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  1. what wud u guys suggest? my brother thinks a celica engine but im just pondering. what have u guys done? if any...
  2. Hello people, I got my corolla today and im quite excited at the prospects of making it look and drive sweet, its mechanically sound and the body is clean however it is totally standard. I'm not the most technical minded however i do learn quick, hopefully by picking ur brains every so often. a few things i want to do prior to engine and performance mods: 1, To spray the black bumpers to match the rest of the car which is a lovely almost lead grey. Any idea how much this can cost? 2, Get some nice 5 spoke alloys, any specific reccomendations? what kind of size can u go up to with these cars without having to adjust the wheel arches? 3, Possibly lower it? even tho it is relatively low anyway... Possible performance mods Again humour me as its my 3 day as a corolla enthusiast - I really wanted a g6r however i knew insurance wud kill me as ive not long been on the road so im thinking at some point to get a diff engine from maybe a starlet or even a gr6, has this been done? What else would you advise to make it that extra bit of fun when driving? Im open to any advice as im just collecting ideas but i defo want to make this car the bee'z knees coz i think they look amazing. Also, body kits, should i bother? ive always weaned away from the idea as i don't wanna look a boy racer but a subtle side skirt or something like that maybe? I really like this purple one however im not keen on the spoiler Ill upload pics of mine with this and pics of something i want it to look like. I hope that helps and thank u for any input