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  1. On my 2014 Aygo x-clusiv, the DRLs came on as soon as you started the car and stayed on until the sidelights or main headlights were turned on. They were not dependant on gear or handbrake.
  2. I went from a 2010 iQ3 multidrive to a 2014 Aygo x-clusiv x-shift and other than missing a few tech features, relative to its price and market, it didn't feel any worse in its build quality than the iQ and like my iQ, I never had any issues with it. It was a trade off though, as I gained DAB and a reversing camera in the Aygo. My main gripe with the Aygo x-shift was the gear box. It's not great in auto mode and much more pleasant in manual mode and the paddles made that mode convenient to use. The x-shift keeps the emissions down though compared to a more traditional auto box, so my Aygo x-shift was tax free like the manual. I've now left Toyota after nine years and have got a 2018 Kia Picanto 3 auto.
  3. I've had my Aygo for around 4 years now and I'm not a fan of the x-shift. I much prefer a proper auto gearbox experience to this one. I find it drives nicer in manual mode, so I never use it in auto mode.
  4. I keep my Aygo x-clusiv tyres at the pressures on the label in the car. I wish they would stick that label upside down, as it would be easier to read.
  5. The budget brand that went on my x-clusiv's front factory alloys is Comforser.
  6. I had to change my front tyres on my 2014 Aygo x-clusiv for this year's MOT and just went for pair of budget tyres. They've been great so far and don't feel any different to the Continentals fitted at the factory. I went budget, as I'm thinking about changing the car this year.
  7. My local Toyota dealer is doing a 'you've been invited' event with 'never seen before prices' this weekend. I got the leaflet in the post last week.
  8. When I've streamed Spotify audio over Bluetooth in the past, my Aygo display showed artist and track name, but the last time I did it, the screen was blank like the OP's picture. I haven't used this set up since and haven't bothered to see if it's something I can resolve or not yet.
  9. Just people usually like new and shiny, so thought there might be some noise about it. That said, I've only seen one on my travels so far and that was 2 July. I wonder if the new tax bands have impacted sales of small cars. It's certainly influencing my decision about my next car.
  10. I'm surprised with the lack of talk about the 2018 Aygo here. I thought there would be a range of owner impressions by now.
  11. MarkyPancake

    Air con

    My 2014 Aygo air con doesn't feel as cold as it used to, but I haven't used it much at all during my ownership. Its effect is hindered though by the useless fixed centre vents that are positioned behind the x-touch display and point up at the ceiling, so all you can do is try to angle the side vent at yourself, but between that one and you is the steering wheel.
  12. My 2014 x-clusiv passed its second MOT yesterday. Had an advisory on front tyre wear last year, so didn't take any chances and got new rubber on the front this week before booking the MOT. Happy days.
  13. I was considering trading in my x-clusiv x-shift for the new version, but the new price doesn't seem worth it for subtle updates over my 2014.
  14. Saw a new Aygo tonight on my way home from work. It was a red one. The new DRLs look nice. From the side and the rear in passing you can easily mistake it for the previous design. I priced up a 2018 auto x-clusiv earlier on the website and it came in at around £15,500 and I couldn't find a parking sensor option. I'm going to pass at that price. It's not different enough from my 2014 and year old rival cars can be had for a better price with a slightly better spec and in some cases on the old, cheaper tax banding. I might consider the new Aygo when it's a year old or maybe I'll get lucky with an ex-demo again.