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  1. Just realised I never followed this up... It was a beauty. I bought it. I'm back! 😀
  2. I'm looking for some too. If you have any joy finding some, please let me know!
  3. Hi ! Can anyone recommend roof bars for a Mk1 RAV ? I looked at a few on eBay and they appear to be the wrong kind of mount. Any other suggestions for transporting bicycles also welcome 😀
  4. Hi All, A 1997 Mk1 3 door RAV has just come up for sale very local to me in the UK. It's kinda interesting as it's a lowish mileage for age (95,000 KM), Japanese import with air-con and half leather. I've not seen a 3 door Mk1 with half leather before. Anything unusual to note about this or is it standard Mk1 RAV with a bit of bling? I heard a rumour some Japanese home market RAVs were available with the 3S-GE BEAMS 177 HP engine. It's got to be worth checking it out just in case..... 🙂
  5. Hi All, Having previously owned a 1995 3 door RAV4 which I sold a couple of years ago, i've always wanted another Mk 1 and so a "heads up" for anyone on here who's thinking of selling a good one. I'm in no rush and prepared to wait so I guess this post is for anyone just toying with the idea of maybe getting rid of theirs at some point. Ideally i would not want it before August but I do need to have it sorted by April 2020 at the absolute latest. It has to be a 3 door, not too fussed about mileage as they're so old now but there must be evidence that it's been well maintained and worn out bits replaced. I want a good one I can use immediately rather than a "project". My perfect car would be a manual 3 door car without the plastic wheel arch protectors in red but I would consider anything (including auto) as long as it's a good 'un. Cheers!
  6. Hi All, Finally sold my 1995 RAV4 GX after 5 years of ownership. Was sad to see it go and wish I could've kept it but it just wasn't possible. Would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who's helped with my questions over this time, it's a great friendly forum and a fantastic knowledge resource. All the best and drive safe. Stu
  7. I noticed on Friday whilst on the motorway that the front sunroof (3 door, twin sunroof model) was starting to flap around over 50mph ! Further inspection revealed that the 2 screws that attach it to the opening mechanism were missing. I can only assume they've unscrewed themselves over time (but there's no sign of them anywhere on the floor). Looking at the rear sunroof I can see it's held in with Phillips head screws. Does anyone know what size these screws are? Are they just bog standard screws of a certain size or do I have to buy some fancy weird replacement items from Toyota?
  8. Finally sorted this out (or rather the Toyota garage did). My car has decided in the last year or so to become a rust magnet and it is now rotting at an alarming rate. Apparently the area around the fuse box connections has become rotten and the intermittent problems were caused by rotten bits causing lose connections. Toyota fixed it and it's been working now for about a month without any problems. However, the list of advisories from the recent MOT (which it just scraped through) makes scarey reading. It's going to cost far too much for me to be worth keeping. So after 5 years of fun I think the time has come to move it on to someone who has the time and patience to sort it. They're nearly classics
  9. I have an odd intermittent (though increasingly becoming more regular) electrical problem with the RAV. Sometimes when I try to start the engine all the electrical power dies. The car is completely electrically dead. Then I pop open the bonnet and give the fuse box a bash (Jeremy Clarkson style) and the power comes back and the alarm goes off (which I usually have to reset by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and only then using the key fob remote to disable). It seems to me like there's a loose connection related to the fuse box and sometimes just the movement of the engine starting is enough to dislodge it? I've never had a problem once the car is started with it cutting out, only intermittently when I try to start it, and it's total electrical power loss like someone's just pulled a battery connector off. This problem only seem to have occurred since the main 100amp fuse was replaced (battery accidentally put in backwards - don't ask!). Could something not have been screwed back in properly? Any idea specifically where to look? Additionally, of far lesser importance, if I flash my lights to main beam it causes the radio to reboot. Not a major problem but I'd like to know why it's happening and fix it. Ideas anyone?
  10. I can't believe it's nearly 2 years since I started this thread and i've lived with the problem that long (yikes!). As you may have guessed the RAV doesn't get used much but I decided it was time to sort this out once and for all..... Gave the battery a good charge and then as Chris suggested I hooked up the multi meter and I discovered that with everything off the car was drawing 10 - 20 milliamps. Happy days. However, when I opened any of the doors (even though the interior lights were all switched off) the draw went up tp 160 - 200 milliamps and I discovered that sometimes when I shut a door the current was continued to be drawn until I gave it a good slam. Does this sound like it might be the culprit, would a continous 160 - 200 ma draw over a couple of days flatten the battery?
  11. I finally got the time to work on the RAV last weekend. I started off removing the wheel arch liner in an attempt to actually locate the washer bottle. I only had to remove 4 bolts/self tapping screws and was able to pull the front of the liner away to reveal the washer bottle enough to investigate what was going on. I got lucky. Turns out that somehow the rubber pipe from the pump had worked loose. Pushed it back on again and job done! That makes a refreshing change.
  12. Hi All, I finally got the rotten and leaking fuel filler pipe (and breather pipe things) replaced on the old RAV but now when I try to fill it up with petrol, whereas in the past i'd just shove the pump nozzle in and have the handle on full, if I do this I can hear what sounds like the pipe filling up, then the pump automatically cuts out and it spits petrol violently back out spraying all over my hand. In order to stop this from happening I have to slowly feed petrol in and it takes forever to fill the tank up. Any idea what could be wrong? There were no issues fitting it. Could it be a blocked breather or could I have been sold the wrong filler pipe? Anyone else had this problem after replacing the fuel filler pipe on a 4.1 (and I mean the whole metal shebang that goes from under the fuel flap to the tank) Cheers!
  13. Having looked at the picture of the washer unit on ebay i'm hoping the hose joint has just come adrift and can be put back on. Worst case I guess i'm looking at a cracked plastic bottle which'll need replacing. More work this weekend....... :-(