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  1. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    The struts have arrived and are a good fit /replacement to my original so it seems there its little difference between the two numbers I originally quoted. Should be noted that these cheapies come as just one type , no L or R, just a case of spinning the fitting half a turn, FYI as you can see in the pic these replacements come with a screw on bottom end, so would think it would be easy enough to drill off your old ones and reattach these new. No idea if mine are what you need, but the block body less the screw thread measures about 452mm and the pushrod, including the top end cap is about 200mm; the pressure rating is 440N Equally there is a lot to say about - if it ain't broke .......
  2. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Mine will hopefully arrive tomorrow, though they are very different to yours as both ends of mine have the ball sockets. Seems your strut is bolted or welded ? to that hinge affair, assume the other end is the more typical ball socket ? The guy I ordered from does list some struts for your year, so might be worth contacting him , with your photo, and see if his are suitable ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=europartsdealer&hash=item1ed0e03359%3Ag%3ACRoAAOSwqYhZ1zUJ%3Ark%3A3%3Apf%3A1&item=132353373017&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC0.A0.H0.Xtoyota+corolla+tailgate+struts.TRS0&_nkw=toyota+corolla+tailgate+struts&_sacat=0
  3. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Thanks guys, had been searching and when contacted direct some said theirs would not fit, but this morning found one who said they believe theirs would be suitable, but if not they would arrange return and reimburse, so ordered a £17 pair from them, hopefully get them by Saturday, will let you know if they fit ok. Had seen SGS, their "UK made" ones, £36 a pair with delivery, so have them as a backup is the ebay ones are no good.
  4. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Hi, My tailgate struts are failing but fortunately have the part number printed on them being 68960 02031 L and 68950 02041 R. Mr T wants around £110 per Strut !!, even the parts guy sounded bewildered and said he did have a little movement and could do them for £92 each ! Looking on various sites you can see such struts for less than £10 each but generally they show up as part nos 68960 02030 and 68950 02040, so I asked one supplier and they said they were not suitable and could not offer anything else ? Some sites even show both sets of numbers for their struts ? Does anyone know if there is any real difference ? or have replaced some on a 2006 Colour Collection model 1.6 UK
  5. oldcodger

    Cold Slow running

    Hi, No idea what could be wrong, but have you tried using a obd2 scanner to see if any codes are stored and also, from cold, you could use its Live Data function to check the main engine parameters as it warms up ( while stationary). Even better , if you have one, an obd2 data logger that can record said parameters as you are driving along and you play back onto a laptop afterwards.
  6. oldcodger

    Cold Slow running

    Not really, could be so many things, eg temp sensor failing in the cold , no engine check light etc coming on ? Think it best if you wait until this sub zero weather has past and see what its like then ..?
  7. Hi, Agree in part with Allan as mine seemed to pass the test he described , but when accelerating hard in 3rd it was really slipping, eg revs going up, speed not, then it would grip again and power restored. Also the pedal on mine what quiet high, a new Luk clutch was a delight, light and low down on the pedal; a big diy job though on my 1.6, would think the bigger 1.8 could be a bit more tricky ? take your time and check ytubes for similar jobs, though a toyota one shows the sub frame being removed which was not the case for mine.
  8. oldcodger

    Cold Slow running

    Looking at your other post about the users radio preset stations being lost when the battery is disconnected, the same can happen to the ECU, so it enters learning Mode and gives symptoms of erratic tickover for the first few miles. Is that what you have done /experienced ? Re the Radio codes, when the radios logic is programmed its presumably given some base radio stations, but when the user enters new ones there is no method to store them when the power is totally removed; power is clearly being used even when you take the keys out, hence it appears to save them, but not fully. Expect some more modern and costlier units have such a feature built in to save them, for our older car you can find a variety of Power Saver devices that can be used when you need to disconnect the main battery, loads on ebay etc
  9. oldcodger

    Headlights or my eyes?

