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  1. aygo07

    Which Fuel

    which fuel do you put in your car i used to put super market fuel in but i found never got the same amount of miles as other branded names .at the moment i use shell unleaded petrol and i can get about 430 miles off a full tank of fuel .but which fuel do you find the best and why aygo 07
  2. when i bought the car it had 4.000 miles on the clock as i drive over 20.000 miles a year i have to have the car serviced every 6 months the guy who had it before me had it serviced every year and toyota have a record of the service history they said it would be the cars 4th service the car as been well looked after by the last owner and i just want to do the same .
  3. i went in to my toyota garage yesterday and asked how much to get my aygo serviced and they said 136 pound for its 4th service on my 07 aygo i thought that was cheap its only done under 13.ooo miles .
  4. on my way home from work this morning i noticed a noise comming from the engine so later that day i took my aygo 07 plate back to vantage toyota in blackburn and they told me that the water pump was faulty and if want to wait about an hour they would fix it for me under warranty . they all so washed my car for me to now thats what i call good service well done toyota .
  5. i have a 2007 aygo black 5 door and in the last week or so it as rained cats and dogs here in lancashire and the car is bone dry. the cars that are leaking are the 3 or 5 doors . hope you get you new car sorted out soon
  6. just wondered how often you should polish your car as i polish mine at least twice a week by doing this would i damage the paint work what is your opinion
  7. hi there sorry to here about your aygo but i have a 2007 aygo black and have never had any problems with water in the car i think the aygo is a great car .
  8. aygo07

    10 P Per Mile

    i used to havse a toyota avensis i used to get 280 miles off 40 quids worth of fuel now ive a aygo black i get over 400 miles off 40 quids worth of fuel its not as good a car as the avensis but its cheaper to run by far.
  9. hi i wash my aygo at least twice a week how often do you wash and wax your car i use auto glyn super resin polish it looks like brand new when ive finnished with it .
  10. the most miles ive had on the first fuel bar is 132 miles but thats mixed driving on roads and motorway and on a full tank of fuel ive had 430 miles im well pleases with the car