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  1. After 6 diff probs with the car I have traded it in, cos I reckon it is jinxed. Ordered a new i20 and overall the value was pretty much what I anticipated, got £16300 in current condition with the broken wing mirror. So that equates to £16,735 if I had got it repaired, nearly £4k drop in 8 months, and since a new car looses a chunk as soon as it hit's the road then the price seems reasonably fair. So it's ta ta toyota :thumbsup:
  2. I've had one claim within the last year, so if I claimed again I would loose NCD.
  3. Met a big 4wd today that was incapable of staying on it's half of the road, it walloped my mirror and drove on. Popped into the dealer on the way home and they reckoned it needed replaced. and the cost £434.92 Utterly amazed at that price, anybody any contacts for cheap parts???????????
  4. Think you have to be a paid up member to sell things on here?? Just nosey though, how come you're selling it already, it can't be that old?? Paid up member?????? I spent a lot on a Toyota, and Toyota advised me of this site. What the hell is a paid up member??? If it is the reason that my post has been deleted by some moderator, then they might have had the decency to explain why?? I quoted my email, it would not have been to hard to advise me. I am selling it cos I am not happy with it, don't know why, but if I feel like this after 9 months it is not going to get better.
  5. I posted earlier about selling my Auris Hybrid, has it been shifted somewhere or deleted????????
  6. Daveybee you may well be right, I will not do anything without a bit of thought this time, and do not intend to make a sudden change overnight. I was thinking of a similar valuation of around the £16k, which is a loss of £1k a month, might make more sense to keep it for the year and re-assess how I feel then. The value would probably drop not much more over the next 6 months. But as Seamaster73 says, if I have not bonded with the car by now, I never will - maybe sums up how I feel confused.com
  7. I've had my auris HSD since 1st September and 3700 on the clock. I like the car but for some reason not happy with it, I could not put my finger on it and state a specific reason. Never felt this way with a new car before, dunno if I am just being stupid or what, or got the January blues in February How does all other Auris owners feel? If I do decide to sell or trade in, then what do think I would get for a sale or trade-in on a £21k car, that is 6 months old. Help / advice much appreciated.
  8. The only hard bit is getting the tools in the right place, so that it sits down completely. You do need the new spacer, cos it houses the tools. Just 2 days till the holiday to try it out
  9. Got to agree with the electric exterior mirror switch, could do with being illuminated, or even better still they should swing out when the power button is pressed. The other niggle I have is the average mileage, it does not work independently on total mileage / trip A / trip B, depress the button to reset it, and it is cleared accross all. I would have it so that I could see the average mileage since I got the car / my ave since I last filled up on trip A / and my ave for a specific trip on B. I like my new boot maximiser, now have both options and can change between them both if I need to. A
  10. Photo attached of the damage the low wall caused when I did not see it sticking out a couple of feet beyond the end of the railings. Cost of repair........................£1259 Thankfully it only cost me £150 excess. I would never have expected it to be that much.
  11. As the current boot insert just lifts out, if they want the other one back then I may just keep the existing one as it does stop things moving about. For the few occassions when I do need the extra space for cases etc. then why not just remove the current configuration which lowers the boot and has the same purpose. Not so pretty, but who looks in the boot
  12. I pretty much agree with Terry, if I read a post then see it is the Prius I am no longer interested, OK they are both Hybrid, but the Auris being a new car on the market I would rather read posts specific to the car I own. Own - Hmmm but still in the garage - 2 weeks now to repair a scrape on the cill and rear door, the latest story is that they are waiting on a rear inside door handle, and the front door electric window switch. So they obviously broke them stripping down the car.
  13. Anybody received the free upgrade yet?
  14. 1174 in 13 months ...........you would have been cheaper taking a taxi
  15. Mines goes into the body shop on monday and got a hire car of the insurance for the duration. I am still gutted big time, 33 years driving and I once had a chip repaired on the windscreen. Have the Auris for a month and have two claims thankfully the windscreen does not affect the no claims.
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