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  1. Forget the above post, its all cleaned out n shiny like a new pin now.
  2. Is it not on the vin plate on the bulkhead behind the battery? It is on my 2wd.
  3. Wylde1


    No but if your going to be spending big bucks on a car then isn't it worth traveling for or at least ringing a few importers and asking what kind of deal you'd get if you brought it 'off the boat'? Iv heard the saving can be well worth the wait and the price of a train ticket to go get it...... Just a thought.
  4. They do drink it if u don't service them often enough or drive it like a sports car rather than the small van that it is. Iv had anything from 15 to 50mpg on a run outta my lucida depending on how its driven. 50mpg takes some doin and a really boring drive but it can be done and often is. Lpg, iv had a few range rovers and a jag on gas and they have there own set of problems but a good system well fitted shud outlive the car, just get the best one you can afford. For me its diesel everytime as its just easyer and just as cheap, run it on chip fat and its allmost free but that's another story and another hassle unless u happen to have a good surply locally.
  5. Dunno about prev's being faster than lucidas becuse iv never had a prev but iv left enough standing at traffic lights... Maybe they was just waiting for the cloud of diesel smoke to clear so they could see where they was going before following? But who buys a mpv for its 0 to 60 times? Couple of good points about the lucida being slimmer, it'll fit through smaller gaps in slow moving traffic, it'll go in a standard size garage (just about) and as loads get used as taxis there's loads of second hand parts about for them. Oh and a lot better mpg. the thing I want to know is why does your bf want a prev? If there's a good reason then get one of them.
  6. Wylde1

    Spare Keys

    if they use silca blanks then its probably blank code TOY30 I thought I'd say cus there are a few that look very much the same and with a worn key its easy to pick the rong blank, I now have 1 key that works just on the drivers door, 1 key that works on most doors and 1 that does all doors and starts the car.
  7. after reading through the forums for tips on how to unblock the oil breather and seeing the state of the oil I dropped out the sump on saturday iv realised just how badly iv treated my lil bus, so now I want to spend a bit of time getting it sorted and hopefullly iv caught it in time, soooo..... Is there any kind of 'flush' I can put in the oil to desolve the sludge? Where is the oil breather pipe and will ramming a coathanger down it do the trick? Apart from giving it a good few oil/filter changes over the next few weeks what can be done with basic tools to try and clean it up a bit? Funds and time are limited so any quick fixs would be a blessing.
  8. I just ignore mine till it goes off again but that's a top tip, gonna see if it works for the coolant level low light aswell cus that ones annoying me now.