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  1. roger_37

    oil quantity

    thanks devon aygo just what i needed.
  2. roger_37

    oil quantity

    2.2 engine and six speed gearbox
  3. roger_37

    oil quantity

    whant i need to know many liters would i need for that
  4. roger_37

    oil quantity

    only have the rav4 for now, going to buy something new for the better half.
  5. roger_37

    oil quantity

    im gona do gearbox,diff and transfer oil in the motor, what i need to know, how much oil for each gearbox diff and trans how much oil for each,i know which oil but not know quantity.thanks
  6. first problem no profile, what rav4.
  7. happy birthday igormus belated
  8. :cheers:thanks all for the good wishes
  9. :cheers:happy birthday doosan
  10. happy birthday hoovie ....
  11. PM sent... any chance of a pic before I decide ? lol... !Removed!'s not allowed on the site.Is the Irish version allowed, !Removed! O'Graphic.......? pills.......... ta tuibh ag insibh brega anois