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  1. I've done my best to see if anyone has done a tutorial etc. in here on this but I need to replace B1 S2 on my Rav. If I've understood everything right then it is located beneath the CAT on the right hand side (when facing the front of the car) but it looks like a right b***** to get to. Without a guide to follow I'm looking at removing the plastic tray under the front of the car and going in from underneath, is that the right thing to do?
  2. Chud

    Rav 4 Dog Guard

    FYI for people around the Dorset area I'm selling a 2nd hand full height 4.2 Toyota dog guard on ebay - item number 190485440495
  3. Chud

    Heavy Clutch

    Thanks Anchorman - I can cope with the weight - as I said it's not that much heavier than my old car, which for a 'warm' hatch had a surprisingly heavy clutch. The only time I notice it is in a traffic jam etc! Your explanation makes much more sense than what the guy at Toyota told me - I really couldn't work out how wear on the clutch plate would cause the clutch to get heavier...
  4. Chud

    Heavy Clutch

    We had our '52 plate 4.2 Gx in to Toyota the other day to get a duplicate key (2nd hand dealer only provided one) and they advised that the clutch was very heavy and said this was indicative of wear although it didn't need replacing yet as not slipping etc. I had noticed the clutch was heavy but not that much more than my old car (Citroen Saxo VTR) and had just put it down to the fact that it's a larger heavier car with 4wd so has a beefier clutch. I've not come across a car before where the clutch getting heavy is a sign of wear(or not experienced it first hand), was the guy at the service dept desk just spinning me a line because he didn't know or was comparing the clutch weight in a 4.2 to the 4.3's he's probably moving around mos of the time? - btw our Rav only has 59k on the clock so is this average for clutch life? Cheers Richard
  5. brakes - ancs will coment when his train gets in. Jacking up - the favourite is to use the petrol tank as the jacking point so think yersel lucky they used the diff - and yes all will be ok. Cheers Bothwell_Buyer - especially as this is a query about a 5dr - I thought you avoided them like the plague! ;-)
  6. Hi Folks We've recently bought a 2nd hand Rav - 5dr 4.2 VVTi The rear discs were badly corroded and pitted and made a continuous 'knife on whetstone' noise so they (& pads) were changed under the warranty from the car sales place. However - since being changed the rear brakes are now squealing quite a bit - is this a normal bedding in process? Also because of the side steps the bloke jacked up the rear of the car using a trolley jack but seated it on the rear diff - not the carrier - is it likely to have caused any damage? Cheers Richard
  7. Yes - if you look here it would be advisable to disable traction control (or leave clear instructions on how to do so).
  8. Chud

    2003 Dog Guard

    Not sure about that - the one I picked up off fleabay yesterday for my 02 plate 5dr is a different shape - that looks more like the ones for 06 onwards... We picked up our 'new' Rav4 on Friday and having two mucky spaniels obtaining a guard was a priority (the boot liner arrives later this week...) However...the one I've got although right for the car has been an absolute B********* to fit - not helped by the fact that the telescopic arms were a bit seized and the fact that the plastic trim around the recesses where said arms go is made from something slightly less robust than eggshell :-/ Also as it's a 2nd/3rd hander and the previous owner had never used it I've got no idea where/how the floor bolts etc should be fitted so if anyone has one and can take a few piccies??? In the mean time I've heath-robinsoned some load straps underneath the rear seats to pull the bottom of the guard forward and down to stop the lugs popping out. So... the point to the rant above? Although once fitted the Toyota guards are very robust and high quality I would not really say they're easy to fit (without damaging the plastic liners in the roof) and not something you can easily remove/refit in the event you need to put something large in the car e.g. washing mashine etc...