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  1. Just to say a quick thanks for your help guys. Battery appears to have charged, but will find out properly once we can get it and about a bit more!
  2. Hi, A picture would be great as I also can't see how the cover comes off the red terminal to connect the charger?
  3. My wife has a 2015 Petrol Yaris where the battery has run flat whilst on lockdown. We have a trickle charger, but I am slightly unsure as to where to connect the cables to to enable it to charge up the battery. Any advice will be gratefully received.
  4. Thanks guys, Have now obtained an 8gb drive and that seems to be working ok so far.
  5. Hi My usb drive is also fat32 formatted. It is a 64gb drive - not sure if that's part of the issue. Will have a dig around and see if I can find another drive to play with.
  6. That infotainment display unit just looks awful - looks like somebody has just slapped an iPad onto the dashboard without thinking. I know it is all the rate these days, but I'd much prefer a straight dashboard without any weird protrusions.
  7. Hi, I have a USB drive that currently has approximately 460 mp3 files stored on it - I prefer to hear a random selection, so these are all stored in the root directory of the drive. My Auris however thinks there are over 600 files on the drive and there seems to be no rhyme/reason as to which files it thinks are there twice. I have tried reformatting the drive and copying the files across again, but no change. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can sort this so that my car doesn't think there are more tracks on the drive than there really are? Thanks
  8. Hi, The car has had 3 services prior to my purchase - September 14, September 15 and October 16. The mileages were approx 6.5k, 12k and 16.5k. I'm suspecting therefore that when the Exeter garage did the last service, they didn't reset the computer - noting that I purchased from the Sandhurst dealership? Am I right in thinking that the garage will check/change it at the next service? Thanks Geoffrey
  9. Hi all, This is probably a stupid question but: Having taken ownership of a 63 plate Auris 1.4 D4D towards the end of January this year that had done approx 16.5k miles; I am now getting a message every time I start the engine that Oil Maintenance is required soon. The mileage on the car is now around 20.5k. Having looked at the dipstick; the oil level appears to be pretty much at the top and the oil also looks very clean. Having looked in the manual; I believe the message comes on automatically 9000 miles after the last reset on the computer? Am I therefore fine to c
  10. Having now resolved the issue with my USB port; I note that in my Touch & go toolbox there is an app for fuel prices. Does anybody use this & if so, is it worth the money bearing in mind I get a free weekly update from petrolprices.com for my most frequent locations? Many Thanks Geoffrey
  11. Just an update after taking it in & them confirming it didn't work - they finally took it in today & discovered the port was not connected at all; so have had it reconnected & all is working fine now. Back home & my Creative Zen MP3 player now works perfectly as far as I can tell.
  12. Thanks - will give them a call on Monday.
  13. Hi All, I have recently purchased a 2nd hand 2013 plate Auris. I have so far attempted to connect my old Creative Zen MP3 player by USB; a brand new USB stick and also my mobile phone to the USB port - in all occasions the USB option on the Touch & Go (or whatever it's called) system has not been enabled. Is it likely that there is an issue with the USB port in the car itself; and would this be covered under any warranty if it requires fixing? Many Thanks
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