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  1. I cant do the 10th, sorry guys!
  2. teeside park - old skool..lol jap nprth east meets are awesome.. you should tho try make drive to our north meet, if you can.. top bunch of ppls.. :)
  3. whooooooooooooo! im there! :) after payday is always good.. :)
  4. where have you been since January? :(

  5. Heya, well they're 17" , pretty much brand new.. they been on the car for a year and half?.. something like that.
  6. Parts to go so far: (all major parts be for pick up only) - Carbon Fibre Bonnet = £350 ono - Bomex Engine cover (already attatched to n/a lid) = £200 - Bomex Front Bumper (picture below) = £150 - 17" Alloys (picture in second post) = £200 - Venturer cd/dvd in car player (link to item below - mine is in silver) = £100 CD/MP3 player - Rear black lexus lights = £50 - Front clear side lights (seen in picutre above for bumper) = £50 - Carbon Fibre gear surround = £20 - Mountney Carbon Fibre look steering wheel (picture below - where this one is pink, mine is carbon fibre) = £70 to be updated ** ANY ITEMS WANTED ABOVE ARE PICK UP ONLY. AND HELP (MUCH APPRECIATED) NEEDED TO REMOVE SUCH ITEMS**
  7. lol hou, send me postcode of pub pweaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P ill be there, i will! :P jst need a time.. :) plus you all get to meet gordon..lol :P
  8. woah woah woah! (im going to be the one to jump in on a discussion and go.....) where the hell is the meet? Im kinda thinking after reading through the 10 pages that its not that far from me... but then, i dont know.lol postcode.. map anyone? as im guessing i be the only one coming from my side.. with most you guys meeting at FBS... ************* Right ive found it, its off the A1, still reckon i could get lost.. Hou send me postcode of pub.. but ill be there.. havnt been to a mee tin ages.. and oub grub sounds ace! *************************
  9. rude i know, but i cant make it now.. my first car payment is due out and with it being double im gonna go overdrawn.. so sorry guys.. :(
  10. is nandos where we normaly go? i like it there :)
  11. this could turn out to be a decent meet.. :) lookin forward to seein usual crowd and also some newbies.. :) c x
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