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  1. so i just found this place...gotta say i have loved my toyotas. I have had a 77 celica that i rebuilt the engine then sold it. had 2 86 mr2s that i was merciless with both went over 200k and now i have a 91 landcrusher with about 350k on..well the speedo cable broke at 204,995....back in 2005.. i work her hard ...feed it gas, oil, brakepads and tires...
  2. ok so the dash switch does not light up, hence no other activations...there is some pressure in the lines , yet has not been run in 6 years..what might I do to troubleshoot it?, and is it worth the trouble? truck has about 350k on her, its 95 degrees here and I feel like I am driving around in a microwave...any help? thanx