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  1. Congrats... i'm glad some people have the balls to push the boat out on FWD have you got any videos of the beast in action? also could i have a picture of your engine :D :D
  2. if your braking tranmissions... i would guess it would be down to your driving style and skill (or lack of it)!
  3. When i had one for testing, i found that it couldn't stream video smoothy (from media center) via the wireless . you probably have it connected to the ethernet port anyway
  4. Yeah my favourite colour is blue :) But you have to love the House of kolor's Red... i bet it looks lovely in the sunset too
  5. used to be blue Tim :P you arent being silly ;) Thank goodness for that :) Yeah great new colour :D
  6. They are some really great photo's there :) acouple would be worth making into posters! sorry to be dimm.. but i thought your supra was blue
  7. Put me down for both trips :)
  8. Wicked! i will have to see this... That guy was so funny!
  9. Hi guys i want to get my Ray's 3 piece rim's refurbed as they are looking scuffy for shows.. i have tried http://www.lepsons.com/ and they won't touch my rims unless i split them my self :( Does anyone know any good (South east england) wheel companies that will refurb my wheels and make a good job? Many thanks Tim
  10. It's great :) if you like people coming up to you asking 'Whats that car?' then you will love a sera.. Just check with your insurance company before you buy one.. it can be pricy :)
  11. Try www.toyotasera.co.uk Theres loads of info about what to look for on a sera
  12. Looking really sweet mate :D I glad you've finally got one :D :D :D Enjoy.. i went round the ring in a GT4 (not driving) they are Brillent cars!
  13. Does anyone know where we can view the professional pictures that were taken? P.s Thanks Ken and Steve for your hard work... it really did look very professional
  14. Yeah it was great fun.. I had lots of fun in my car :P Nice to see everybody again I didn't make it back with the manifold blowing like that A nice RAC man took me home on a 80mile tow OWN3D See you all soon i hope P.s i fixed the car this morning in about 1hour... so nothing is really broken
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