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  1. There have been many threads on this subject on this forum and differing results depending on model and year. It's worth a try, but you could get a screw extractor at your local DIY store to get the screw out of your present key. Fitter Hi thanks for that, I have bought a new key from ebay and the guy has also sent me a second casing so i was thinking i could try and finish butchering the existing key and transfer all the bits into the new one and get the other new key cut but i'll obviously have to try and reprogramme this key.
  2. Hello, My dad recently bought a 2001 Avensis, It has only come with one key and typically the battery on the key is flat, I can't replace the battery as someone has mashed the screw on the key so I can't take it apart. So the current key is fine to use in the lock and start but obviously its a bit awkward and i'm just waiting for my dad to lose it to be honest. So I know i need another key, what is my best option? I have been looking on ebay i missed one last night which was the same as my key a 2button key with a Valeo blade. If i do manage to get one of these and then get it cut can i then just go through the sequences listed on the site for getting the car to accept the new key? Thanks in advance Dan