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  1. Thanks, it seems that a repair is out of the question or not economic... From the service bulletin it mentions that the problem occurred for VIN numbers beginning with S,J or N before 2005. There is a way to get VIN numbers from a numberplate, so hoping to find an early Avensis without the problem I tried Autotrader which must have turned up 50 within a 40 mile radius. Guess what, testing each no.plate showed all VINs began with S, (occasionally J). It seems there was a plant in Derbyshire where they are all made - so it's almost certain that all UK ones have the problem. It doesn't always seem to bad at first, probably best to buy a low mileage, then overfill slightly with oil (according to the link) and keep overfilled, occasionally use premium unleaded which (it's been said) can clear contamination. Of course, nowadays probably better to buy another model!
  2. Thanks everyone, that's about the best answer possible! John.
  3. Thanks Konrad and Mike so far, The one I was thinking of buying is a 2003 petrol with a 1.8 vvti , apparently Toyota eventually did some extra drainage holes or something to help, but not sure when. Would a Toyota dealer be able to tell if the number plate was given to them? Was the modification in 2005-2006 the extra holes or something more fundamental?
  4. Hi, I have to change my Avensis '51 reg now - it's always had an oil consumption problem, due apparently to faulty design of piston rings which affected some Avensis....does anyone know what years of the '98 type (onwards) Avensis were involved? When did Toyota finally sort it out? There is a '03 plate early type Avensis for sale which seems ok, but could the piston rings be a problem for that too? Thankyou, John.
  5. Thanks, Q.S. The email has been sent by P.M. Please let me know if it doesn't arrive. John H.
  6. You could try just log in and request a part, within a day you might have 3 or 4 dealers emailing you with a price....they send your request to 250 breakers nationwide, you choose the best deal. John H.
  7. Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2001 GS Avensis, with built in Sat Nav....(the previous one was a Vermont without it, just got written off by joy riders!) No doubt many of you have the newer model by now, but can you remember some basic instructions on how to use it, or is there an instruction booklet available, on line or otherwise. Thanks, John H.