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  1. all sorted now downloaded to usb stick and updated to motor , not tried it yet but to-morrow .
  2. dont seem to be able to download maps over pc in N.I.
  3. i think the secret is to find out what you can learn, without any help from others, thats what i did and its fun /and sad 🤣
  4. i have the nextbase 622 gw dash cam i use an android phone and it works with it ...you have to wait for 3/4 min some times longer for the fone to connect to dash cam to view the footage captured but it works.
  5. when i updated mine, i have the padlock icon
  6. thanks Ernie was looking at that type. martin
  7. can i be so bold and ask which one you have ,as i would like to get one
  8. same as that but battery is where did'nt see in the boot?
  9. home from beach nothing to report all went great .....what a day out hot hot hot ....motor was good too used sport mode to-day,driving twisty hilly roads.🤣
  10. yes my boot would not open...to-day off to the beach again but with battery pack on board if i should need it which i wont after the advice from here ...regards leaving motor in ready mode ......thanks all for the great help much appreciated ..martin
  11. was it faulty why did you get them to change it .... might need to get same done
  12. thanks, will keep this in mind for future reference.
  13. i have both ..but were at home at the time but lesson learned.
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