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  1. Hi, Bit surprised if those short bits of pipes would cause the ecu to be scalding hot ..? Quickest way to prove if they are the problem is to get a couple of Clamps, say brake hose clamps, and in the engine bay, clamp off the two heater rubber hoses just by the bulkhead. Give it a good run and see if the ecu and glove box still overheat . Are the Audio mods something recent ? any other electrical changes done recently ? Oops - old post ?
  2. Hi, Would think its unlikely to be the battery at 3 years old, unless it was some very cheap on or you give them a lot of hard work. That reminds me, will have to order a gasket cover as last time i renewed the plugs there was a bit of oil in the bottom of one hole, though not interfering with the electrics. The hissing noise, if thats after you has switched off the engine , then its probably the carbon evaporator box near to the air filter, it cleans up the petrol fumes etc.
  3. Hi, Well I would spend a little while checking the basic things - all the wiring connectors around the air filter , like the MAF sensors etc, disconnect their plugs and inspect them to ensure they are all clean and no wire has been pulled out like your reversing switch. Have you removed the plastic engine cover to check there is nothing wrong around the actual ignition coils. The Crankshaft position sensor is way up on the engine block near to the gearbox casing, so all the banging /movement thats been done around that area tryingto get the box back in might just have been enough to knock it or another sensor out. ( electrically) Doubt a mechanic would deliberately create such a fault as they can be such a pain to correct , even for them. Again a cheapo multimeter and doing those two basic tests will give a good indication if the battery is ok and if the alternator is giving out the correct voltage, if its not, that could also cause all sorts of problems. Have you got a charger and been able to give the battery a good recharge, if its more than 5 years old might be worth replacing anyway.
  4. Hi, The first point about re-learning, yes, if the battery has been disconnected for some time ( though not sure exactly how long) the ECU drops into learning mode and the symptoms are very uneven running during the warm up period, more so when you allow the revs to drop to tickover, it may even cut out if you do not keep pressing the gas pedal. However a 20 min run is all thats really needed for it to have returned to normal running, so doubt that is now your problem. How old is the battery, you can check it yourself quiet easily with a cheap voltmeter, plenty of ytubes on doing that, though a garage can do more thorough discharge tests. eg battery voltage check when left unused for 20 mins and then when running at around 2000 rpm . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COJr7OB23Hw Does it start the car easily ? do the headlights seem bright when running ? if so would think its ok as long as the above battery test seem ok. My suspicion would be that you have inadvertently disturbed a sensor, injector , throttle or ignition connector / wiring etc, so plenty to check . Not sure on your model, but the fuel pump and filter are in the petrol tank on ours, so worth checking the underbody pipes in case you trapped one of them when jacking /supporting the car. Edit, you did reconnect all the Earth straps correctly to the chassis and engine/gearbox, hth
  5. Hi, Recently had the same problem, checked the hinges were oiled/free to move ok. You can of course buy a new pair from Toyota, but I used some ebay cheapies, they work but sometimes seems a little slow about mid way. It is a simplish diy job if you first see how they are held in by the little steel clip etc. but do replace as a pair, as they will both be well worn. Be warned, once one or both struts are disconnected the boot is very heavy , so ensure its supported before disconnecting a strut. Some suppliers seem to be a half way house , saying theres are British made. https://www.sgs-engineering.com/car-boot-tailgate
  6. Hi, Usually not far way so might be able to help, as well as the other members.
  7. Hi Mick, Re your knocking, could be the door hinges or the pin that holds the strap in, if used. ? Bit scary if your first mot station did not find a brake fluid leak, though could that have happened as a result of you driving around since that test. Fitted Pioneers speakers in mine, such an improvement I did not need to change the head unit. Mine came with separate tweeters which I mounted in the wing mirror access covers, really lifts the soundstage.
  8. Would love to see a picture of that message as I have never heard of the old Corolla radios needing a security code. Have had my battery disconnected many times, even for an overnight charge, but it never asked for any code when reconnected ....?
  9. Hi, You could also post in the For Sale Section of the forum - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/ Places like Auto Trader or Gumtree will give you an idea of price and give you a wider market. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?search-target=usedcars&radius=&make=TOYOTA&model=COROLLA&price-from=&price-to=&body-type=Hatchback&year-from=2000&maximum-mileage=&fuel-consumption=&quantity-of-doors=&annual-tax-cars=&colour=&keywords=GS&fuel-type=Petrol&maximum-badge-engine-size=&transmission=&co2-emissions-cars=&seller-type=&postcode=hd11aa
  10. Yes, it feels so different you wonder if its ok ! but you will soon get used to it and enjoy the lightness. Glad you got it all back together ok
  11. Better to use your jack to raise it and something to suspend it by so you can better wiggle the shaft/box in . Just take weight off the jack, while keeping it there in case anything slips. Rather that buy something could you hire one for the day or get someone to give to an extra helping hand ? As you are now only needing to support the gearbox you could perhaps rig up some timber and chain across the top of the engine bay Heres an alternative way if Arnie is around ! see this at 10.30 in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqZQ_3jf1-g
  12. Good that you have got the ball rolling with CAD. but do get other quote /suggestions from the other big online car audio places, to mention just one - eg https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/ Cannot help with the rear screens, never used them , but again a Google search should bring some info /help - https://www.driving.co.uk/news/products/products-in-car-headrest-dvd-player-head-to-head-review/
  13. You can find more details of your car from here if you really want detained info - https://www.toyota-tech.eu/OnlineSubscriptions.aspx For some reason the Haynes manuals cover the 1.4/1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel but not your 1.4 D , though most other things should be the same. Assume you have got or downloaded Toyotas User manual that has a lot of service details / lubricants/fuses/ bulbs etc https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual I just use decent quality standard parts, like a Luk clutch, but other than that and standard service parts theres thankfully little going wrong considering its age and mileage. Just be aware that there are a lot of 'white box' fake clutch kits out there for the big names like Sachs and Luk, they even have web pages telling you how to check you have bought a genuine one.
  14. Think if you can check the clutch plate is still in line by using a rod or something similar through the cover. As well as a trolley jack to raise the gearbox up off the floor, I used a beam and chain that allowed it to be suspended and therefor a lot easier to wrestle around to get it to engage with the plate, it does go in with a bit of a push, the relief when it does is quiet something after all that sweat !
  15. Did not think the big name manufacturers would deal with joe public for one off purchases ? Most will have an online catalogue which again are typically referenced by the reg no etc as mentioned before. eg - https://aftermarket.zf.com/go/en/sachs/products/cars-and-vans/clutch-systems/ For exact oil types and capacities refer to your Toyota user manual as I do not have the 1.4 D specs, only the 2.0 D and petrols.