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  1. I'm trying to add my T-Sport Compressor to the classifieds but can't see an option to add, only browse. I'm sure I'm missing something, could someone please point me in the right direction? many thanks,
  2. Looking to sell my Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor, but it needs a new idle control valve before I do. Could anyone confirm that the part number is 22270 - 0D040 Toyota and dealerships won't give me the part number for obvious reasons and I can't seem to find anywhere online that confirms it. Help much appreciated
  3. Took me a while to realise this but the average mph figure is actually your mpg figure. for some reason it displays mph instead of mpg (clerical error maybe?), but i have tested this by resetting it on motorways and other roads, including when stationery and it definitely is the average mpg
  4. I'm contemplating bronzing the compressor multi spoke alloys, but am unsure as to how it would turn out. has anyone done this before and can provide pics so that i can get a taste of how it will turn out? doesn't have to be compressor wheels, any t-sport with bronzed wheels pics will do cheers, Phoenixz P.S. i have tried google images...
  5. tried both those suggestions (thanks for them by the way), it seems that gearboxes and engine parts in genereal are in high demand for these cars... not sure if that's a good or bad thing? forgive my ignorance but what is a KP? Phoenixz
  6. I am in need of a second hand gear box from a T-sport. anyone breaking or happen to have one lying around? Cheers Phoenixz
  7. Simple question that could have complicated answers: How do you remove the front toyota "halo" badge? Let me be clear, i am not trying to "debadge" the car cause i think it will look better. i am looking to refurbish the badge as it has become discoloured / damaged (a bat took it out - the rodent kind-) i simply need to remove the badge so i can either replace it or refurbish any suggestion? Cheers Phoenixz
  8. cool, and the insignia? sprayed aswell or wrapped?
  9. i like what you've done, but i have two questions: Did you get the insignia / badge wrapped or sprayed? Do your fog lights still work? (this may be a stupid question as they appear to be coloured black, but you could be using a different bulb/lense that still allows light out) if that is the case then i would like to know where you got them from cause i do like the look of it being blacked out... Cheers, Phoenixz
  10. better to get these instead and cheaper too... (to the best of my recollection, they're just the same size/fit as the standard T-sport) perhaps someone could correct me or corroborate http://www.mtecbrakes.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_35_62&products_id=15016 although i'd replace the pads with ferodo ones (for the front at least, i'm not entirely sure if they would be the same as the back, they don't sell rear ones) does anyone have a good suggestion for some rear pads? mine are a little worn after a year or two and a rather energetic weekend in the highlands. Paul
  11. i noticed the other day whilst looking for new brakes and pads, that demon tweeks are supplying a new LSD for the compressor. i was just wondering what people here thought about it. is it just a generic/universal one or a proper upgrade? to be perfectly honest i have a hard time getting the car to lose it even with the traction control off. so i'm not entirely convinced it would be needed, even on a track. however, i was interested to hear other opinions and feedback Phoenixz
  12. ever wondered what your car would look like without an engine? Phoenixz
  13. Unacceptable nothing i could do mate :( we were both doing about 60mph and there was no time to react. just last week a couple of drivers died in a similar head on collision in Edinburgh at the same speeds. the company that scrapped the car told me that the strut bar saved my life, it stopped the other car and my own engine from coming through into the cabin. it's a well built car and i'm proud to say i own one (petrol price hurts like a b :censor: ch though) :P
  14. actually u'll notice there are 217 compressors left in the UK. 4 are SoRN, which could be down to horrific fuel prices or other reasons i know at least one has left the country and will no longer be included in this count. the official count should be at 216 once the second quarter results are in, as i wrecked mine back in January. have no fear though, i bought another compressor a month later, lighter and with a bit more oomph to it :P Phoenixz P.S. i just want to reiterate the fact that i was not responsible for totalling the first compressor as some idiot in an Audi overtook on a corner and
  15. finally a post about the stupidity of speeding and the fools who think big of it. i'll start it off with a tragic tale about a guy i knew from school, on his 18th birthday he thought it would be fun to race around in his new birthday present without wearing his seatbelt. he had his best friend and his girlfriend of 3 years in the car with him. whilst rounding a corner, at well over the speed limit, he did not have enough time or distance to stop from hitting a parked, articulated, flatbed lorry. he survived by being thrown free from the car. his passengers both died from a mixture of crash rel
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