw=Corolla+&submit=Search&LH_TitleDesc=1 When I refurbished my calipers the other year there was no sign of any internal corrosion on the bleed screws and have never read about such problems. Being as your original (?) Toyota ones have lasted 14 years wonder why you think Toyotas are so poor or why the existing ones are internally corroded ?? They can corrode a bit externally, but I apply a bit of grease over them after a service and always give the threads a bit of penetrating fluid before attempting to unscrew.
  13. Hi, Am not a Diesel man, but some of your info does not seem right according to the info I have, The Haynes manual states changing the gearbox oil every 40,000 miles or 4 years. Not sure why you are changing to 0W-40 oil, particularly a thinner one, again seems 5W-30 is the correct grade ? Don't forget to change the Key batteries and fuel filter.
  14. Hi, To be honest I do not see the point in using a Brake Fluid Tester, if any doubt, just change the fluid at the correct service interval and that ensures all is well. No one will tell you 8 year old fluid in a car is good, even new bottles of foil sealed brake fluid has a shop shelf like of about 2 years if memory serves me right. When buying fluid check the manufacturing date printed on the bottles, I avoid any more than 12 months old. Assume you have had or or going to change the engine and gearbox oil , antifreeze/coolant and even the petrol as according to some tv programs even that can go off and block the injectors. Expect the battery will have been replaced as they do not like to be left uncharged for years.