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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys :) Been posting on forum's for years, and I love how they always go off topic haha :D Was mainly posting to find out whether you guys would recommend either the diesel or the new petrol 1.33... will probably be going with the diesel though Have the issues with the head gasket been sorted in the later models? Just been reading the mini forums are omg, scary repair costs!
  2. Thanks for the reply :) You're right! Looking on Toyota's site, I was actually looking at a 2009 1.33 for the same price as a 58-57 d4d. I haven't looked at the normal 1.3 yet as I thought the 1.33 might be better. Looking at several online reviews they recommend the 1.33 over other engines.
  3. Would be about 2-3 years old, 20k on the clock (have roughly 7-8k to spend). I do about 13-15k a year down national speed limit roads to work, so the diesel would work out marginally cheaper to run but cost more to buy. Would definitely hope a yaris with 120k on the clock would still have the original engine :D
  4. Hiya :) Off the back of my other post, i'm now having a hard time deciding between a diesel d4d or a 1.33. I do about 13-14k a year so I need something fairly cheap to run. My last 3 cars have been diesels, but i'm after something cheapish to maintain. Excitement and kit take second place to reliability and overall cheapness :D. Always been slightly concerned with diesels as most have turbos that can cause problems plus they cost more and the fuels more expensive these days. Any advice/help?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys :) Do you mean problems with the ECU's on the yaris or corolla leanne?
  6. Hiya, After experiencing some nasty problems with my current car, I'm looking to upgrade. My parents have a corolla at the moment and its been really reliable so i'm thinking of giving toyota a go. I'll be looking to keep the car for over 5 years more than likely, and I need something that's going to be really reliable as i do around 14k a year. I'm pretty new to Yaris's, so I was wondering if anyone can help and give me any advice on whether the 1.4 D4D in general (will be looking at either a 58 or 08/57 model with about 20k on the clock) is reliable, and if there's anything to watch out for on yaris's in general? I'll be buying from a main dealer for the warranty and other benefits. Any help/advice is really appreciated!
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