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    Auris Query

    Well I just want to add my final thoughts to this, in reply to one post, I did get it checked over and they more or less blamed me for not giving it a run first, as someone else said when garages move cars short distances they are not given a run first, I have tried to like the car but with this problem and also a new ECU and a new clutch, and I know MPG is diff with every condition and every driver, but according to the cars instruments I am getting an average of about 38.5, which I dont think is that good, I drive with a light foot and rarely go over 60-65ish, I think what compounds my disa
  2. Redarse

    Auris Query

    Well thanks for all the replies, yes the clutch was fully depressed, the engine attempted to start on the two seperate occasions I tried, and even on the the following day when the dealer told me to try it again it took time before bursting into life, so I will make sure I dont do that again, but I am now looking to change the car at some point.
  3. Redarse

    Auris Query

    Thanks for your help, as I have had some other problems with the car I thought maybe the dealer was fed up with me and my moaning, and telling me anything to get rid of me. thanks again.
  4. Redarse

    Auris Query

    I would like to ask if anyone else has encountered the problem I had at the weekend, on saturday i moved my 1.33 Auris TR about 10 yards to clean it, as i had done before many times, after cleaning I moved it ten yards to where I park it, on sunday I went to start it to go out and it wouldnt, later in the day i tried once more and still nothing, I phoned the dealer on monday and they said try it again and it did start, but they told me to take it in today for them to check it, and when i picked it up they said nothing wrong with it, it was because i started it twice on the saturday and only d
  5. Thanks for your reply, with the problems you have had, what are your thoughts on the car now, are you still happy overall with it and are you keeping it long term, I am sad to say I am disappointed with mine, its not only the faults I mentioned, although I still dont know why it needs a new clutch after 5000 miles, but its also the fact that in my opinion its very under powered, I know its only a 1.33 but my previous car a 1.4 Corolla was much nippier than this, I guess the Auris is a heavier car, and I think an average mpg of 37 is not that good, I will have to think long and hard about hang
  6. I took my 59 plate 1.33 Auris TR into the dealer today to sort out a few problems, powered steering caused me a couple of probs from standing, the clutch juddered quite badly, a silver ring on the gear lever knob had lifted on one side and it was razor sharp, and the stop start wasnt working as I expected, after waiting about 45 mins I was told they had replaced the knob and I have to take it back next week for a new clutch and a ECU for the powered steering, am I unlucky with these things and is the clutch a problem on the Auris as a rule, thanks for any replies. Colin.
  7. I have had 2 occasions when moving off from stationary that my PS hasnt worked on my Auris, a quick restart and all was ok, anyone else had this problem? not sure if I should call my Toyota dealer or not, thanks for any help.
  8. Redarse


    Thanks as always for the replies, now I have the Superguard number I will call them and see what they say, but the salesman said it would be done before I picked the car up so who knows, thanks again.
  9. Redarse


    My question is about Superguard, I know different people have different views on it, but when I bought my Auris, the dealer gave the car that treatment as part of the deal along with some other bit and pieces, but i have read in other places that you get a 3 year guarantee with it, and an after care kit also, well I got none of these, another friend said they normally put a small sticker on the screen to say when it was done, all I know is that the salesman said it was done but i have nothing written anywhere to say it was, anyone else had this done reently, maybe I should contact the dealer,
  10. Yes I have found the USB and I have 2 cheapie players and only the one works when connected, I have one made by Creative, a Zen I think its called, and that one is fine, but the other one which is a iPod Shuffle doesnt, and yes I have had conditions where the stop/go doesnt operate, as regarding the mpg, would you say that the readings that the car gives you are reasonably accurate or not, ta for your reply.
  11. Hi to all, its 6 weeks since i bought my 6month old 1.33 Auris and overall I am happy with the car, it handles well, its quiet and its very comfortable, the only slight letdown is I think its underpowered, but what was I expecting from a 1.33 engine, I will get used to it, and the Island blue is a nice change from my silver Corolla, the dealer was Hills of Bishops Stortford, and I have nothing but praise for them, I am still finding things out about the car, in another thread on here I saw that the car has heated wing mirrors which i didnt know, but all in all its all good so far, and a goo
  12. Thank you for the replies, when I found that the car had a USB and a small jack connection, I just assumed that I could connect my iPod Shuffle to the cars audio system via a lead, but on reading the manual the inexspensive Shuffle wont work but the better iPods will, I just found that annoying and wondered if there were a way round it, but thanks anyway guys.
  13. I have a 2010 Auris and an iPod shuffle, and according to the manual they are not compatible, anyone know why and is there a way round the problem besides buying an expensive iPod, thanks for any help.
  14. Talking of mats, I have had my Auris for a week now and I was thinking of getting some mats for it, is it best to get them from Toyota or somewhere like Halfords, I just wondered if the genuine ones were expensive.
  15. Thanks for the welcome guys, I will try and post a picture with the help of my son, as I am not sure how to go about it, the colour is Island blue, which I think looks good, all I need now is for this rain to stop so I can get out and get used to it, thanks again for the welcome. Oh and the name is not meant to be rude, its just football related.
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