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  1. Ah, Flash22 not seen your reply - Here what he would say - though think the wiper motor is the same on all model, though do check for yourself, seems they are out of new stock in most places.
  2. Hi, Why not sell it on Auto Trader, quiet a few as old as yours on there for £1k + Just make sure you declare all the known faults, big and small, and get the buyer to sign a receipt stating, sold as seen without warranty, to avoid any comebacks.
  3. If an air con Bomb does not fully clear things, then use one of the foam sanitizers that you spray down into the air con matrix and vent pipes, worked well for us.
  4. Hi, You might find some info in this 2004-on US model wiring diagram ... _Wiring Manual.pdf
  5. Hi, Upgraded our front speakers to Pioneers which came with separate tweeters which we fitted in the little covers over the wind mirror mounts, similar to those fitted the top spec models. They gave a good soundstage to our ears , considering its an old car. Also have one of those similar little bluetooth units and we play MP3s on a USB stick and it sounds as good as the Radio or CD player, so never had cause to check things out further. Just been out and tried the Fade and Balance with a MP3 playing and all sound good. Think we did do a phone test but cannot remember if it was good or bad, but never followed that up as we do not use the phone in the car. Will give the phone / music a try tomorrow and see if its a good as the USB stick. if you have not used a USB MP3 file on yours, give it a try and see if it gives a clear sound which might show that the problem is on the phone side of things... ?
  6. Hi, Assume its a newish car to you that came with these problems ? Do you have the stock toyota head unit with inbuilt single cd player like the pic below and with the original 4 speakers and possibly 2 tweeters ? When you say you get a lot of static / hum, is that just on the radio or also when playing a CD ? We can play ours loud enough to get looks from other cars when at lights etc and always in stereo which you can also fade /adjust L to R. Mono sound, low volume and hum etc are not normal, so before upgrading you need to find the cause of the problem , if it was the speakers or wiring you could damage a new head unit. We have upgraded our front speakers and that gave us better sound quality. If you look back/search on recent posts ( this year) someone else did a similar Android update.
  7. Thats the way we have always done it, never a problem; why the confusion ? Can recommend the one man Gunson Eezibleeder kit.
  8. M8 on our 1.6. Give the nipples a spray of penetrating fluid first as they can seize. Have you cleaned and lubricated your caliper slider bolts, a regular service check item.
  9. You could try this EU supplier, know others in the forum have ordered ok from them. They trade under a couple of online names Check and enter your Reg no, as not sure I have specifed your exact model in this link. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/spares-search?keyword=HEADLAMP&maker_id=111&model_id=1972&car_id=28327 No idea if they are for LH or RH, assume you need the actual UK part number to be sure ? You should be able to find the part no here, agian check your exact model. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/corolla-38234/ee111-54077/ee111r-aghdkw-921612/headlamp-17876795
  10. If you search on those names it will show you those mentioned sites, then just select your car type - eg https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/corolla-38234 You might want to PM @Flash22 if thats not what you want as he provided those links and is very much into all these part numbers and sites.
  11. Sorry , no idea, hopefully someone will come in with an answer for you. There are some tech manuals /parts lists , some free, that you might be able to look at and see if the door part numbers are the same for those years .... ?
  12. Suggest you speak to the insurance company explaining the problem and ask if they have any other Approved garages in your area, would think there would be a few in a large area like Merseyside. Even if there are and they also cannot do the work in your timescale, ask about using a garage of your choice who can do the work in time, though if possible , that will involve various caveats from the insurer.
  13. You can buy basic code readers that will give you the codes and allow you to clear /reset any old ones; just make sure the supplier states they will work on Toyotas.
