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  1. Hello I have been informed that my MK1 MR2 needs new rear brake calipers as the current ones are sticking on. Should I buy Toyota ones or can anyone recommend an alternative and what the cost should be? If so, where should I buy them from? Forgive my ignorance ...I'm not very good with car mechanics etc. Appreciate any help ...thank you!
  2. So if it isn't leaking there is nothing I can do, and nothing to worry about? It was only today that I noticed the strong smell about 3 times. Really Appreciate your help! Thank YOU!
  3. Brilliant, thanks for your help. I wish it was down to number 3 but unfortunately not. The car does not have air con but does this still apply to the heater system? If it is the cat ....will i need to replace it ...and at whap approximate cost? Thanks again!
  4. Hello I have today experienced a really unpleasant Egg/!Removed! like smell from my MK1 MR2. It is not there all the time.....it just happens intermittently when i am driving. What could this be and what should i do? Many thanks
  5. Hello Where could I buy really top quality relacement mats for my MK1 MR2? My original blue ones are great quality but they are very tired now. They ideally need to be the same blue to match the blue velour interior. Can you get mats for the rear also? If not, this isn't a problem. Thank you for any help!
  6. Hello. Can anyone help me with this one. When my car lights are on......should the rear fog light button still glow/illuminate in the dark when not activated? It is just that the rear heated window button on the opposite side of the steering wheel glows when not activated so I assume the rear fog light switch should also light up. Obviously when I press both of these buttons they really light up to show that they are activated ...but there is not a dim glow on the fog light switch like on the rear heated window button. Is there a slight fault with this button on my car? I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you
  7. Thank you for your welcome. I might just do that. I will wait until I have had the arches done though ...then it will hopefully look the business!
  8. Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to this but thought it worth my while to join. I have just bought 89 MK1 Toyota MR2 1.6 in Mica Blue with a genuine 54000 miles, 3 owners, Full Toyota History. It appears to be completely original and complete. It is MOT'd and taxed for 10 months and has just been serviced and had it's second cambelt. It is immaculate inside and excellent outside. The only downsides being that the rear arches are rusting and there is slight corrosion under the A pillars ...oh and the electric aerial does not go up or down! Other than these things, everything works perfectly and it drives superbly. Luckily the last owners of 15 years (in their sixties) had it serviced at the local Toyota garage. In the last 3 years alone they have paid very large bills on the car so I assume that everything should be as good as it can be. They recently bought a 2004 MR2. I am quite meticulous and I just wanted to check something with you all ...hope you can help? Is the rear fog light switch supposed to light up/glow even when it has not been pressed. The main light comes on when the button is pressed but it looks like the lower part of the button should glow permanently. It's just that the rear heated window switch on the opposite side of the steering wheel glows even when it has not been pressed. Should the fog light switch do the same? Many Thanks, Warwick79
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