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  1. Do Toyota monitor these threads? If so, they should take the initiative and contact their customer rather than wait for him to complain.
  2. I notice on the television news that Vince Cable has been filmed getting in and out of two Prius's - one silver and one black. Whether this is a good advert for Prius, bearing in mind what has happened I'm not sure. Presumably the Prius is now part of the Government car pool.
  3. On my previous cars I have generally replaced the supplied battery with a heavy-duty battery. Is that a good idea on a Prius 2?
  4. Is there a Prius Owners' Club that organises meets, either national or regional? I would certainly be interested in meeting up with other Prius owners.
  5. Any sign/prospect of this update appearing, please?
  6. It also affects the UK - see here. "Toyota has begun what it calls a 'customer satisfaction campaign' to replace the water pump on certain Prius vehicles. Toyota says it's not a recall and the potential issue does not represent a safety risk. The campaign affects Prius models produced between August 2003 and May 2007. Approximately 15,500 UK registered vehicles are affected. Toyota says the water pump could cause the vehicle to lose power, the temperature of the coolant could become high and the Malfunction Indicator Light come on. The vehicle is still safe to drive, insists Toyota. To fix the potential problem, Toyota will install a new water pump at no cost to the customer." How I know when my Gen2 was built?
  7. BlueValour

    Which Tyres ?

    As has been said, much depends on personal preference. However, Michelin Energy Savers are always well reviewed and I have always been satisfied with them.
  8. Most of the time in winter it is not actually frosty or snowy. What are the downsides of fitting winter tyres? Road noise? Fuel consumption? Increased wear?
  9. Some of the online dealers are offering build-to-order new Prius's but with additional savings if registered as a second owner. What exactly is going on with this?
  10. What are the standard wheels on the Gen3, please?
  11. What's the best way to get at it, please?
  12. ... his car! She has taken my beautiful Prius to visit her parents. The garage looks really empty without it. Still, it'll be back at the weekend.
  13. I have to say that I think that the body kit wrecks the looks.
  14. Where exactly is the pollen filter in the Gen2 and how do you get at it, please?