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  1. It's not that bad a road - you's must be used to your motorways. lol. From Aberdeen city centre to Elgin city centre its 65 miles - an hrs journey!!
  2. Must agree there! Total shambles! I seen your Yaris though, cfc1! :) But this didn't help matters; Quote from Edinburgh Cruise Forums "I've been informed that the owners of the car park are aware that there is a cruise planned. They have complained of damage to their property on previous occasions and do not want cruisers to assemble at this location on the 11th March. In order to ensure that this is the case, they have instructed security guards to actively prevent cruisers from accessing the site and have made local police aware. Please be aware of this and make your mates aware so that we
  3. NOW MOVED to Livingston Iceland CarPark!!!!!! B)
  4. MARCH 11TH 2006 BATHGATE CRUISE II ARGOS CAR PARK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW MOVED to Livingston Iceland CarPark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:30 ONWARDS! I wl definitely b ther!
  5. Still provisional date!! But its looking to be on May 6th in Inverness again - not the same location, that is to be announced. Depending on the date also should have the Fast Car Crew in Attendance I myt go-depends :P
  6. Hi, if you go to your dealer a light cover lense is about or around £25 but if its for the whole cluster it should be no more than £50.
  7. SC Cruise: Elgin Cruise III 8th April Town Hall Car Park 8pm till late Magazine will be attending - still to be confirmed :)
  8. Fast & Modified are coming north to Aberdeen on the 22nd of April. Location still to be confirmed. :) I'll possibly be going! Also 'Tora Tora Tora' with Banzai in Crail on the 23rd April
  9. Get the heavy duty battery at Halfords. They have a small book/leaflet of the majority of cars standard and heavy duty batteries. They have the codes there - thats what I would advise mate. :)
  10. Could anyone please tell me the difference between the VVTi, G6R, SR, and any other engine specs? :) Thanks all for your help!
  11. Hi, I am thinking about buying a Corolla in the new year. I want the 2000 model as it has the quad headlights and I want 6 gears. Could anyone possibly tell me the different engine spec's for these types of Corollas? Thanks
  12. A thought it wis nae bad, but mind you am fae Elgin. lol. I also noticed you dont get so much snow down here!!
  13. Edinburgh Cruise on the 25th November at Hermiston Gait at 19:30pm. I will be there! :)
  14. Starlet Si


    A set of 15"s with an offset of 38 and pcd 4x100. Preferably 5 spokers but not fussed as longs as its not 3 spokers. Edited: 24/01/06 Got the alloys I wanted now DunK
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