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  1. Hi There I know the noise you mean, I get the same, had it checked out by Mr T and he said "just normal transmission noise, don't worry about it". So I don't any more! Enjoy the lift my friend. Loljulie
  2. loljulie

    Wiper Woes

    Bought a full set of wipers today including blade for rear under £20 the lot incl VAT. Toyota dealer near Southampton. Like the idea of the colour changing sticker!
  3. 40yrs old 11 yrs NCB £240 First Direct However insurance costs seem to be rocketing, my wife has just been quoted £262 for her Picasso up from £190 last year so renewal could be more this year.
  4. Thanks Mooly I guess all is well for now then. Cheers Loljulie
  5. Just wondered what the life expectancy is on a T-Sport clutch. My 03 plate has 47000 miles, no sign of slip but does feel a bit high on the pedal. As clutch mechanism is hydraulic I guess this can't be adjusted. Anything I should be looking for please. Thanks all Loljulie
  6. Out of interest, how much will it cost to lower? Those rear wheels really do look lost! Also, being a novice to all this, where do you get it done. I am on the South coast near Southampton.
  7. Hi Sheepscloth Well done on your new purchase, I am a new 5dr T sport owner too, loving the lift, horrified by the fuel consumption! I have read much on here about the poor handling, but just how fast do you have to want to corner to experience this? I have given Hoof (HD03OOF) some serious welly on lift around fun bends and never thought I wish it was lower. I do agree it looks very ungainly at the back, how much space do you need around that wheel arch? Would love to hear your thoughts pre and post change. Have fun! Loljulie
  8. Thanks, I know what you mean, although 4.5mpg on lift is alarming but crazy fun!
  9. Hi All After much persuasion my lovely wife has let me get my Corolla T-sport. Loving driving it, hate the fuel economy after my Ibiza Cupra diesel, but ooohhhh the lift!