    Assume you are talking about a pair of nightbreaker bulbs for the dipped beam ? How does the main beam look like compared to the dipped beam ? If the main is much brighter, it suggests the nightbreakers are fading. If they are both dim, then it suggests a wiring /voltage problem, then you really need to measure the voltage at the bulb connector with the lights on , and also while in the same condition, across the battery terminal and see if there is a marked difference. You may have to disconnect the wiring socket from one of the bulbs to check the voltage, if the wires are not exposed enough to get the test probe on.
  10. oldcodger

    Headlights or my eyes?

    Hi, Have used Nightbreakers for some years, suspect they do loose a bit of brightness over time as they do burn brighter and so do not last as long, a simple trade off. My first ones ran for 3 years before one popped, replaced the pair. Yes, the reflectors do get a bit dusty, partic if the black cover cap is missing, but little you can do to clean inside as far as i know .. As yours are only a year old, I would perhaps wonder if you have a bad earth connection etc. Easy enough to test, turn your lights on, measure the voltage across the battery terminals and then across the bulbs terminals, is there a significant difference ? Assume your battery voltage / Alternator output is good ?
  11. oldcodger

    Brake disc/pad lifespan.

    Hi, You seem very specific that the drivers side rears are grinding , can I ask how you know this, just from the noise inside the car when driving, or have the wheels been jacked up and turned by hand / inspected ? The rear pads and disks typically wear at about half the rate of the fronts; at 3 years old, it so depends on your driving style, use of brakes etc. When setting off after a day or so of being parked up the first few brakes can sound noisy due the a slight coating of rust having built up in this wet salty weather. Also on the rears you have the handbrake shoes /drum, could be dust /rust in them as well. How does the car feel when you actually brake with reasonable force, good , even and straight or pulling to one side/ steering wheel judder etc?
  12. oldcodger

    Clutch Warranty

    Hi, Afraid as far as I know the Clutch is classed as a standard wear item like brakes and tyres and not covered by warranty, new or secondhand. At UK Toyota dealers they have two prices, the standard one, which yours sounds like and the lower cost Opti Fit which uses ( lets say) less expensive parts designed to compete with other high street garages; though no idea if your dealership offers this, but worth asking. That said , you might find other garages offering a lot cheaper prices with decent generic parts being used like Blueprint etc.
  13. oldcodger

    Radio Code Question

    Hi, No code needed, though you will have to re-tune afterwards. If you leave the battery disconnected for too long the ECU may reset and goes into learning mode, which means the first few miles afterwards will be rather erratic , partic at tickover
  14. oldcodger

    Replacement for factory tweeters?

    Hi, As per that other thread, you need to test those four wires to see which are paired by the socket, you will have to be careful as if you get it wrong you will create a dead short that could blow the head unit / amplifier. What is not clear from that thread is if the plug and socket unit on the tweeter contains a cross over, which is designed to pass only low frequency sounds to the woofer, which could be detrimental to your new speakers as it may not get the full range it needs. Not sure about the ' MDS FR6 ' speakers you fitted seems little detail about them, but looks as it they have an inbuilt tweeter, so do you really need to replace the stock ones as well ? What do the new speakers sound like with the Toyota tweeters connected , then disconnected ? As for moisture and speakers, avoid at all costs, so put a protective layer above and behind each speaker if its already damp, preferably replace the rubber seal if its leaking, also make sure the door bottom drain holes are clear so any water coming inside the door has an escape route.
  15. oldcodger

    Dash Cam wiring

    Hi, Well I have had a couple of the cheaper Chinese car cams and they are not that reliable and understanding the controls is rather difficult. Not sure if you are in the UK ? but here the NextBase 212G is on sale for £50 as a complete kit; got one just before Christmas, and it works great. Its so straight forwards to use, clear English controls /manual and has GPS so it records your location and speed, what the insurers need, plus its got the very easy magnetic mount so you can quickly unplug it etc rather than leave it on display when parked in dubious places. The standard kit just plugs into a cig light socket or you can buy their hard wire kit if you cannot make a simple direct connection. Don't mistake it for the standard 212 which does not have GPS Though Argos say 'Clearance' I checked with Nextbase and it is a current model. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8624866