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  1. Used to be common issue. Search forum but AFAIR something to do with rear caliper contamination.
  2. My 1.6 did something similar. There was whirring noise when revs were above 2.5k. Never found out what it was as it "cured" itself after some time and before I managed to get it checked. Shortly after my gerabox packed up so could be realted (?)
  3. Thanks, that is what I thought. Left my car for service. I got call telling me that they need to replace brake and clutch fluid. Had a short conversation as brake fluid change was part of service plan. Toyota guy called me 10 mins later. He said OK brake fluid change FOC but I have to pay for clutch fluid replacement(?). Am I missing something? I drive 1.6 petrol.
  4. hello All, I just need a little explanation on brake and cluch fluid in Auris. Is it the same fluid and has it two seporate reservoirs or they are two different fluids? thanks
  5. see websites like tyrereview etc. You will find user opinions there.
  6. The highest gear failure is often down to low oil level- just guessing. I have my opinion about Toyota gearboxes as mine was rebuilit not long ago for a total cost of £1600.
  7. Just shortly after I bought my car I found shopping trolley parked against my Auris door. I got black side mouldings and IMO on silver car they don't look that bad, especially after car is clean and you use 'back to black'. They kind of melt with black tyres and door finish and above all they do the job. You just have to decide if you can put up with them or dents and paint scratches. In my opinion colour painting them is pontless.
  8. Hot water didn't work neither hot air blow (it that was the case it would probably fall off during hot day :)). I found many tips online and like said removing trim itself is not a big issue the problem is double sided tape residue left. The trim prevented from fitting bike rack as it was fitted on the edge and the surface was to thick to fit rack bottom hooks and lock it. Rack is Thule 9106.
  9. I have tried heating it up, adhesive remover, WD40, clay bar but with miserable effect. There were some foam chunks left. My goal was to get my bike on the rack and have nice afternoon in Chiltern Hills and not spending it on my driveway.
  10. Update: Removing garnish itself is not a big issue as you can simply cut trough the glue with plastic knife. Removing the glue and foam residue is another story. I waisted 2 hours of my life trying all "100% working" solutions I could find I decided to pay £25 and had it done by local paint shop.
  11. jettech


    You are probably right about the linkages. I had my lubricated under warranty due to issue like yours.
  12. When my car was returned from last 4 years service the coolant level was below minimum, air filter was not touched and front pads were binding. I didn't mention the pads thing as it was very obvious so they should have noticed it. When I bought toyota service plan we had discussion about what is included and they agreed that brake fluid change will be covered. Now they stated no fluid change required despite last one was over 2 years ago. This is frustrating because each time you have to call them or write the letters, book car again and waist your time so they can kindly do the job properly.
  13. IMO most dealers service schedules are just big con. There is many checks but not much work really done except oil change. They will charge you extra even for air con filter replacement. I bought Toyota service plan but now I regret it as each time they try to slack on something.
  14. Project on hold as some guy in a van didn't keep the distance and mashed up my rear spoiler. Now I need to get that sorted first. I will let you know when I do it.
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