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  1. Hi, The EML in my 2001 Avensis 1.8vvti has been lit for some time now but the car was running ok so I basically ignored it. Recently I have found that my MPG has gone down. I bought myself an OBD11 reader and have found that the nearside and offside heater sensors are not working. Can anybody please tell me if these sensors are of the Titania type or the Zircona type. I have seen Titania type of sensors for sale for £30 with a 12 month warranty so I am hoping these will fit. Also are the sensors on both sides the same fitment or do you have to get a certain sensor for each side. Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a Toyota Avensis 2001 workshop manual in PDF form that you could download for me to save on my computer please
  3. Hi Thermal, thanks for your help. I'm off on holiday tomorrow but I will try the ignition switch replacement as soon as I get back. Thanks for all your help.
  4. I swapped the battery over but no change. I did notice that when the ignition key was turned right around s if to start the car, the clicking/ticking noise started and all the eletrics flickered. could this be a starter motor/solenoid problem? any advice wqould be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for that, I'll give it a try, I didn't even consider the battery. If that is all it is I'll feel a right idiot. Thanks very much for the quick response.
  6. Hi, I hopoe someone can help with this one. I have a 2001 Avensis GS VVTI 1.8 which has done 50000 miles. The engine management light came on recently and upon having this checked I was told it was a fault on one of the lambda sensors. I used my car yesterday with no problems. When I tried to get it started today, the engine would not start and it sounded like it was nowhere near starting, just a rapid clicking noise from the engine compartment when the ignition key was turned. I don't know if the engine management light and the start failure are connected. Does anyone have any ideas please.
  7. Hi, Ive used Heathrow japanese Car Spares in the past and found them to be very good. They are on the internet or you can call on 02085771423