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  1. it looks just a 2 of us around here :)
  2. hi there not an expert as well but I think about the same. once i had same problem with peugeot 406 after changing locks, then just peugeot dealer helped,they programed my ecu and it started spot on. i believe its going to be the same prob. try to consult with toyota dealer,see what they say. good luck
  3. hey guys any of you Colleagues from leeds or near? cold be great to get to know each other... or even sort a meeting out
  4. hi mate I usually get my parts from any parts shop quite easy. any way sometimes is dificult to get something, in case like this I go for nearest official toyota dealer and they always sorting me out good luck
  5. another thing guys... will lowering springs made for carina saloon or hatchback will fit on my estate???? i think there is no lowering springs especialy for estate. if i fit ones made for saloon or hatchback for my estate will it work for me any advice? many thanks
  6. milion thanks mate... got no idea how i do not find any before on ebay... I got some in my site now thanx again pal
  7. hi mate just remove the bulb itself ,if it bothers you so much...it compleatly pointless any way....end of story well at least thats what I will do if same thing will happen to my carina...
  8. also you need to make sure there is enough coolant in radiator.. whatever you do....just dont fill very hot radiator with cold coolant under any circumstances, especialy if the engine is on
  9. hi there mate... from symptoms you described I believe it could be a fault of your thermostat. there is an address where you can find some info about whole cooling system and each part seperatly http://auto.howstuffworks.com/cooling-system8.htm maybe it will help what about a damage i believe it should be fine as long as there is no ANY change in engines behavior I had a prob with overheating once with my old bmw 324d. unfortunetly i failed to notice that the car is owerheating and blown the engine in just about 3miles honest advice,avoid any unnecesary trips while you get it sorted good luck
  10. in my 93 carina there is no any bolts on that tank...it just lifts up... simple as that.. cmon mate,just look for a bolt on a tank,if its there on yours just remove it and gently pull the tank up. thats all. good look
  11. hi there... just in case you got a sport springs on sale you could also contact me on vwgti@mail.com thanx
  12. thing is I hawing some trouble to find it,maybe just dont know where to lock for it
  13. Tip: click inside this box to load the editor
  14. hi there guys... any chance anyone got for sale sport springs for carina E estate? new or used.... or maybe any one tried to fit a springs to mentioned car from any other toyota? any advice will be help full thanx
  15. hi i got a prob with my carina estate..the banging sound comes from the rear of a car,also when driving on a bad surface road is another sound (something like you hang a chain on the rear shock and go for a ride) I been in a garage for a check,been told that this is a scaber links I replaced them but almost nothing have changed. also i checking the rear of a car weekly now,but as far for my knowledge ewerything seems to be in their places (nothing loose or moving as it should not) already getting paranoid about it,even tried to sell it,(thanks god I changed my mind on time) it realy pising me off sometimes but i just love it for some reason help guys,maybe someone been in a familiar situation,it driving me mad. any advice.. many thanks by the way,sorry for any mistakes in text (ENGLISH IS NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE)