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  1. It you take It to any good exhaust place they will be able to fit It for you. Nothing else needed from Toyota.
  2. GazzyG

    Green Coolant

    I thought the coolant was pinky/red for T-Sports?
  3. Hi Ste, I got a stalk adapter+patch lead from dynamic sounds. Just pick which make of stereo you have for the patch lead -
  4. Hi ste372, Look at this thread as the right fit facia I got is covered in here -
  5. GazzyG


    Not had any heat hardly on the drivers side of the car for awhile now. All the drivers side vents were blowing cold to luke warm anyway followed the steps from several of you guys used Domestos plug/sink unblocker and flushed out with hosepipe. All hot now thank god! Had to sort this out while it was a mild day today. Ready for the ice and snow now.
  6. Hi noedel, Here's a picℑ=7814 Will try and get another pic for you if I have time today. I have seen your facia, It does not look much different. Does it not fit tightly? Cheers...
  7. I do have the patch lead/stalk adapter for the steering wheel controls but the controls dont work. They only work with facelift corolla's I found out after alot of searching because the plugs from the dash are different.
  8. Hi Steve, I swapped my oem unit and got a JVC KW AVX740. The Facia adapter I got was this one - The above Facia will be a tight fit but my unit fitted perfect. Some Facia's need trimming abit for the unit to fit but I have a JVC so should be the same fit! (The Facia adapter from Dynamic Sounds Ltd did not fit mine!!!). The steering controls should work with yours as it's a 2005 model. Yeah you will need a stalk adapter/patch lead for it. :)
  9. They have them at Amazon - £84.99! Could not copy the link.
  10. Nice job there! Someone's showing off!
  11. Sorry to hear about your Baby Sammy! Hope you get it sorted soon.
  12. Red centre lights all working now!
  13. Cheers Sammy, Yeah I'll try that later. Thanks!
  14. Just fitted the red bulbs for the centre heater panel today. I know 'Sammy' had problems fitting these of this thread don't know if she sorted it or not? Anyway, the following are working - 1xT4 for fan speed 1xT4 for Temp 3xT4 for bottom row of buttons 1xT5 for mode/direction display These are not working - 1xT5 for clock 1xT5 for mode/direction display. So, 2 bulbs are not working. I got them from the same seller as 'Phil01'. The T5's will fit in the slots you just have to really put a bit pressure on them for them to click all the way in! But, because they were so tight to click in I'am having problems trying to pull them back out as I don't want to damage to circuit board. Have tried long nose pliers but cannot pull them out. Anybody know the best way to get'em out if you have put replacements in? Cheers if anybody has got any advice.
  15. Good job there mate! I like it alot. Cheap with everything you need in a media centre and you get to keep the original headunit in there!