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  1. What difference does it make if the Yaris gets beat by a fiesta?!. Overall looks,handling,etc, the Yaris can stand proud. And.....ITS DIFFERENT AND FUN!!!.
  2. Blimey, thats a real low reading. Even my t sport with 125 bhp is getting 35 to the gallon. Maybe the aerodynamics arent helping you!
  3. Got the day off too, so might be wasted by tea time!!. Used to be able to nearly drink my age in pints.....43 is out the the question now
  4. Hello again everyone. Just to let you know I have gone back to having a t.pot. I have bought Charlies(chuck04) car. See you around, Biff
  5. Thank you :D i'm running around on the standard wheels now though, i sold the OZs 18months ago, as when the s15 arrived it kicked my yaris out of the garage! kimi -x- What is the model for those wheels? :) -Waino They are OZ Superleggerras. I bought them off of Kimi.
  6. Thank you :D i'm running around on the standard wheels now though, i sold the OZs 18months ago, as when the s15 arrived it kicked my yaris out of the garage! kimi -x- Wish my sister kept them as spotless kimi!! Might have to show her some before-now pics
  7. When I bought mine a few months ago, I filled it up on normal unleaded and it soundeds really rough. Then put the shell v power in the next time and she has run sweet as can be ever since.
  8. superleggerras looked good on mine http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e233/bif...rent=Pic018.jpg
  9. I lowered my Tsport on tte's, and only got scrubs when people in the back, with the 16,s on... http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e233/bif...rent=Pic020.jpg
  10. biffstergray


    Hi everyone, Some of you already knew me and my Yaris T sport, well now I have a black n/a h reg g limited(import) Mr2. Needs a bit of work doing,but quite good nick on the whole. See you around soon I hope to see what rims etc look good on black Mr2's. Biff
  11. Hello again!. I used to be here until a year ago with my caribean blue modded yaris until I sold it. I couldn't take the agony of being "toyotaless", so I have just bought a 91 n/a black G limited Tbar!. She needs a few things to tidy her up but hopefully get them sorted. Hope to see you all again at the meets, especially that lovely girl with the black supercharged yaris(winks, Don't tell her my sister has curbed the superlegerras!) Biff
  12. Hi all, Just a little message to say that my littls blue yaris is sold . Due to now having a company vehicle and family reasons I have handed over the keys to my little sister. It has been a wonderful 2 years(and 50,000 miles!) meeting alot of other TOC'ers and their lovely cars. Best of luck for the future to you all and maybe see some of you again if I scrounge a lift to a jap meet or something!. Best wishes, Biff
  13. mine are tte 30mm...with 16 inch wheels http://photobucket.com/albums/e233/biffste...nt=yaris006.jpg
  14. As I have a works van now, its 90% certain that the yaris will be gone this month. Its gonna be a bit of a wrench after getting all the mods done, but at the end of the day its main purpose was getting me to work. Its the first car I have had that makes you happy to have to drive to work, so it will always be special and I think its a car you never get bored out of driving,but, I agree that theres a little less love now its just over 2 years I have had it.
  15. When I asked Halfords to fit a new H/U in my yaris they said it cant be done. Went to a proffessional car radio company and fitted it next day. Halfords really suck. Also, the wooden "fruits of the forest" air freshener. Halfords £2-25...wilkonsons 95p!.
  16. Looks really nice. Preferred the blue though
  17. Got mine from Racelogic. I have been told that mine sounds like its pushing a turbo, or as said before, a "whooshing" sound. I like it, some dont,but, at least I can hear the music in the car. The "fuji" certainly roars, but I should think it can be a bit loud inside too. I am sure the guys with them will tell you. Biff
  18. Yep, saw you mate by hurn roundabout
  19. It was a bit chilly...had an interesting drive there and back Good to see ya again Ken
  20. Anyone wanna buy a yaris? Me thinks its gonna be a chav car soon. ;) Was thinking of selling it, now definite I think
  21. Hello mate, Sort of know who you are as we talked "t sport" on the all torque site. Welcome to TOC Biff
  22. Damn, picked up a new "55" plate" merc vito van monday...out of date already! :D
  23. Got my morrettes through kev at Envy. Disounted for Gold members. Biff
  24. Was an interesting read. This was the first one I read. It was the first one that gave me e mail notification, so I didnt know about ittill now. Biff
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