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  1. looks cool really like that :)
  2. link to my thread
  3. LambG6

    Lambg6 Corolla

    Also brakes are fitted now aswell look ace
  4. LambG6

    Lambg6 Corolla

    Gave the car a clean and love the carbon surround even more now cleaned lol
  5. Hi all, I would appreciate if someone could help me in where I can purchase Front Rear Strut braces for my 1998 G6 5door car Thanks in advance Dave
  6. LambG6

    Lambg6 Corolla

    Decided to change my surround from Kandy red to Carbon Fibre wrap excuse the carpet Personally think it looks ace, much more better than the kandy red Needs a wash but will be done when much better weather is around lol
  7. LambG6

    Lambg6 Corolla

    yes when the badges where taken off no holes where there just residue of where the badges where :D as before I had the car repainted, I did the debadging :D and thanks for liking it, I know its something different
  8. LambG6

    Lambg6 Corolla

    thanks for some replies :D yeah love the twin pipes, well worth the money IMO Just arrived cant wait to get them fitted :D
  9. Hi all members This is my corolla; initially I got the car in standard condition around 6 months ago. I bought it standard with full service history and only one previous owner. It had dents and key marks on it aswell as other scratches and the interior was standard aswell. As I got a new job, I decided to spend some money on some mods on the car to improve it; this went from some small things such as side repeaters, smoked lights to a full transformation as it is today: D It went from standard, to tinted rear lights, side repeaters, and a cheap exhaust box, to me spending on new Lensos in white. Then I thought let’s do it really nice for some shows aswell as daily use, went to a few local body shops for some quotes, and see some of their work then it was done all booked in ready to roll. So here is how my car has turned out since the last 4 months Current Spec List: Modifications done to the car: Bodywork, Exterior & Painted Parts Bodywork painted in the standard Black (one with most silver in it) and Kandy Red with silver shimrin theme •Custom Airbrushed Filler Cap with Skull and corolla badge within design •Smoothed Front bumper •Smooth Rear Bumper •Smoothed Tailgate (removed lock and rear wiper) •Smoothed Aerial •Smoothed Side Repeaters •Smoothed Door Locks •EVO Mirrors with tinted led indicators •Tinted from indicators •Laminx Smoked Headlights •Non OEM Top Spoiler with led •Corolla Front Splitter •Lenso RS5 in Kandy Red and polished lip •Kandy Red Roof, Mirrors, top Spoiler, Bonnet, and number plate surround •Kandy Red Dash Surround •Kandy Red window switch surrounds •Carbon Wrapped B Pillars •Carbon Wrapped door handles •Tinted rear lights •TRD, T Sport Badges •Corolla mud flaps •Various Stickers Suspension and Wheels & Brakes •Lowered 40mm •Wheels Lenso RS5 in Kandy Red paint on 205/40/17 with custom caps & Dice Valve Caps •Soon to fit Grooved and drilled discs front Exhaust •Custom Dual Exit Longlife Cat Back with Titanium Tips with Burnt Effect Windows •Heko Wind Deflectors •Tinted windows from Tailgate(Limo)Rears (Dark Smoked) –Fronts (Normal) Interior •Kandy Red Dash Surround •Kandy Red window switch surrounds •Sparco mats •Sparco R100 Front Recliners in Black/Red •Momo 280mm Team Steering Wheel + Boss •Momo Handbrake Handle and Black Gaiter •Jap Style Gear Knob •Momo Pedals •Sabelt Harnesses and Sabelt harness Pads •Footwell Neon’s Lighting •Philips Dimondvision bulbs •Led number plate lights, custom fogs, and side lights •Under LED kit •Footwell Neon’s •Red Boot interior neon ICE •Alpine Headhunt with Bluetooth •Vibe Space Amps •Vibe Space Subwoofer •Ground zero Fuse holder •Vibe wiring kit Other •Jap Style number plate •Private plate •Detailed by VXR Marc aka Heavenly Detailed 2 Quick pics when I Got The Car How it is at present Will get better photos when weather stops raining :D and when grooved an drilled discs are on :D
  10. any more updates on this as looks real nice :D
  11. looks really nice and love the black lights on the rears :D
  12. Hope someone can help: I would like to get front and rear strut braces for my Corolla G6 1998 5 Door I just cant seem to find where to get them from, as seen few members have them on their cars. Any advice or links to sellers would be appreciated Thanks Dave
  13. I fitted mine and think they're great They look good aswell