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  1. Ill let the pictures do the talking....but there a few mods on her..... TTE Uprated Shocks and Springs Tinted Windows Toyota Team Europe Spoiler 18" Alloy wheels K&N filter Full Cat Back POWERFLOW Exhaust.. TTE Front Bumper Sony Xplod CD Player 2 x 6X9 Poineer Speakers in Parcel shelf Form this: To this:
  2. Can get into the 5th or Reverse sometimes on my 98 corolla.... seems like there something loose at the box or slipping at the box linkage....Any body had this problem with these cars ....before i chance anyting Engine code 4afe 1.6 16v .....Any helps thanks
  3. Anyone know where th vacuum pipe on the fuel filter goes to on a 4A FE...

  4. Anyone know where th vacuum pipe on the fuel filter goes to on a 4A FE...

  5. My Corolla has started idling up and down on its own between 1500rpm and up to 2000rpm very fast .....Its a 16 16v 4A-FE..... Need to know what it could possiblly be before i got the Breakers tomarrow... The EML is NOT on btw.... Any body shed some light please cause im at wits end ..... help greatly appericated
  6. Looking a set of foglights for the corolla as I want to fill the holes in the TTE bumper
  7. checked all them she...turns over wile slow but leave it for a wile and she will start
  8. I have a 1998 1.6 16V corolla ......i put a new battery in today as the old one was done....... she started ok and is charging 100% but my problrm is when i turn on the lights for a wile , when the cars running and i turn it off, the battery goes kinda dead and the car wont start as its not turning over fast enough..... but leave it f$or a will and it starts again...i was thinking the starter could be ceased abit or there is sometinh draining the battery ... help please it only my new car...
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