  14. Just downloaded these 2004 and 2006 manuals though not sure which country they are for, probably the US as they show the 1.8 engine ,so things like radios and some fuses and accessories may be different. https://carmanuals2.com/d/88806 https://carmanuals2.com/d/88804
  15. Hi, You should be able to find that User manual direct from Toyota - https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual If looking to do some diy servicing then the Haynes manual is your best bet , well worth the money. https://haynes.com/en-gb/toyota/corolla-verso/2002-2004-18-petrol-41405?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv--t2OrA9gIVl-7tCh2oCwokEAQYASABEgIdF_D_BwE
  16. Know its a later model but this long thread about doing up a 1998 Corolla might be of interest as Mick obtained lots of parts for his and mentions where he got them from so there is a good chance they might also have 1995 parts. Seems to remember he did one or more follow up posts, if you search. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/174991-paddy-the-corolla-1998-13-e11-3-door/?tab=comments#comment-1426935
  17. Always going to be difficult finding Body panels for such an old car, so probably online scap yards or ebay may be your only hope ? For some mechnaical parts and service items there still seems to be a fair few uk suppliers as below, there are a couple of EU suppliers as well that do seem to have extensive stocks.
  18. Have you done what @ flash22 suggested and swapped the coil packs ? You need to disconnect coil pack 1 , which is usually on the timing chain side, and swap it with one of the others. say cylinder 2 Clear the existing p0301 codes, assume you have a code reader to do that with ? Do your 20min test run and see what error code it gives, if its now p0302 then that shows it must the the coil pack. If not, expect you could do a similar thing with the injectors but not something we have ever done so cannot say how easy or practical that is, though clearly a lot of care is needed with the fuel, more a job for a garage ? as the injector O rings etc might need replacing ?
  19. Hi, Expect you could tranfer the workings from your old door to a new shell, but unless very much into diy it could be a big job. Possibly the breakers you spoke to only had the shells left after other folk had taken the inner parts ? Worth looking around for local breakers or places like here - £60 + cariage for a complete door in your colour https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324565917321?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338365712&toolid=20006&customid=EB43469504&
  20. FYI the OP Nrgizerbunny left some years ago deleting much of his very helpful content after a series of problems within the forum. However just noticed his profile is stil active and he did make an appearance in 2019, so perhaps he might still be able to supply some valuable info for us old pre 2007 Corolla owners .....
  21. Agree with @flash22, try moving the coil packs around and see if it come up with p0302/3 or 4. If you have checked the plugs, for the price always worth replacing them to be sure, plus assume that means there was not any oil around them as the rocker cover oil seals can leak. Try removing the engines top plastic cover so the electricl leads are exposed and run the engine in the dark both when its ok and misfiring, if any of the HT leads are 'leaking' you may see the HT voltage arcing around.
  22. Hi, The rotary controls work directly on the air con /heating flaps etc whereas the digital controls operate via motors and gears so it would need a lot more than just the control panel changing. Also think you would need other parts of the cars electronics modifying to be able to integrate the digital panel. While generally only too happy with our old corolla the only thing we would change is to go Back to rotary controls for the heating and a/c !! Though digital looks quiet flash in practice its just a pain having to keep pressing / holding down the buttons and looking at the display rather than a swift turn of a control knob. If you lok at some of the top new cars with these fancy big touch screens, many have retained the rotary heating controls as more folk are finding they prefer them.
  23. Lots of new aftermarket complete pipe sets on Ebay and the like for around £50 Also looks like plenty of ytubes on how fit them. Would not bother with second hand ones as they are likely equally worn.
  24. Hi, One of these Connects 2 adapters might work, but check on the Connects web site that it will work with your car and new radio unit before buying ! If you search the forum you will find several similar posts about the same conversion, depending on model/year, some work , some don't, so do check things out first . Not aware of any other adapters around, though if you find those earlier posts there was one guy who made his own, but not sure it was a the same model as yours. https://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/6459/s/connects2-ctsty013-2-stalk-adapter-for-toyota-avensis-corolla-yaris-1998/category/570/ https://connects2.com/products/steering-wheel-control-interfaces/vehicle/Toyota
  25. That rear horizonal bush is very tight, had to do something similar to get mine out. The biggest mistake is to tighten the 2 bush bolts with the car jacked up in an unnatural position. You need to put the wheels on and lower it to the ground and give it a bounce so the bushes are in a normal position, then squeeze under and torque up the bolts.
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