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  1. This has all been really interesting and useful. A straight electric vehicle would not be practical for us as we do quite a lot of long journeys, including to France. I think that asking Brittany Ferries if we could the car in on our way to St. Malo would not be well received. I think we will be reviewing the situation as Fagin said. When I was at school in the 50s they had a couple of what they called Tilley Vans which were battery powered with seats in the back for 6 or 8 kids but I have never been able to find anything about them.
  2. Thank you Rob. Do you take power directly from the panels or just make sure you charge the batteries when it is daylight?
  3. We have had solar panels on the roof for four years now and they are an enormous success. So.... I was wondering about charging the Prius batteries using this free power. Our present GenIII isn't plug-in but it looks as though the new ones are. I wondered what you thought.
  4. We gave our trusty Garmin away when we bought the first Prius in 2010. Thinking of that prompted the thought that if we did not like the car very much we would not have bought another, er, warts and all. After some research - good ol' Google - we find that it is possible to register the Touch&Go with TomTom. This brings the ability to plan a route on Google Maps and transfer that to the car and have a choice of voices which should help Christine. Whether we can get rid of the wordy instructions or not we will see. http://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-touch-go-how-to-use-sat-nav-features#.VE1N3SKsUxh Malcolm
  5. Thank you Frostyballs. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write. I might have known it was a TomTom our Son-in-Law complained a number of times to TomTom but they never even replied. Malcolm
  6. Thank you for your replies. Christine also wears two hearing aids which are gradually getting stronger and stronger. Just to add to the fun my eyesight is bad enough for me to be on the Blind Register - sometimes we make a good team. It is frustrating when things get mended worse. The only problem with the old system was the satnav upgrades which were an expensive farce. Christine uses the satnav a great deal, even for well known routes, in order to get the traffic information. Buying the same car we did not bother with a test drive otherwise I think we would have had a lesser model and would have gone back to a Garmin. Oh, and just to add insult to injury it must be a TomTom system because it does not find our house. We looked at the Lexus which does seem to have the same satnav and was about the same price, but it did not have enough room for our dog. Bob from Burrows, the salesman, is ringing tomorrow so we will see if anything can be done. Christine is, erm, more mature at 70, but don't tell her that I told you. Malcolm
  7. There are a few changes with the new car which are causing a few problems for Chirsine, the driver, who is hard of hearing. 1. We did not bother with the rear sensors on this car because Christine could not hear the beeps, but the guidelines have disappeared from the camera which she found very useful. SatNav, although the new display is very good and it is good to have speed limits there are some problems. 2. The SatNav is not linked to the heads-up display. 3. The instructions ramble on. A person who is hard of hearing needs short precise instructions; volume is not the whole answer. 4. The voice itself is not clear. These may seem minor problems but Christine spends a lot of time travelling alone so I am not there to tell her what the instruction said and they often come at a time when a lot is happening on the road so looking at the display is not a great idea. Malcolm
  8. We were getting quotes of around £13,000 for the installation we have now. I am 71 so the chances of it breaking even in my lifetime seemed remote. Our house was built in 1913, long before A frames, but there is a hefty beam which goes across the roof and the panels are firmly fixed to this. It is also a slate roof so the rest of the structure is quite light. The inverter is a pretty hefty box in the cellar. All agreed that having it in the loft space was a bad idea because of the considerable temperature changes. Beware of inexperienced salesmen, they can make quite glaring errors. One chap calculated the roof angle at 60 degrees which you may find in France but not too often in England.
  9. We have had panels for 2.5years on the 'rent-a-roof' system and we are highly delighted. They have reduced our electricity bills by about one third, but we are quite heavy users. Our house is very exposed to the south west and there have been quite a few gales since they were installed, but they remain firmly in place.
  10. Late again I'm afraid - story of my life. Glad to be of help.
  11. I forgot to mention that the deal was an engagement ring or a car, she chose the car. The Prius is our 16th car. We have been married for 48 years.
  12. I cannot remember the figure for insurance but in 1963 we bought a car (a 1934 Hillman Minx), paid for insurance, eight lessons and the test for £50. http://www.flickr.com/photos/norwichhouse-oakridge/4476114618/in/set-72157622367220088
  13. I have just noticed this so a bit late. This site will convert a location to a number of different formats in degrees/minutes/seconds and it uses OS maps. http://www.streetmap.co.uk/
  14. It's being miserable that keeps me happy.

  15. In our home town there was a Jensen specialist who told Christine to drive the car hard and the Bosch injection would run better, so she did and it did. We had it some time and the only problem we had was that the high pressure fuel pump failed once. The Prius beats the Rovers on almost every count with one or two exceptions; it doesn't have the 'presence' of the Rover and it doesn't have automatic locking or electric seat adjustment.