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  1. hi there, im in southend, lol

  2. Congrats... i'm glad some people have the balls to push the boat out on FWD have you got any videos of the beast in action? also could i have a picture of your engine :D :D
  3. if your braking tranmissions... i would guess it would be down to your driving style and skill (or lack of it)!
  4. When i had one for testing, i found that it couldn't stream video smoothy (from media center) via the wireless . you probably have it connected to the ethernet port anyway
  5. Yeah my favourite colour is blue :) But you have to love the House of kolor's Red... i bet it looks lovely in the sunset too
  6. used to be blue Tim :P you arent being silly ;) Thank goodness for that :) Yeah great new colour :D
  7. They are some really great photo's there :) acouple would be worth making into posters! sorry to be dimm.. but i thought your supra was blue
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