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  1. roger_37

    oil quantity

    thanks devon aygo just what i needed.
  2. roger_37

    oil quantity

    2.2 engine and six speed gearbox
  3. roger_37

    oil quantity

    whant i need to know many liters would i need for that
  4. roger_37

    oil quantity

    only have the rav4 for now, going to buy something new for the better half.
  5. roger_37

    oil quantity

    im gona do gearbox,diff and transfer oil in the motor, what i need to know, how much oil for each gearbox diff and trans how much oil for each,i know which oil but not know quantity.thanks
  6. roger_37

    Headlights Stopped Working

    first problem no profile, what rav4.
  7. roger_37

    Happy Birthday Igormus

    happy birthday igormus belated
  8. roger_37

    Happy Birthday Roger-37

    :cheers:thanks all for the good wishes
  9. roger_37

    Happy Birthday Doosan

    :cheers:happy birthday doosan
  10. roger_37

    Happy Birthday Hoovie

    happy birthday hoovie ....
  11. roger_37

    2.2 Replacement Engine Failed.

  12. roger_37

    Happy Birthday

    have a good `1
  13. roger_37

    Happy Birthday

    have a great day m8
  14. roger_37

    My Old Friend Is For Sale!

  15. roger_37

    My Old Friend Is For Sale!

    PM sent... any chance of a pic before I decide ? lol... !Removed!'s not allowed on the site.Is the Irish version allowed, !Removed! O'Graphic.......? pills.......... ta tuibh ag insibh brega anois